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approximately correct position. No aborigines were pointed curate at St. Patrick's, Liverpool. He

found on the islands by the early voyagers, and was afterwards rector of the Church of St. Philip

the Spaniards took no steps to found a settlement. Neri to which is attached the Liverpool Catholic

The islands were entirely iminhabited until 1609, Institute of which he became principal. Father

when Admiral Sir George Sommers' ship, the "Sea Berry's great work was the establishing and or-

Venture," while on a voyage with a fleet of eight ganizing, in Liverpool, of the homes for orphaned

other vessels conveying a party of colonists to the and destitute boys, which bear his name. 6y the

new plantations then being formed in Virginia, was request of his bishop in 1892 he took over the

wrecked on a coral reef. The beauty and fertility work begun by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul,

of the islands induced the Virginia Company to which under his care flourished imtil 'Tather

seek extension of their Charter, so as to include Berry's Homes" became one of the foremost Catho-

the islands within their dominion, and this ex- lie charities of the kind in England. They were

tension was readily eranted in 1612 by James I, imder his personal direction for five years, during

but shortly afterwara the Virginia Company sold which time he cared for over three thousand boys,

the islands for £2,000 to a new body of adventurers for whom he Bad raised the sum of nearly ten

called 'The Governor and Company of the City thousand pounds. Ill-health compelled his retire-

of London for the Plantation of Somen' Islands." ment, but he continued to find a vent for his activ-

After twenty-five years of prosperitv the original ity in writing articles and reviews on social, .

shareholders died, or disposed of their holdmgs, religious, and other topics.

Stf «fhwf^i. ^Zy^^<^\^\l^^" ^ B«rtln«ro. Diocbm. of (BBicnNoioBNSis; cf. C. E,

Tr^if^^Jr^^t^^^ tn iRTO^,it^ n-^22d), in the province of ForU. Nortli^ Italy

app^ to the Crown for redreas in 1679 resulted g^naa.^ „£ Ravenna, has the perpetual adminiil

in the passing of the colony to the Crown in 1684. L.»; * „« ^u^ a:,^..^ «f v>r.iZ^*JtvXi^^^2ilXrt

^|tl^S*±^^^liT^t'MK S'^rpriS'i^d^e'adSriSnoWkev

^«««r Ji^!«lt.*r ««!i^«*.« 7-;*ki: r,!^ «r«u I^ November, 1898. The 1920 statistics credit the

^iUti^T^ wTtsSiriS A^ f '«^ r^ ^r C^"«'» ^ ^"^' ^~ "^

^Txu*^!. *c«/Mw« *!»« Aw> ^Auxxiuo^E^ <wu Acuuo. | DHests aud 1 regular priest, 26 seminarians. 1 ?o2tfe1^ai"tei'^t^ace'^1S B«.&er, 65 Sisters. S'd 9§ chui^es or chapels', the colony's history, and although freedom of wor- Besan^on, Abcbdiogbsb of (Bibttntinknbib; cf. ship was demanded, this did not prevent the Inde- C. E., II-n525b), coextensive with the departments pendents and others from persecuting their weaker of Doubs, Haute-Sadne and the territory of Belfort, brethren, particularly the Quakers, whose attempt in France. Most Rev. Frangois-L6on Gauthey, pro- to educate the slaves met with disapproval. In moted to this see 20 January, 1910, fiUed it until 1646 William Sayle of Bermuda foundea a Utopian his death, 25 July, 1918. Just one month before plantation in wnich "every man might enjoy his his death the Archbishop visited Haute Alsace, re- own opinion or religion without control or ques- conquered from the Germans, where he adminis- tion." In 1650 Parliament declared Bermuda to tered confirmation, this territory having been be in a state of rebellion. At this time persecu- deprived of the sacrament since 1914. Archbishop tions took place for witchcraft. During the Amer- Gauthey was succeeded by the present incumbent, ican Revolution the inhabitants of the island sym- Most Rev. Louis Humbrecht, b. in Gueberschwir, pathized with the colonies, but were forbidden to 1853, ordained 1877, appointed Bishop of Poiters, trade with them. However, from Bermuda came to 1 September, 1911, promoted 14 September, 1918. Geonze Washington at the most critical period of On 9 August, 1919, Archbishop Humbrecht was the Revolution one himdred noimds of gunpowder, made commander of the Order of the Crown by During the Civil War the islands were the head- the King of the Belgians, in recognition of his quarters of the blockade-runners and prosperity kindness toward the Belgian refugees, particularly reigned. In 1901 Bermuda was one of the places in the diocese of Poitiers.

chosen by England for the exiled Boers. In 1867 During the World War 423 priests were mobilised

it was deemed just to exonerate from liability to from this diocese and 30 of this number as well

assessment 'for the Church of England all persons as 40 seminarians gave up their lives, 12 were deco-

who contributed toward the maintenance of other rated with the Legion of Honor, 10 with the

churches. Grants by the government to the Church medatlle militaire, 160 with the croix de guerre, and

of England have now ceased. During the Great 250 received other citations. In thanksgiving for

World War, the Bermuda Vo}unteer Kifle Corps the victory of the Mame, which saved the central

served in France with the Lincoln Regiment, and and Franche-Comte - sections of France from in-

out of 125 in the original contingent, only 22 re- vasions, Archbishop Gauthey made a vow to erect

mained to return. Another proud record was made a basilica dedicated to the Sacred Heart, on a

by the Royal Garrison Artillery (colored) who num- hill adjoining the city of Besan^on. On 8 March,

bered 250. In all, between 560 and 600 Bermudians 1912, the church of Sts. Ferreol and Ferjeux was

served overseas in the war; of these, 379 were with raised to the rank of a minor basilica, and 26 May

the Bermuda contingents. Pensions to disabled following it was made a collegiate church ad hon, men and widows and dependents are paid by the In 1920 the population of Doubs numbered 299,935,

Colony on the scale adopted in the United King- of whom 57,978 were in Besangon; that of Haute-

dom. Saone 257,606; and that of the territory of Belford,

Ecclesiastically Bermuda is imder the jurisdiction 88,047. The latest statistics collected in 1908, credit

of the Archbishop of Halifax, a priest from that the diocese with 1,224 priests, 7 first class and 351

diocese being stationed at Hamilton where the second class parishes, 816 succursal parishes, 80

Sisters of Charity (mother-house, Halifax), conduct desmeries, 51 professors, 105 dignitaries, chaplains

a school. and priests without special duties, 10 diocesan mis- sionaries, 41 priests having degrees in theology and

B«ny, JoHK, founder of "Father Berry's Homes," philosophy, 40 priests at the university, and 70

d. September, 1921, at Measham, England. Edu- missionary priests, ori^nally of this diocese. The

cated at Ui^w, in 1884 he was ordained and ap- principal educational institutions (1922) include a