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impede its progress. The provincial law exempts lation of this diocese comprised Ift86fl25 Catholics^ from general taxation "every building set apart and 31,007 Protestants, 21,410 Jews, and 511 of other in actual use for the service of God," but in 1911 denominations. The diocese cotmted 40 deaneries, the province adopted the single tax law on land 441 parishes, 809 secular, and 141 regular clergy, alone. The town authorities decided that the sites and 502 religious.

of churches were no more exempt than other sites. ___ . ,__ tx. /n ^ rt

Subsequently several Catholic churches in Victoria „"'?°tS2i' ^°9^' op (BB0OKi.TNimJ8ia; cf . C. were sold for non-payment of taxes. The combined ^p HrWSb).— Bishop McDonnell celebrated the pressure of all the religious bodies of British fiver jubilee of his appointment to the see in April. Columbia, with the exception of the Baptist*, was 1?"- '^'^'^ the accomphshments of his admmiatra- not sufficient to make the Government take action. Vf " ^^i^ . ^® *? V^^^ section of the diocese. In 1919 the sale of the cathedral of Victoria was ^°« *•>«» f, hundred new churchM and chapeb threatened, and the bishop obtained a court injunc had been added to the Lst, with 61 new pan* tion restraining the city of Victoria from further ««hoo'8. Brooklyn College was opened by the action. The latter won the case in the lower court Jesmt Fathers, 15 September, 1908; St. Joseph's Col-

but lost it in the higher court. An appeal to the Je^f ^°f ^°™«° i*y.u*^^?*i?^".®^ ?f- ^°fP\.^ Supreme Tribunal of Land resulted in a decision October, 1916; and the Cathedral College^or the of the Privy Council sustaining that of the higher preparatory seminary in the fall of 1914. The per- (jouft e o manent bmlding was erected in the following year

For CathoUc statistics see VANOOUvm, Abch- ^^^Y through a munificent gift from Mr. GeoTge W0CB8B of; Victoria, DiocBSB or; Yukon, Vicmoatb P"\*'j . w?™«y,'"* 5".!.*® seminanans was Afostouc of located at Water Mills and the system of keeping

Eoonomic'Status.— The total value of the min- t^^? to«.ether during their entire course was suc- eral production of the province in 1920 was $38,- f^fwUy inaugurated. A diocesan organ, the 'Tab- 044,915. In 1919 gold brought $3,457,406; copper, Jt*' ^^s. be?l«»4 April, 1908 and commumtiM of $7,915,324; lead, $1,526355: silver, $4;i26>56. ^^^. Ktf^T^lJ^^^r'.u^a^tl^^ "^ ^*7

In 1919 the province pro<luced lumber worth $70.- »°^, ^he Brothers of the Sacred Heart were ad- 285,094; fish to the value of $15,216,397; agricultural ™i**^ *<> ^he diocwe. As auxiliaiy bishop, the product valued at$65,384,556. The area ifTmberliind Si" ,.^^-.u^'^f%^- Mundetein wm coMecrated h over 100,000,000 acre8,^ntaimng, roughly speak- ^*" ^F 5^«°P "^^Tfl'- " Septembw. 1909, and ing,400.000miliionfeetof merchantebletimlier. The S^^^JfLfo?'.*'^ "^^^^ promotion to U»e arch- ed supply is estimated at 75 biUion tons, of which ^ f^^^^P™ If nf '^S' " ^^^'°^\T^- /»f1?** 23.000 iiilUonB are in the seams known and au»liaiy. the Rt. Rev. Thomas. Edmund MoUoy. measured. In 1919 Vancouver Island and parts of 7^ coMecrated titular of Lona on 3 (Vrtober. the mainland yielded coal to the value of $11.- }^- „5'^?P ^^^"«" *.«* f? J^, ^"^^ 337.706. The statistics for 1918 give 1786 industrial ^^1'. »™ f •«*>°P Molloy was immediately named establishments, capital, $244,697,«)0: employees, 48,- administrator of the diocese and tra^eired in 779; wages and salariM, $51,051000; value of prod- 8ucce««on m the third bishop of the see, 21 Novem- ucti, $207,678,000. Th4 tnJde of the Province in ^er, 1921. He wm bom at Kashua, New Hampshire, 1919 showed imports valued at $63,694,697, and * ^F*^?*®?' ^^ ,?" «o}'egwte cour* wm made exports at $77,247,666. The railway mileake of the »* ^V.^lf" <i.'?"^8j?' Nashua and St. FVancis'. province in 1917 was 3385. Steps are beilig taken Brooklyn, after which he was sent to the Amencm to establish direct shipping coimunicatioSs with 2°^}^^- ^^'^^ ^^^ ^u ^^ ordained m .1908. the Canadian Atlantic ^rtsfvia the Panama Canal. Returning to Brooklyn, he served as an asastant The bahince sheets of the province showed that on ^ ^^a ^- ^"^a- ^"l"^' /?. ««^**^ *<> »**«?

Le^-'sUTi**'^ ""'"'*'" "^"^^ *^'' ^ -K j^p'{?r*c°i?ir«*e^iS^

miSr^X"7^L="'lfe^ri?ool?S f^

ministered by a Lieutenant Governor, appointed j parishes, admitted to the diocese a founda-

T^rfil^^^h^' Tl^ll^^J^iJ^nn tio«» of the Religious of Our Lady of the Cenacle

"T^^^^A°\'^^'^E. •^.V^'^^iy,? ?!!±^ ofto'lo?edTatholi«^' ^"^ ^'*~"'^ congregation

1 was


— o ----- ---\~V^^ xUo* *v>^ X^«o««4. were tnen only 70 persons who could be relied

to women. In 1920 it was decided that the consent ^^ ._ •,„ •♦ J,„*«„'„i «,««^^ rru«. :^^^^^^ ^:«_

of the court must be obtained t^^^^^^^ ^L^hTfolloT^f^^^^^^^^^

an unmarned minor. On 20 October 1920 a second century with the following statisti^l evi-

peraace plebiscite K^^^J^he voters^ ^^""Tnunl ^^^<^^ of the splendid progress made in the inter- prohibition or of government control of liquor ^^^ hundred years: bishop 1; diocesan priests traffic; the latter won. 4^5. ^^^^^^ ^f religious orders 122, total 587;

Brizen, Diocese op. See Brbssanonb. churches with resident priests 238 ; missions with

churches 23, total 261 ; seminary for diocesan clergy

Bmd (German, Brunn), Diocese of (Brunsis; 1. students 86; preparatory seminary 1, students

cf. C. E., Ill-lld), suffragan of Olmutz, in Moravia, 324; colleges for boys 3, students 2250; academies

which was formerly in Austria, but is now part of for boys 5, pupils 217; academies for young ladies

Czechoslovakia. This see was filled by Rt. Rev. 11, pupils 1424; commercial high school 1, pupils

Paul de Huyn from 14 May, 1904, until his promo- 380; high school 1, pupils 190; parishes with paro-

tion to the Archdiocese of Prague, 4 October, 1916. chial schools 120, pupils 72,398; orphan asylums

He was succeeded by the present (1922) incumbent, 10, orphans 3718; infant a^lum 1, infants cared

Rt. Rev. Norbert John Nepomucenc Klein, b. in for 700; industrial schools for girls 2, girls 356;

Moravia 1866, appointed 7 December, 1916, con- House of Good Shepherd 1, inmates HO; total

secrated 28 January following. In 1919 the popu- young people under Catholic care 78,082; hospitals