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Jurgens in 1916, he was appointed Archbishop of bered 12 professors in ordinary (dogma, apologetics,

Bombay, and consecrated on 22 December, 1919. moral theology exegesis (New and Old Testament),

At the present time (1921) the Catholic popula- Chm'ch histoiy, canon law, pastoral theology, Chri»-

tion imder the archbishop is about 24,000, of which tian art, and Christian social science). There are two

about 9,000 are in Bombay Island ; 3,000 in Salsette ; professors emeritus, 1 honorary professor, and 4 privat

2,000 in Gujerat, Kathiawar, and Cutch; and 4,500 dozenten with the title of extraordinary. The heads

in Sind. The Archdiocese is served by 139 Fathers, of the chief faculties are also directors of the chief

12 scholastics, and 81 lay brothers of the Society of theological seminaries, having a combined budget

Jesus, and 33 secular priests attending 24 churches and in part a special budget. The professors of

and 25 chapels, besides sisters of tne Orders of this faculty are nominated and appointed in the

Jesus and Mary, and the Daughters of the Cross, same manner as the professors of tne other facul-

engaged in educational and charitable work. ties, but before the final confirmation of such

Among the institutions of the diocese are the appointments the Archbishop of Cologne must be University College in Bombay Island, which has consulted and has the right to veto such appoint- had a rapid growth and now has 1,177 students, ments because of serious objections to the ortho- and St. Xavier's High School, with 1,033 students, doxy, or the past conduct of the nominee. Before There is no diocesan seminary, the secular clergy beginning his activities the newly named candidate being trained at the Papal Seminary at Kandy m solemnly takes the oath 'Traferio fidei catholic»" Ceylon and at Mangalore. With the building of in the imiversitv chapel, and notification of this is St. Ignatius Church in Bombay one more fine build- sent to the archbishop as well as to the Govern- ing was added to the many beautiful structures of ment. Before going to press the semi-annual regis- the archdiocese. ter is sent to the archbishop for his approval, and

The Examiner Press, which is the propertv of the faculty is bound to accept any changes which

the archbishop, now publishes "The Examiner, the he suggests regarding purelv theological matters,

Messenger of the Sacred Heart for India," the and if possible to act upon them. The majority of

Messenger of the Sacred Heart" in Konkani, and the theological students live in boarding houses,

a number of books in the vernacular according to to meet which need two diocesan hospices have

need. been established at Bonn (Albertinum and

Bonaparte, Charlbb Joseph, lawyer and states- jfTll^T^' but these students do not receive Holy

man, b in Baltimore 9 June, iSl, d. in Bella ?,'to" ^'^'^V T*^%^?*^^« Ideological course covers

v^o Titl^,\2^X^oQit.^^itaoi wl «oo ♦kr^*!^^ 11-12 semesters; of these 9 are spent at the Um-

If^ir^^&l!^^^ ^nTJn M^S versity of Bonn, the remainder at the diocesan

wniia^^ «?H^1«?H^^^ Rnn«n^/ semiuliy at BoAn, where the candidates receive

KhTof'^he Imp^" nUcTl ^E^^^d ^^V^f^i. The fir.t four semester, are taken

at ^rvard he was Lduated'from the law school K'Ve\SL°^ft^^^^^^^ ^rofe^Stf^S^

}n hl^^ntioW w^^^^^^ philosophical faculty; a few are g^ted permission

iarnol ?I^«1 f^vf-^^^f^f hlX^^H nf T^H^n Po^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^veral semesteis at other universities,

came a legal adyisCT of the Board of Indian Com- «. g., Munster, Innsbruck, Rome, and Freiburg^

Po^rii? pSL'®^ ^^^ R^^^ thL^^^ theological students numbered 6060, of whom 129

!lTfof!l* A?S2 «1?™ ^ffpr^^a ^ J L ifJS ^ere foreigners and 510 were women. The uni- f,«fn ^10^ ^^i hl^f^J^Vn\t. ?a^ ^r^^fo^ veraity has its own library, which is also the library until 1909, when he returned to his law practice, ^f ^^e province. At the present time (1921) ft

spe^L^rd^^^^Xe^Ld"^^^^^ Ttftl^^^^^^^

^vice Reform League and aUied organizations. '"^ ^^^ constitution of the umversity is m progrea.

His real work was a fearless, uncompromising and Book of Oonunon Prayer (cf. C. E., II-678d). untiring battle for higher standards of public life. After years of agitation a joint commission of His own spotless life and character, his disinterested- the two Houses of Convocation, in 1915, recom- ness and skillful logic made him unsurpassed in mended a revision of the Prayer Book, the changes his ability to bring home to men the price they to consist in a rearrangement of the Psalms and were paying in moral degradation for what they permission to omit the "maledictory" verses; in a were getting out of corrupt politics. revision of the calendar; and alterations in the

Bonn, Universitt op (cf. C. E., II-673d).— In gpamente rubric, the daily office and the liteny. 1848 an agricultural academy was founded at Pap- The question of revising the Athanasian Creed, or pelsdorf and was leased by the university with all ^K changing the <Hrections as to its use, is also Its appurtenances. It is under the direct control of *>«]?« agitated. In 1916 the lower House of Convo- the Minister of Agriculture, and like the university cation postponed further action and nothing definite has the right of autonomy; since 1920 it is called ^ ^.Y^^ .<1?22) been done. The entire quesUon the College of Agriculture (Hochschule), and is of revision is m reahtv due to the struggle between administered by a rector, who is elected annually, the Ritualists and their opponents. The former It is connected with the university inasmuch as desure revision along "Catholic \ lines, while the the students are matriculated in the faculty of latter d^ire changes, especially in the Ornaments phUosophy and thereby become full members of nibnc, that will m^e impossible the practices and the university. The college has its own right of tendencies of the Ritualists.

•^•^.»r>4^;^«. T* :<> /4;^ri'/4<^ .rt4-^ 4^k«<^ r]»«v„*4^»«»a Bhightman, The EngltMh Rite (London, 1916); Wacs. Some promotion. It W divided into three departments, Questiont of the Day (London. 1912) ; BicniNo; Prayii' Book

each one of which has its dean, e.g.. Political Reviaum in Nineteenth Century, LXDC. (1911), 382, 1.134;

Economy, Surveying, and Agricultural Sciences, JJ^**}??* J?£°* **' Common Prayer in Hibbert Journal VIU

Pure and Applied Sciences. The faculty consists ^***w-i>' '»"• Gerald Shaughnesst

of professors in ordinary, honorary docents and ^^hu^auu kt auuxxx^aooi.

private docents (privat dozenten). During the sum- Bordeanz, Archdiocbsb of (Bttrdigalknsis ; cf . C.

mer term of 1921 the entire student body numbered E., II-^82b), in the department of Gironde, France.

963, of whom 20 were women. The Catholic theo- It has as sufTragans the dioceses of Agen, AngoulSme,

logical faculty during the winter term 1921-22 num- La Rochelle, LuQon, Perigueux and Poitiers. His