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[Ch. IV.

"Why, isn't he very rich?"

"Yes, of course he is. And what then?"

"Why, don't you see that it's absurd to call him a miserly merchant? Either he's not a merchant, or he's not a miser!"

97. "It is so kind of you to enquire! I'm really feeling a great deal better to-day."

"And is it Nature, or Art, that is to have the credit of this happy change?"

"Art, I think. The Doctor has given me some of that patent medicine of his."

"Well, I'll never call him a humbug again. There's somebody, at any rate, that feels better after taking his medicine!"

98. "No, I don't like you one bit. And I'll go and play with my doll. Dolls are never unkind."

"So you like a doll better than a cousin? Oh you little silly!"

"Of course I do! Cousins are never kind——at least no cousins I've ever seen."

"Well, and what does that prove, I'd like to know! If you mean that cousins aren't dolls, who ever said they were?"

99. "What are you talking about geraniums for? You can't tell one flower from another, at this distance! I grant you they're all red flowers: it doesn't need a telescope to know that."