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church for saying Mass there, and signs his name, of the diocese. They strove to keep up the morale

office, and diocese in a book kept specially for that of the people, to give material assistance and difr-

purpose. Bishops may issue further regulations on tribute food to the needy. Many priests were re-

this subject which must be obeyed by all rectors, warded for their services by the Government, first

even by exempt religious, except where there is among them Bishop Beccegato, who was created a

question of allowing a religious to say Mass in a commander of the Order of Saints Maurice and

church of his own order. Lazarus.

Code jvr. can.. 804. The population of the diocese is 250,000, prae-

n«n&i*iA i>».«r^/^TTo r.nm»» t ^f r» T? TTT Kic«% tlcalty all of whom are Catholics. There are 118

0«w«fle, RmoiouB OF THE (cf . C. E^-^1^ parishes, 167 sacramental churches, 361 non-sacra-

Fn^U^%lUnH^s^tiSr& mental churches and stations, 192* .Sul^ and35

contoental novitiate at Yvoir, Belgium. The houses ^1^;^^ s^XgTs Tofboys SdS^'USc/o™

m France are at: Paris, Versailles, Ljrons, Paray-le- ,„^ ^^ ^.^aL^^ .^a^ZJ^^ZLZJuI S J^IiJJX;"" Momal, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Italy there are

" »r a numb

m"rnnni;;;r;nHTnr^r^o^>;*F^^^ orphaiTagcs, 3 associatious among the clergy, and

^^1 ttlfSl T^^Ho^^^^ ^^i<>"8 ^^o^ a^o^P *l^e laity; 1 Catholic weeWy,

pool, Manchester,, London and Graj^ott; m Hoi- «L»Azione," is pubhshed.

land at Tilburg; in Switzerland at Fnbourg, The ' ^ m*i««^.

total number of foundations is thirty, four of which censorship of Books (cf. C. E., III-623).-Pub.

are in the Umted States, where an American Prov- ^^^„ ^^^ ^^tain ecclesiastical permission before

mce has been estabhshed with Mother Marie printing sacred pictures with or without prayers. vicar-provinciaL From the Cenacle of Permission to publish books or pictures may be

fu ^^J%?^.^^ yu^'^^^'^ the novitiate for ^^^ by the*^local ordinary (a) of the author,

the United States, the ^lety h^ made three other ^^ (b) of the place of printing, or (c) of the place

S^^?^^;i^^^T?^rui^^^^^hV^^^ «^ publication; but /one^f these refuses V-

(1910); Chicago, 111 (1020). There are 161 Reli- ^^^^^^^ ^^^^y^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ be asked unless hris

gious of the Cenacle in the United SUtes. The i^fonned of the refusal of the other ordinary,

present supenor general is Mother Marie Aim6e Religious must obtain the permission of their

Lautier, who resides at Brussels, Belgium. y^^^Yxer superiors before approaching the local ordi-

Oeneda (or Vittorio Vbnbto), Diocbsb op nary. Secular cler^ require the consent of their

(Cenbtbnsis; cf. C. E., III-619b), in the province ordinary and religious of both the ordinary and

of Treviso, Italy. Since 1818 a suffragan of Venice, their higher superior to publish books treating of

In 1797 Ceneda was part of the Cisalpine Re- profane matters, or to write for or edit newspapers

public; in 1805 of the Kingdom of Italy, founded or periodicals; and Catholic lasrmen must not write

at the Peace of Pressburg; became Austrian terri- for newspapers or periodicals hostile to Catholicism

tory from 1815 imtil 1866, when it was liberated or moralitv, unless for a just and reasonable cause

from foreign domination and united with the neigh- approved by the local ordinary. Authentic collec-

borinff city of Serravalle, made a commune in the tions of prayers and pious works to which the

Kingdom of Italy under Victor Emanuel 11, who Holy See has annexed mdulgences, or schedules of

re-named the city Vittorio Veneto. Apostolic indulgences, or summaries of indulgences

Vittorio Veneto underwent a further hostile in- formerly collected but never approved, or those

vasion during the last war (October, 1917-October, now for the first time collected, must not be pub-

1918). The whole diocese, being occupied by Aus- lished without the express permission of the Holy

trian troops, suffered heavily, as the seat of battle See. In publishing liturgical books, wholly or in

for long months lay between the Piave and the part, and also litanies approved by the Holy See,

livenza on a front that stretched from Monte the ordinary of the place of printing or publica-

Gnppa to the sea. Vittorio Veneto again proved tion must first certify that the work agrees with

true to its name when a great Italian victory and the approved editions. Vernacular translations of

rout of the Austrian army took place there (24 the Holy Scripture must not be printed unless they

October-4 November, 1918). This was the last vie- are approved by the Holy See, or unless they

toiy of the war and was conducive to the armistice are published under the supervision of the bishops,

which followed. with annotations taken chiefly from the Fathers

The present bishop of Ceneda is Rt. Rev. Eugenio and learned Catholic writers. Approval is also re-

Beccegato, b. at Fossalta Padovana, diocese of quired for translations or new editions of a work

Treviso 23 December, 1862: ordained 10 April, 1866; already approved in the original text; but articles

elected titular bishop of Sinope and apostolic from periodicals when* re-issued separately (ire not

administrator of Ceneda 19 May, 1917, consecrated considered new editions and do not need a new

in Treviso 17 June following, publish 10 March, approbation.

1919, to succeed to the see in place of Mgr. Caroli, The diocesan curia should have its ex-officio

OTomoted. Mgr. Caroli was bom in Kome 16 censors, secular or religious clergv of suitable age,

I>ecember, 1869, ordained 1 April, 1893, rector of men of prudence and learning who will observe a

the Lombard Seminary in October, 1911, elected just mean in approving or condemning doctrine.

Bishop of Ceneda 18 June, 1913, consecrated in In examining works tne censors must disregard

Rome by Cardinal de Lai 19 October following, personalities, keeping before their eyes only the

promoted to titular archbishopric of Tyre 8 May, dogmas of the Church, the common teaching of

1917, named internuncio to Bolivia 28 April, 1919, Catholics as shown by the decrees of general coun-

and died at La Paz 25 January, 1921, after having cils, the constitutions and ordinances of the Holy

given great service there for religion and the nation. See and the consent of approved learned writers.

The clergy of the diocese rendered efficient service The censor, whose name is never to be made known

during the war, aqd especially during the invasion to the author unless he has passed a favorable