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Ch. IV.]

"But I thought, as he was an uncle of yours——"

"An uncle of mine, indeed! Stuff!"

"You may call it stuff, if you like. All I know is, my uncles are all old men: and they like gruel like anything!"

"Well, then your uncles are——"

94. "Do come away! I can't stand this squeezing any more. No crowded shops are comfortable, you know very well."

"Well, who expects to be comfortable, out shopping?"

"Why, I do, of course! And I'm sure there are some shops, further down the street, that are not crowded. So——"

95. "They say no doctors are metaphysical organists: and that lets me into a little fact about you, you know."

"Why, how do you make that out? You never heard me play the organ."

"No, doctor, but I've heard you talk about Browning's poetry: and that showed me that you're metaphysical, at any rate. So——"

Extract a Syllogism out of each of the following: and test its correctness:—

96. "Don't talk to me! I've known more rich merchants than you have: and I can tell you not one of them was ever an old miser since the world began!"

"And what has that got to do with old Mr. Brown?"