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Ch. IV.]
  1. No emperors are dentists;
    All dentists are dreaded by children.
  2. All, who are not old, like walking;
    Neither you nor I are old.
  3. All blades are sharp;
    Some grasses are blades.
  4. No dictatorial person is popular;
    She is dictatorial.
  5. Some sweet things are unwholesome;
    No muffins are sweet.
  6. No military men write poetry;
    No generals are civilians.
  7. Bores are dreaded;
    A bore is never begged to prolong his visit.
  8. All owls are satisfactory;
    Some excuses are unsatisfactory.
  9. All my cousins are unjust;
    All judges are just.
  10. Some buns are rich;
    All buns are nice.
  11. No medicine is nice;
    No pills are unmedicinal.
  12. Some lessons are difficult;
    What is difficult needs attention.
  13. No unexpected pleasure annoys me;
    Your visit is an unexpected pleasure.