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[Ch. IV.
  1. No eventful journey is ever forgotten;
    Uneventful journeys are not worth writing a book about.
  2. Sugar is sweet;
    Some sweet things are liked by children.
  3. Richard is out of temper;
    No one but Richard can ride that horse.
  4. All jokes are meant to amuse;
    No Act of Parliament is a joke.
  5. "I saw it in a newspaper."
    "All newspapers tell lies."
  6. No nightmare is pleasant;
    Unpleasant experiences are not anxiously desired.
  7. Prudent travellers carry plenty of small change;
    Imprudent travellers lose their luggage.
  8. All wasps are unfriendly;
    No puppies are unfriendly.
  9. He called here yesterday;
    He is no friend of mine.
  10. No quadrupeds can whistle;
    Some cats are quadrupeds.
  11. No cooked meat is sold by butchers;
    No uncooked meat is served at dinner.
  12. Gold is heavy;
    Nothing but gold will silence him.
  13. Some pigs are wild;
    There are no pigs that are not fat.