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Ohioggla, DioGESB OP (Clodibnsib; cf. C. E., Fiesole, Italy, 1871, he served as vicar general of

III-6S9b).— Chioggia is a seaport on the Gulf of that diocese, was made a papal chamberlain, 3

Venice in Italy. The present bishop is Rt. Rev. October, 1903, and prothonotary apostolic, 22

Domenico Mezzadri, b. in- San Rocco al Porto, December, 1914. These sees have a Catholic popu-

diocese of Lodi, 30 January, 1867, elected bishop lation of 36,000, 56 parishes, 91 secular and 50

2 July, 1920, took posseaBion of the see 22 October, regular clergy, 31 semmanans, 19 Brothers, 55 Sis-

1920, in succession to Rt. Rev. Antonio Bassani, ters, and 125 churches or chapels.

resigned. BwhopB^^ in Chioggia 3 ohoco. PuRracruRB Apostouc of (db Chood), in

January, 1854, elected titular Bishop of Delcos and p^i^-„Kio fJ^fK a«!1i^ tm.;- ^^.o)^«*,«^^^«♦iil

coadjutor of the bishop of Chiog^a 22 January, ^ A^ril ' ^ i« ^n?^^^^

1905, succeeded to the bishopric 21^ovember, 1908, tI^P nLp^'^^H nf^ut ?hp ni^^t noS?

^^rUirdi^X^ ^31 parishes. 52 churches, g, S S^^^.^^"^^ ^^^" ^" ^"'"^^^

2 convents for men and 5 for women, 110 secular * i«:**i»^ijr.

and 8 regular priests, 2 clerics, 70 nuns, 1 seminary Ohristchnrch, Diocese of (Christopolitanenbis;

'with 30 seminarians, 3 colleges for girls with 20 cf. C. E., UI-699b), in Canterbury, New Zealand,

students in each, 2 refuges, 1 for men and 1 for siiffragan of Wellington. The first bishop of this

women, 3 asylums, 3 hospitals. There is a clerical diocese, Rt. Rev. J. J. Grimes, S. M., born in

federation, and among the laity a mutual aid or- Broniley, England, 1843, consecrated 26 July, 1887,

panization and Popular Union. A diocesan bulletin died in Svdney, 15 March, 1915. His successor was

18 published, and also Annali della B. V. della appointed in the person of the present bishop, Rt. Navioella." There are about 100,000 inhabitants Rev. Matthew J. Brodie, bom in Coromandel,'New in the diocese, all Catholics. Zealand, 1864, ordained 1888, made a prelate of the

Bellemo Cav. Vincenzo, famous Italian historian, Holy See, 1912, appointed 27 November, 1915.

died 30 Januaxy, 1917, leaving his library to the The reh'gious orders established in this diocese

seminary. Twelve priests and all the clerics took include: Society of Mary with 23 Fathers, Marist

up arms for their country, 1 being severely wounded. Brothers with 5 Brothers, Missionary Sisters of

In recognition of special service the Government Notre Dame with 90 Sisters, Sisters of Mercy

made rapal Chamberlain Rossetti archpriest of numbering 148 Sisters, Religious of the Sacred

Cavanere, and Carlo Lorenzi chaplain of St. Pietro Heart with 29 nuns, Sisters of Good Shepherd with

in Volte, Knights of the Crown of Italy. 30 religious, Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred

off the coast of Asia Minor, euffragan of Nmos 9^^'° g?P"t»*'o° °^3**', "** compnaes 21

Tbe^is at present (1922) fiU^by Rt._Rev. ^Jl^.^t^!^.J\;Tt^^^ ^"^^ Nicolas Chanchiopoulo, 1 1866, studied at Propags cellor of the Cathedral of ConstantinopU

appointed 3 January, 1917, to succeed Rt. Rev. Christian Brothen of Irelaiid (cf. C. £.,

XMonisio Nicolosi, died 24 January, 1916. The III-'710b), have 200 houses in Ireland, England,

Catholics of this diocese, who number only 170, are Australia, and India. The first foundation in the

descended from the first settlers of the islands; United States was made in All Saints' parish, New

about eighty are Italians and the rest Greeks or York, in 1906, and was soon followed by others in

French. In 1912, on 11 December, the Turks were the United States and Canada, all of which, together

expelled from the islands and the Greeks took with the houses in Newfoundland, were formed in

possession, those Greeks already there joining the 1916 into the American province. The provincial

army to help their fatherland. During the war novitiate is near West Park in Ulster Co., N. Y.,

the poor suffered severely, especially from famine, and is known as St. Mary's on the Hudson. In

In recent years the diocese lost three of its small Newfoundland the Brothers have charge of St.

number of clergy by the deaths of Revs. Antonius Bonaventure's College and St. Patrick's School at

Sigola, Thomas Rostand, and Canon Pantaleo St. John's, Holy Cross College at Riverhead, and

Cochini. It now comprises 2 parishes, 5 churches, a boy's orphanage and industrial school at Mount

3 at Chios and 2 at Samos, 2 convents of religious, Cashel. In Canada there is a novitiate at Longueil,

1 at Chios and the other at Samoo, 1 mission P.Q., and the Brothers have two schools in Mon-

station, 3 secular and 3 regular clergy (1 capuchin treal, St. Patrick's Academy in Sherbrooke, P.Q.,

and 2 French missionaries). The Sisters of St. and Saint Colomban College at Cornwall, Ont. In

Joeeph of the Apparition and Sisters^ of St. Joseph 1921 a commimity of four Christian Brothers sailed

of Lyon^, conduct schools for girls with 180 pupils, for Han Yan^, China, to establish a high school^ in

of whom 25 are Catholic, and young Catholic connection with the work of the Ma3niooth Mission

boys also attend schools conducted by the Sis* to China. The superior general of the institute

ters, and complete their studies in other cities, is Br. Patrick Jerome Hennessy, elected in 1920.

The Children of M^ry and other associations of christian Charity, Sisters op (cf. C. E.,

women are oigamsed. ^ in-711a), also called Daughters of the Blessed

€fliiii8i-Piensa» Diocesb of (Clusinensis et Vihqin Mart of the Immaculate Conception, a

FlKNTiNBNSis; cf. C. E., III-690d), in Tuscany, congregation whose principal activity is the educa^

Central Italy, Chiusi is suffragan of ^enna and tion of youth, but which does not exclude any of

Piensa is directly subject to the Holy See. These the other works of Christian charity, founded at

united sees were filled by the Rt. Rev. Giacomo Paderbom, Germany, on 21 August, 1849, by

Bellucci from 30 December, 1889, until his death, Pauline von Mallinckrodt (b. 3 June, 1817, at Min-

19 February. 1917. The present (1922) incumbent, den, Westphalia; died 30 April, 1881), sister of Rt. Rev. Giuseppe Conti, was appointed to succeed the famous Hermann von Mallinckrodt. Mother faini 22 March following. Bom in the diocese of Pauline's first field of labor was the care of the