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MM. Martyres—Martyrs.
M.P. Monumentum Posuit—Erected a Monument.
MRT. Merenti—To the Deserving.
N. Nonas—Nones; or Numero—Number.
NN. Nostris—To Our [with a plural]; or Numeri—Numbers.
O. Hora—Hour; Obiit—Died.
OB. IN XTO. Obiit In Christo—Died In Christ.
OMS. Omnes—All
OP. Optimus—Excellent, or Supremely Good.
P. Pax—Peace; or Pius—Dutiful; or Ponendum—To be Placed; or Pridie—The Day Before; or Plus—More
P.C. Poni Curavit—Caused to be Placed.
P.C. |Post Consulatum—After the Consulate.
P.I. Poni Jussit—Ordered to be Placed.
P.M. Plus Minus—More or Less; or Piæ Memoriæ—Of Pious Memory; or Post Mortem—After Death.
PP. Præpositus—Placed over.
PR.K. Pridie Kalendas—The Day Before the Calends.
PRB. Presbyter—Priest.
PR.N. Pridie Nonas—The Day Before the Nones.
P.T.C.S. Pax Tibi Cum Sanctis—Peace to Thee With the Saints.
PZ. Pie Zeses—(Gr.) Mayest thou Live Piously.
Q., Qui. Quiescit—He Rests.
Q.B.AN. Qui Bixit [for Vixit] Annos—Who lived —— years
Q.I.P. Quiescat In Pace—May he [or she] Rest in Peace.
Q.V. Qui Vixit—Who Lived.
R. Requiescit—He Rests; or Refrigerio—In [a place of] Refreshment.
Reg. Regionis—Of the Region.
S. Suus—His; or Situs—Placed; or Sepulchrum—Sepulchre.
SC. M. Sanctæ Memoriæ—Of Holy Memory.
SD. Sedit—He sat.
SSA. Subscripta—Subscribed.
S.I.D. Spiritus In Deo—Spirit [rests] in God.
S.P. Sepultus—Buried; or Sepulchrum—Sepulchre.
SS. Sanctorum—Of the Saints.
S.V. Sacra Virgo—Holy Virgin.
T., TT. Titulus, Tituli—Title, Titles
TM. Testamentum—Testament.
V. Vixit—He Lived; or Vixisti—Thou didst—Live
VB. Vir Bonus—A Good Man.
V.C. Vir Clarissimus—A Most Illustrious Man.
VV. CC. Viri Clarissimi—Most Illustrious Men.
V.H. Vir Honestus—A Worthy Man.
V. X. Vivas, Care [or Cara]—Mayest thou Live, Dear One; or Uxor Carissima—Most Dear Wife
X. Christus—Christ
Abbreviations of Titles of the Principal Religious Orders and Congregations of Priests
A.A. Augustiniani Assumptionis—Assumptionists
A.B.A. Antoniani Benedictini Armeni—Mechitarists
C.J.M. Congregation Jesu et Mariae—Eudist Fathers
C.M. Congregatio Missionis—Lazarists
C.M. Congregatio Mariæ—Fathers of the Company of Mary
C.P. Congregatio Passionis—Passionists
C.PP.S. Congregatio Pretiosissimi Sanguinis—Fathers of the Most Precious Blood
C.R. Congregatio Resurrectionis—Resurrectionist Fathers
C.R.C.S. Clerici Regulares Congregationis Somaschæ—Somaschi Fathers
C.R.I.C. Canonici Regulares Immaculate Conceptionis—Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception
C.R.L. Canonici Regulares Lateranenses—Canons Regular of the Lateran
C.R.M. Clerici Regulares Minores—Clerks Regular Minor, Mariani
C.R.M.D. Clerici Regulares Matris Dei—Clerks Regular of the Mother of God
C.R.M.I. Clerici Regulares Ministrantes Infirmis—Clerks Regular Attendant on the Sick, Camillini, Camilliani
C.R.P. Congregatio Reformatorum Præmonstratensium—Premonstratensians
C.R.S.P. Clerici Regulares Sancti Pauli—Barnabites
C.R.S.P. Clerici Regulares Pauperum Matris Dei Scholarum Piarum—Clerks Regular of the Poor Men of the Mother of God for Pious Schools, Piarists
C.R.T. Clerici Regulares Theatini—Theatines
C.S.B. Congregatio Sancti Basilii—Basilians
C.S.C. Congregatio Sanctae Crucis—Fathers and Brothers of the Holy Cross
C.S.P. Congregatio Sancti Pauli—Paulists
C.S.Sp. Congregatio Sancti Spiritus—Fathers of the Holy Ghost
C.S.V. Clerici Sancti Viatoris—Clerks, or Clerics, of St. Viateur
C.SS.CC. Congregatio Sacratissimorum Cordium—Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
C. SS. R. Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris—Redemptorists
Inst. Char. Institutum Charitatis—Rosminians
M.S. Missionaries of La Salette [France]
M.S.C. Missionarii Sancti Caroli—Missionaries of St. Charles
M.S.C. Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis—Missionaries of the Most Sacred Heart
O.C. Ordo Charitatis—Fathers of the Order of Charity
O. Camald. Ordo Camaldulensium—Camaldolese
O. Cart. Ordo Cartusiensis—Carthusians
O. Cist. Ordo Cisterciensium—Cistercians
O.C.C. Ordo Carmelitarum Calceatorum—Carmelites
O.C.D. Ordo Carmelitarum Discalceatorum—Discalced, or Barefoot, Carmelites
O.C.R. Ordo Reformatorum Cisterciensium—Cistercians, Trappists
O.F.M. Ordo Fratrum Minorum—Observant Franciscans
O.M. Ordo [Fratrum] Minimorum—Minims of St. Francis of Paul
O. Merced. Ordo Beatæ Mariæ Virginis de Redemptione Captivorum—Mercedarians, Nolaschi
O.M.C. Ordo Minorum Conventualium—Conventual Franciscans