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Cm-Ll 189 CHI-LI

In ld2D, upon the creation of the Vicariate of year by the President of the Republic and accorded Kiang-si, Bishop Dumond was made its apostolic the same honors as a member of the diplomatic administrator. The present (1922) administrator Corps, but given a private conference. During of Maritime Chi-li is Rt. Rev. Jean de Vienne de the World War, out of all the missionaries who Hautefeuiie, titular' Bishop of Abrytus and coad- were mobilized only a few were called to Prance, jutor at Northern Chi-li. In 1920 this vicariate and of this number none were killed but several counted a total population of 2,000,000, of whom wounded; two were decorated with Croix de 38,118 are catechists and 2,000 catechumens. The Gueire," and L^on d'Honneur.** mi^n is served by 9 European and 11 native cW-Il, Soothisast, Vicabiato Apobtouo of (Ce^u ^ ' MEBiDiO'^RiitNTALis), Comprises tits 6 prefectures of

Ohl-U. NOBTHBRN or PeKIN, VlCARlATB APOOTOUC f °S^,' ^A^^^^rB^'i'^L^lf^^^^ ^

OF(CfrUBBPtBNTBioNAU8; cf. C. E. in-677a ),com- 7^'^iL^^-^th^^I&^^. ^*- " *°*r^*f^ prises two prefectures of Choun-tim-fu and Suan- i?>td^* p^l* S!;„-¥x5r^°Vj'T' 1?^°^* Wfu in dina. and has a Catholic population of ^"S;,*?*^*' ^- ^""^ Lkr<»rt. titular Bishop of amjOOa. out of a total population of 4,324,176. TKrr!Vfc«i!» ^r,„\.*i^ „♦ ^~««>„* na^>^\ „ .

The pt^ent .vi«ir .a^toUc is the. Rt, Rev. Kl^1,^?^^°li^„P?P!?»^„f. P':^^* <^lLl?^: Stanislai

1889, consecrated titular Bishop ox x-uaruaeiuB <« r„iV.i;». /.koVvoi. ^r,A ^^t^^i^ o'.^.„«_*« f„- i-™ April, IflOO, and made coadjutor to Bishop Favier, J?"*' chapels and oratories, 2 convents for men,

vS? apostolic of NortheS Chi-li, ^th thfri^t ^*^h^^^^^.^i'E{y^Jl^'tL^^X

of succ^on; succeeded as vicar a^Kistolic 4 Apiil, SH^Ih^L «^^S?^^^onf f H^iiI^LTi ^^.

1905. His cokdjutor is Rt. Rev. JeSn de Vienne de !Sth^??«.?;»l t?H ^«*«.?^ii? V^^iJZ^f^^

HautefeuiUe, tit\ilar bishop of Abrytus and adminis- ThL/ J??;^^ t^l>,^*^A^'§f ™f,^?2^°T^

tfator of Maritime Chi-U: The catheditl and epis- f °??" u?'i^ •^!f^^? *° • ^/^ ^^i^ ^H .nnr»>i ~w,:^J««^.Jl .? D-i^-t "•""'=«»»«" »"" ^f">- vanous chantable institutions mclude 40 homes of

^iL^ri^S^ ,SL™.. ^^ ««f«M,-.l.o«l {« ffc,-. different kinds, 5 asylums, and 3 refuges. There ine various religious oraers estaDlisnea in this • _ r«o*i»*xi;«r«»««i «rk;^k «>iiKi;oI«ao *uL ..^.^.n^^o.., territoiy now (1921), besides the Lazariste, who pA^f, ,^^^,P^ ^^""^ pubhshes the necessary have 19 European and 23 Chinese priests knd 2 ^^^^'^^'^ literature.

