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[Ch. IV.
  1. Caterpillars are not eloquent;
    Jones is eloquent.
  2. Some bald people wear wigs;
    All your children have hair.
  3. All wasps are unfriendly;
    Unfriendly creatures are always unwelcome.
  4. No bankrupts are rich;
    Some merchants are not bankrupts.
  5. Weasels sometimes sleep;
    All animals sometimes sleep.
  6. Ill-managed concerns are unprofitable;
    Railways are never ill-managed.
  7. Everybody has seen a pig;
    Nobody admires a pig.

Extract a Pair of Premisses out of each of the following:
and deduce the Conclusion, if there is one:—

92. "The Lion, as any one can tell you who has been chased by them as often as I have, is a very savage animal: and there are certain individuals among them, though I will not guarantee it as a general law, who do not drink coffee."

93. "It was most absurd of you to offer it! You might have known, if you had had any sense, that no old sailors ever like gruel!"