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AMBROSIAN 399 AMBROSIAN eian Rite are very similar to those of the Roman, the most iraport;iiit differeiiocs being that (except when some greater clay occurs) red is used on the Sundays and Feriw after Pentecost and the IJceoUa- tion of St. John until the Eve of the Dedication (third Sunday in October), on Corpus Christi and its Octave, and during Holy Week, except on Good Friday, as well as on the days on which it is used in the Roman Rite, ami that (with similar except ioiLs) green is only used from the Octave of the Epiphany to the eve of Septuagcsima, from Low Sunday to the Friday before Pentecost, after the Dedication to Advent, and on feasts of abbots. V. The Dutxe Offke. (1) The Distribution of the Psalter. — The .mbrosian distribution of the Psalter is partly fortnifjhtly and partly weekly. Psalms i to cviii are divided into ten decurice, one of which, in its numerical order, divided into three Nocturns, is recited at Matins on the Mondays, Tues- days, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of each fortnight, each Nocturn being said under one anti- phon. At the Matins of Sunday and Solemnilatcs Domini and on Fence in Easter and Whitsun weeks and the octave of Corpus Christi, there are no psalms, but three Old Testament canticles, Isaias xxvi, De node rigilald: the Canticle of Anna (I K. ii), Con- firmatum est: and the Canticle of Jonas (ii), Clamari ad Dominum, or of Habacuc (iii), Doniine audivi. And on Saturdays the Canticle of Moses (Exod xv), Cantemu.'! Domino, and half of Psalm cxviii take the place of Decurice at the three Nocturns. At Vesi»rs, Psalms cix to cxlvii, except cxvii, cxviii, and cxxxiii, ■which are used elsewhere, and cxlii, which is only used in the Otiice of the Dead and as Psalmus Dircctus at I-auds on Fridays, arc divided between the whole secn days of each week in their numerical sequence, and in the same manner as in the Roman Rite. Psalm cxviii, besides being used on Saturdays, is distributed among the four lesser Hours exactlj' as in the Roman Rite; Psalm 1 is said at Lauds everj' day except Sunday, wlien the Benedicile, and Sat- urtlay, when Psalm cxvii, takes its place, and with the Prcces (when those are used) at Prime and;Tcrce throughout the year and at None during Lent, while at the Prtces of Sext Psalm liii is said, and at those of None Psalm Ixxxv, except during Lent. Psalm liii precedes Beati immaculati at Prime, and Psalms iv, XXX, 1-6, xc and cxxxiii are said daily, as in the Ro- man Rite, at Compline. At Lauds a single Psalm, known as Psalmus Direcius, differing with the day of the week, is also said. Table or Decdruc. Noct. I Noct. II Noct. Ill !)«. IjPa-i. i-viii ix-xii xiii-xvi 1st wk.. Mon. " 2 IVi. xvii-xx XXl-XXV xx^•l-x.TX •• 3|P»s. xxxi- XXXIV-XXXVI xxxvii-xl •• •• Wed. XXXIU " 4 Vta. xli-xhii xlvii-l •' •■ Thurs. •• 5 Pm. li-liv Iv-lvu Iviu-lx " " Fri. •■ 6 Pm. Ixi-Ixiv lxv-lx%-u Ixviii-lxx 2d wk., Mon. " 7 Pm. Ixxi-lxxv Ixxvi-lxxvii xviii-lxxx •• •■ Tuts. ■• 8 Pas. Ixxxi- Ixxxiv lxxx--bocxvii Ixxxviii-xc •• ■• Wed. •■ 9 Pm. xci-xciii xciv-xcvi XC'll-C '• •' Thurs. •■ 10 Put. ci-ciii civ-cv oi-cviii •• •• Fri. Table or V EMPCR PSALUS. Phalmi Direct!, and Psalsii IV Vermus. Vesper Psalms Ps. Di. Lauds Ps. IV, Vers. Lauds Ps. IV. Vers. Vespers Sunday cix-cxiii exii Monday CXIV-CVU, CXIX, liu 2.1 wk.lxxxiii viu Tuesday cxxi-cxxv bo,-i Ixxxvii XIV Wednesday CXXVl-CXXX cxxxi. cxxxii. Ixix Ixvi XXX Thursday CXXXIV. CXXXVI cxiii Ixu xxxvi Friday cxxxvii-cxli cxlii cvii Ixxvi Saturday cxliii-cxlvii Ixxxix Ixxxviii xri During Ix;nt Ps. xc is said as Psalmus Direcius at Vespers, except on Sundays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and the "Four Verses of a Psalm" at I>auds