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S. Off. Sanctum Officium—Congregation of the Holy Office, (Inquisition).
S.P. Sanctissime Pater—Most Holy Father.
S.P., S. Petr. Sanctus Petrus—St. Peter.
S.P. Summus Pontifex—Supreme Pontiff, Pope.
S.P.A. Sacrum Palatium Apostolicum—Sacred Apostolic Palace, Vatican, Quirinal.
Sr. Sister.
S.R.C. Sacra Rituum Congregatio—Sacred Congregation of Rites.
S.R.E. Sancta Romana Ecclesia, Sanctæ Romanæ Ecclesia—Most Holy Roman Church; or, of the Most Holy Roman Church.
SS. Scriptores—Writers.
SS.D.N. Sanctissimus Dominus Noster—Our Most Holy Lord (Jesus Christ), also a title of the Pope.
S., SS. Sanctus, Sancti—Saint, Saints.
S.T.B. Sacræ Theologiæ Baccalaureus—Bachelor of Sacred Theology.
S.T.D. Sacræ Theologiæ Doctor—Doctor of Sacred Theology.
S.T.L. Sacræ Theologiæ Licentiatus—Licentiate of Sacred Theology.
Suffr. Suffragia—Suffrages (Br.); prayers of the saints.
S.V. Sanctitas Vestra—Your Holiness.
Syn. Synodus—Synod.
Temp. Tempus, Tempore—Time, in time.
Test. Testes, Testimonium—Witnesses, Testimony.
Theol. Theologia—Theology.
Tit. Titulus, Tituli—Title, Titles.
Ult. Ultimo—Last (day, month, year).
Usq. Usque—As far as.
Ux. Uxor—Wife.
V., Ven., VV. Venerabilis, Venerabiles—Venerable.
V., Vest. Vester—Your.
Vac. Vacat, Vacans—Vacant.
Val. Valor—Value.
Vat. Vaticanus—Vatican.
Vba. Verba—Words.
V. Versiculus—Versicle (Br.).
Vesp. Vesperæ—Vespers (Br.).
V.F., Vic. For. Vicarius Foraneus—Vicar-Forane.
V.G. Vicarius Generalis—Vicar-General.
Vid. Vidua—Widow (Br.).
Vid., Videl. Videlicet—Namely.
Vig. Vigilia—Vigil of a feast (Br.).
Viol. Violaceus—Violet (Br.).
Virg. Virgo—Virgin (Br.).
Virid. Viridis—Green (Br.).
V.M. Vir Magnificus—Great Man.
V. Rev. Very Reverend.
V.T. Vetus Testamentum.
XC., XCS. Christus—Christ (first, middle, and last letters of the Greek name)
Abbreviations in Catacomb Inscriptions.
A.D. Ante Diem—e.g. in the phrase, "Ante Diem VI [or Sextum] Kal. Apriles", is equivalent to the sixth day before the Calends of April, counting both the Calends and the day intended to be indicated; or Anima Dulcis—Sweet Soul.
A.Q.I.C. Anima Quiescat In Christo—May his [or her] Soul Repose in Christ.
B., BMT. Bene Merenti—To the Well-Deserving.
B.M. Bonæ Memoriæ—Of Happy Memory.
B.F. Bonæ Feminæ—To the Good Woman.
B.I.C. Bibas [for Vivas] In Christo—Mayest thou Live In Christ.
B.M.F. Bene Merenti Fecit—He erected this to the Well-Deserving.
B.Q. Bene Quiescat—May he [or she] Rest Well.
C. Consul.
CC. Consules—Consuls.
C.F. Clarissima Femina—Most Illustrious Woman.
Cl. V. Clarissimus Vir—Most Illustrious Man.
C.O. Conjugi Optimo—To my Excellent Husband.
C.O.B.Q. Cum Omnibus Bonis Quiescat—May he [or she] Repose With All Good souls.
COI. Conjugi—To my Husband [or Wife].
CS., COS. Consul.
COSS. Consules—Consuls.
C.P. Clarissima Puella—Most Illustrious Maiden.
D. Depositus—Laid to rest; or Dulcis—Dear One.
D.D. Dedit, Dedicavit—Gave, Dedicated.
DEP. Depositus—Laid to rest.
D.I.P. Dormit In Pace—Sleeps in Peace.
D.M. Diis Manibus—To the Manes [of].
D.M.S. Diis Manibus Sacrum—Sacred to the Manes [of].
D.N. Domino Nostro—To Our Lord.
DD. NN. Dominis Nostris—To Our Lords.
E.V. Ex Voto—In Fulfilment of a Vow.
EX. TM. Ex Testamento—In accordance with the Testament of.
E VIV. DISC. E Vivis Discessit—Departed from Life.
F. Fecit—Did; or Filius—Son; or Feliciter—Happily
F.C. Fieri Curavit—Caused to be made.
F.F. Fieri Fecit—Caused to be made.
FF. Fratres—Brothers.
FS. Fossor—Digger
H. Hæres—Heir
H.L.S. Hoc Loco Situs—Laid [or Put] in This Place.
H.M.F.F. Hoc Monumentum Fieri Fecit—Caused This Monument to be Made.
H.S. Hic Situs—Laid Here.
ID. Idibus—On the Ides.
IDNE. Indictione—In the Indiction [a chronological term].
I.L.H. Jus Liberorum Habens—Possessing the Right of Children [i.e., eligibility to public office under age].
INB. In Bono—In Good [odour].
IND. Same as IDNE.
INP In Pace—In Peace.
I.X. In Christo—In Christ.
K. Kalendas—Calends; or Care, Carus, Cara—Dear One; or Carissimus (-a)—Dearest.
K.B.M. Karissimo Bene Merenti—To the Most Dear and Well-deserving.
L. Locus—Place.
L.M. Locus Monumenti—Place of the Monument.
L.S. Locus Sepulchri—Place of the Sepulchre.
M. Martyr, or Memoria—Memory; or Monumentum—Monument.