brothers, are: the Cistercians with 23 priests, 22 Ohl-ll, Southwest, Vicabiatb Afostoucof (Cb-u choir religious and 45 brothers, the Marist Brothers Mebioio oocidentaus), is entrusted to the care of with 22 Europeans and 26 Chinese, the Daugh- the Lazarist Fathers, the present vicar apostolic ters of Charity with 5 homes and 58 religious, being Rt. Rev. Hubert-Francois Schraven, titular Franciscan Missionaries of Mary with 1 house and Bishop of Amyclsea, who came to the see as sue- 9 religious. Daughters of 8t. Joseph with 27 houses ccssor to Bishop de Vienne de Hautefeuille (trans- and 70 native religious. In addition to the mis- f erred 1919), who had been made coadjutor to cdonary Fathers there are 2 European secular priests Bishop Coqset (1915) and succeeded him as vicar and 09 Chinese; 62 parishes, 69 European churches, (1917) when he was transferred to Kiane-si. The 465 public chapels, and 69 oratones; 1 higher episcopal residence is at Chengtingfu. Within recent seminary with 37 students (philosophical and theo- years the vicariate has lost 8 of its European mis- logical), 1 lower seminary with 131 Latin students, sionaries, 5 of these having died during an epidemic 1 normal school with 68 students, 9 catechism of tsrphoid in 1917, which also took 13 of the native schools with 182 pupils, 8 schools for European missionaries. This epidemic was brought on by the sciences and languages with 1,022 pupils, 6 Chmese ^reat flood which occurred in 1916, and was followed schools with 114 pupils, 554 schools for boys with m 1920 by a severe drought which brought famine 12,567 pupils, 258 schools for sprls with 7,756 pupils, to over 20,000,000 people. During these calamities 927 schools for catechumens with 19,936 adult pupils the missionaries took an active part in helping the and 1529 children. afflicted and their work went far toward making

There are 3 hospitals and in addition to these them better known and destroying the existing care is given to the sick in their homes and through prejudice against them, and to this they attribute 9 dispensaries, 1 home for the aged and 3 asykims the remarkable increase in the number of catechu- for orphan girls and 1 nursery. None of these in- mens (20,000 in all) during the present year, an stitutions receive any aid from the Chinese gov- increase of 4,000 to 5,000 on previous years, emment, but the French government allots them In addition to the Lazansts, who number 17 a certain sum annually. The mission has estab- European and 21 native priests and 3 brothers, the lished a very active press which publishes a num- other religious communities established are : Paulist ber of religious and educational Dooks in Chinese Sisters (with 46 members). Daughters of Charity and Latin, not only for this mission but for many (26), and Josephine Sisters (124). By present of the others in China. The Catholic Bulletin of statistics (1921) there are 21 native secular priests, Pekin" and the "Sacerdos in Sinis are also pub- 17 parishes, 86 churches, 484 public chapels, 88 lished, as well as a Catholic Directory "Catholic oratories, 926 mission stations, 1 higher seminary Missions of China and Japan," publi^ed annually, with 28 students, 1 lower seminary with 100 students, in French, since 1916. A recent event of interest m 2 normal schools with 116 students, 1 school for the vicariate, was the conversion of His Excellency foreign languages with 35 pupils, 18 native schools 11^6 Lou-Tseng-Tsian, former Minister Plenipo- with 646 pupils, 143 elementary schools for boys tentiary, and since 1912 serving the government in with 3,777 pupils, and 98 for girls with 4,943 pupils. various capacities such as Minister of Foreign Af- Among the charitable institutions are 12 asylums fairs^ Premier, and delegate and high commissioner with 715 children, 5 farms and workhouses with at the conference of Versailles. The city of Pekin 72 inmates, 4 workshops with 654 inmates, 3 orphan- has entrusted the Daughters of Charity with the ages for boys with 180 orphans, and 4 for girls administration of its largest hospital, giving it the with 656 orphans, 2 hospitals for men with 1,194 name of "Centnl Ho^ital," ana religious services patients, 2 for women with 708 patients, 2 homes are permitted here just as in a religious institution, for aged men with 163 inmates and 2 for aged Since the revolution the Bishop is received once a women with 135 inmates.