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Tables of Abbreviations

The following tables and notes are intended to guide readers of The Catholic Encyclopedia in interpreting those abbreviations, signs, or technical phrases which, for economy of space, will be most fre- quently used in the work. For more general infonnation see the article Abbreviations, Ecclesiastical

I. — General Abbreviations.

a article.

ad an at the year (Lat. ad annum).

an., ann the year, the years (Lat. annus,


ap in (Lat. apud).

art article.

Assyr Assyrian.

A. S Anglo-Saxon.

A. V Authorized Version (i.e. tr. of the

Bible authorized for use in the Anglican Church — the so-called "King James", or "Protestant Bible").

b born.

Bk Book.

Bl Blessed.

C, c about (Lat. circa); canon; chap-

ter; compagnie.

can canon.

cap chapter (Lat. capxit — • used only

in Latin context).

cf compare (Lat. confer).

cod codex.

col column.

concl conclusion.

const., constit. . . .Lat. constitidio.

cura by the industry of.

d died.

diet dictionary (Fr. dictionnaire).

disp Lat. disputatio.

diss Lat. dissertatio.

dist Lat. distinctio.

D. V Douay Version.

ed., edit edited, edition, editor.

Ep., Epp letter, letters (Lat. epistola).

Fr, French.

gen genus.

Cir Greek.

H. E., Hist. Eccl. .Ecclesiastical History.

Heb., Hebr Hebrew.

ib., ibid in the same place (Lat. ibidem).

Id the same person, or author (Lat.


inf below (Lat. infra).

It Italian.

1. c, loc. cit at the place quoted (Lat. loco

citato) .

Lat Latin.

lat latitude.

lib book (Lat. liber).

long longitude.

Mon Lat. Monumenla.

MS., MSS manuscript, manuscripts.

n., no number.

N. T New Testament.

Nat National.

OldFr., O. Fr. . . .Old French.

op. cit in the work quoted (Lat. opcre


Ord Order.

O. T Old Testament.

p., pp page, pages, or (in Latin ref- erences) jxirs (part).

par paragraph.

pas:sim in various places.

pt part.

Q Quarterly (a periodical), e.g.

"Church Quarterly".

Q., QQ-, qua!St. . . .question, questions (Lat. qucestio).

q. V which [title] .see (Lat. quod vide).

Rev Review (a periodical).

R. S Rolls Series.

R. V Revised Version.

S., SS Lat. Sanctus, Sancti, "Saint",

"Saints" — used in this Eixy- clopedia only in Latin context.

Sept Septuagint.

Sess Session.

Skt Sanskrit.

Sp Spanish.

sq., sqq following page, or pages (Lat.


St., Sts Saint, Saints.

sup Above (Lat. supra).

s.v Under the corresponding title

(Lat. sub voce).

torn volume (Lat. tomus).