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[Ch. IV.
  1. No Professors are ignorant;
    Some ignorant people are conceited.
  2. Toothache is never pleasant;
    Warmth is never unpleasant.
  3. Bores are terrible;
    You are a bore.
  4. Some mountains are insurmountable;
    All stiles can be surmounted.
  5. No Frenchmen like plumpudding;
    All Englishmen like plumpudding.
  6. No idlers win fame;
    Some painters are not idle.
  7. No lobsters are unreasonable;
    No reasonable creatures expect impossibilities.
  8. No kind deed is unlawful;
    What is lawful may be done without fear.
  9. No fossils can be crossed in love;
    An oyster may be crossed in love.
  10. "This is beyond endurance!"
    "Well, nothing beyond endurance has ever happened to me."
  11. All uneducated men are shallow;
    All these students are educated.
  12. All my cousins are unjust;
    No judges are unjust.