on Sat- urdays are alternately from the twelfth and first i)art3 of Ps. cxviii, and on the six Sundays t lie "Four Verses" are from Ixix, Ixii, ci, Ixii, Ixii, Iviii. During Lent also the Vesper " Four Verses" are different for every day, except that there are none on P'riday, and those on the first four Saturdays are from Ps. xci. In Holy Week the Psalms at the Noctunus and at Vcs- I)ers are all proper, and there are also proper Psalms during the period from the first Feria de Exceptato until the Circumcision; and on the Annunciation (sixth Sunday of Advent), Epiphany, Christophoria, Name of Jesus, Ascension, Corpus Christi, the Dedi- cation and many .SoUmiiia Sanctorum, and on many other saints' days the Decurice are superseded by Psidms of the Common of Saints. (2) 0(/icr DetaiU of the Divine Office. — Antiphonv, similar in construction to those in the Roman Hite are: in Psalmis et canticis, used as in the Roman Rite; in Chora, said after the Lucemarium on Sun- days, at the second Vespers of Solemnia, or on other Siiints' days, at first Vespers, but not on Feria, ex- cept Saturdays in .-Advent; ad Cn/ccm, said on Solem- nilatcs Domini, on Sundays, except in Lent, and on Solemnia. Hesponsoria are constructed as in the Roman Rite, and are: Post hi/mnum, said after the hymn at Matins; Inter lectiones at JIatins; cum In- fanlibus or cum Pueris after the hymn at the first Vespers of Solemn ia; in Chora, said at Vespers on Sundays, at the second Vespers of Solemnia, and at the first of Xon-Sotemnia, after the hymn; in Ba)>- tistcrio, at Lauds and Vcsix>rs of some Solemnitiites after the first Psallcnda, on Ferice after the twelve Kr/rics, at Vesi)ers after the prayer which follows Maqnifical; Diaconalia or Quadragesimalia, on V ed- nesdays in Lent and on Ciood Friday; ad Coniu AUaris, at Lauds before the Psalmus Direcius on Christmas Dav, the Epiphany, and Easter Eve; Gradualia, said after the liymn at I^iids on Feriae in Lent. Luccmaria are Hesponsoria which begin Vespers. Psallcndce are single verses, often from the Psalms, said after the twelve Kyries and the second prayer at Lauds, and after the prayers at Vespers. They are variable according to the day, and are followed by either one or two fixed Complevda or Complcloria, which are also single verses. P-mlnii Dirccti are said at Lauds and .sometimes at Vespers. They are sung together by both choirs, not antipli- onally. Psalmi Qiiatuor V'cr.ius is the name given to four verses of a psalm said at Vespers and Lauds on weekdays, after one of the Collects. Among the Hymn.t, besides those by St. Ambrose, or commonly attributed to him, many are included by other au- thors, such as Prudentius, Venantius I'ortunatus, St. Gregorj', St. Thomas Aquinas, and many whose authorship is unknown. A considerable number of well-known hymns (e. g. ".-Vve Maris Stella ", "A Solis Ortus Cardine", " Jesu Redemptor Omnium," "Iste Confessor") are not in the Ambrosian Hymnal, but there are many there which are not in the Roman, and those that are common to both generally appear as they were before the revisions of Urban i, though some have variants of their own. Capitula arc short lessons of Scripture used as in tlic lioman Rite. .t the Les.ser Hours and Compline Capitula taken from the Epistles are called EpislnUlta: (3) Con-^trurtinn oj the Divine Office. — (The con- stantly occurring Dominus robiiscttm, etc., has l)een omitted in this analysis.) Matins: Paternoster; .Ate Maria: Deus m adjiitorium: Gloria Palri; Hallelujah or l.aus tihi. (The Ambrosians transliterate Ilalhlu- jah from Hebrew, not from Creek. They also write caelum not coelutn and seculum not .•^aerulum.) Hymnj Respon.':orium: canticle, Bcnedictus es (Dan. iii); Kipie eleuion thrice Psalms or Canticles of the