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tween the former German and the French colonies valescent home and old folks home, permit the

from the 10* to the 7* N. lat.; on the south, the priests to minister in them. The Sick Priests*

7° N. lat. and the line which separates the civil dis- Benefit Fund and Eucharistic Lea^^e are established

tricts of Nganduero, Banjo, Bamum, Bamenda, and among the clergy, and the Catholic Federation,

Ossidinge forming part of tl e new prefecture, from Hibernian Australian Catholic Benefit Society,

the districts of Ober-Sanga-Ubam, Dume, Jaunde, Sacred Heart, Holy Family, Rosary and Holv Child-

Jabassi, Dshang, Johang, Johann, Albrecht shore hood Confraternities, the St. Vincent de Paul

and Rio del Key remaining in the vicariate of Society and the Catholic Women's League are es-

Kamerun; on the west by the former Anglo-German tablished among the laity. A Catholic periodical,

boundaries. This vast tract of land, nearly 60,000 "The Southern Cross," is published in Adelaide,

square miles, was the northern part of the colony During the World War two of the priests of the

of Kamerun. It is traversed by a mountain chain diocese served as chaplains,

whose peaks reach an altitude of 6,000 feet, situated ^^

to the south of Lake Chad, on the two shores of Aaen. See Arabu.

the Benue river, a tributary of the Niger. By the Administrator Apostolic (cf. C. E., I-143b), a

Treaty of Versailles Adamawa became a French ^j^^c. generally one who has receiv^ espiscopal

colony. The prefecture w entrusted to the Pnests consecmtion, t6 whom the Holy See for grave ^d

?^ JH ®^'^ ^^"""^ p St. Quent n. The first pre- ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ government of a diocese

feet Apostolic was Rev. Francois Lenna^^^ sue- ^ ^^ ^^j^^^^ .^ ^^ \.^y^ temporarily or

ceeded in July, 1920 by Mgr. J. Pliwonneau, the pennanently. His rights, duties, and pnvileges are

. present incumbent, who on account of the devastat- ^^ ^^^ -^ 4 ,^^^^ »f appointment or in the Code

mg eflfects. of the war and the retirement of the ^^ ^^^^ j^^ j^ y^^ ^^-^^ ^ permanent he en-

German missionaries had to begm a practically new • ^j^ ^^^ -^^ J^^ 1^^^^^ ^^^ y^ ^^e same

work. Contrarv to his f JP^^tations he wa^ i^^eive^ ^ ^^ residential bishop; if it is only tem-

with great kindness by the Sul^^^^ S^'^^ufJ^iS poraiy : (a) h^ has the rights and duties of i vicar

a plot of l^d ^^<*, f^^*^,:^!^^^^^^ ^>°^ *° ^pitilar, and if the see is not vacant he can make

replace the demolished mission buildings. ^ Canonical visitation of the diocese, but he is not

A4...TX. /A r/>iT?Tiocj\ bdund to say Mass for the faithful; that obligation

Adana, Diocese OP (ADANBN8iB;cf.C.E.,I-13W^^ ^^^^^ incumbent on the bishop; (b) if he has

m Asia Minor (Asiatic Turkey), belongs to the been consecrated, he enjoys the honorary privileges

te'----« I^^.P^^,?.V>^^«?^ ^*:^l"7i of a titular bishop; if.he .has not been consecrated,


1911, to succeed Bishop Terzian, who had been g^^. ^j^j durinc promoted to the Patriarchate of Cilicia. In 1920 ^h^j^ territory

o*lSl?^^^ 'y ^^H '^i?^^^?'^^^*i'?mr^^'^°^ I^ the admi'nistrator is a bishop who. on being 3,000 Cathoh^ of other ntes, about 100,000 heretics transferred to a new diocese, retained the adminis- and infidels, 8 secular pnests, 7 churches or chapels ^^^j^^ ^^ ^-^ ^,^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ y^^ j^ ^^ ^he

and 10 Catholic schools. j^^^^,. diocese, a right to all the honorary privileges AJi^t^4jt^ . /A». -^ofa residential bisnop. If he is appointed adminis-

i?^^ni A«<^HDioaB8B OP (Adelbidenbis; cf. C. trator when the see is not vacant the jurisdiction

E., I-140a), m South Australia, was created an ^^ ^^^ bishop and his vicar general is suspended;

episcopal see m 1843. After years of struggle and ^ut the administrator must not meddle in affairs

privation the diocese started on an era of Prospenty ^^j^^j ^^ the -bishop himself, nor proceed against

with the introduction of religious ordere. Although ^^e vi^r-general, nor concern himself with the acts

the Passiomsts were never introduced as a com- ^^ ^he previous administration. If his jurisdiction

munity, two came m 1846 and worked as secular ^ impeded or if he dies, the Holy See is to be

prints; m 1868 the Dominican nuns from Calya, ^^^^f^^ ^^ meanwhile the regulations for the

Dublin, were estabh^ed; m 1879 the Chnstian government of vacant sees are to be followed, if

Brothers; m 1881 the Carmelite Fathers and Sistere ^^e diocese is vacant or the bishop incompetent,

of Mercy; in 1882 the Dominicans of the Third otherwise the bishop is to take charge of affairs,

Order; m 1898 the Dominican Fathers; m 19^ the ^^^ ^yie Holy See has provided differently.

P^.?*?^"t^^® «*T' ^^}^^ ^^® Loretto Nuns; Finally it is to be noted that the administrator's

m 1912 the Little Sisters of the Poor; and m 1913 jurisdiction does not cease with the death of the

the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. pope or the bishop; but continues till the new

„X^® P^^^* ^^S'^^i^R ^ J^?^^ ^^^- ^9^rt bishop takes canonical possession of his see. In William Spence, O. P., D. D., who became coadjutor ^y^^ United States in accordance with the decrees 16 August, 1914. when he was consecrated titular of the third plenary Council of Baltimore bishops Archbishop of Pessinus. On the death of Arch- designated administrators to take charge of the bishop O'Reilly. 6 July, 1915, Archbishop Spence dioceses in of their death, but this practice succeeded to the see. , ,^ ,. , , was abrogated by the Code of Canon Law. A vicar By the present (1921) statistics the English-speak- or prefect Apostolic on assuming office must name ing Catholic population is approximately 55,000. a pro-vicar or pro-prefect who is to take full con- There are : 33 parishes, 94 churches, 6 convents for ^^i jf ^is rule is impeded or terminated, and if men and 36 for women. 42 secular and 27 regular the party chosen succeeds he, too. must delegate clergy, 7 lay brothers, 404 Sisters- 16 high schools someone to take his place in a similar emergency; with an attendance of 1,074 boys, 2 college- jf ^his was omitted and the necessity for an ad- academies with 16 teachers and attendance of 418 ministrator arises, the position devolves on the boys, 1 industrial school with 9 teachers and 13 in- ggnior missionary in the territory, mates. Among the charitable institutions are:

1 home for aged poor with 93 inmates, 1 House Administrators of Ecclesiastical Property (cf.

of Providence with 26 inmates, 1 prisoners' home C. E., I-144b).— To secure the proper administra-

with 5 inmates, 2 orphanages, 1 hospital and 1 tion of church property, the ordinary is to appoint

female refuge with 98 adults and 39 children. The in his episcopal city a diocesan council, consisting

Adelaide public hospital, home for incurables, con- of himself as president and two or more persons,