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Dacca, DiocassB of (Daochbnsib; of. G. E., IV- of the Family of the Sacred Heart (5). There 601b), in Bengal, India, suffragan of Calcutta, is a seminary in the Vicariate with 9 students, also The population (1921) of this diocese numbers 1 normal school for teachers and catechists (12 18,123,300, of whom 11,730 are Catholics, exclusive students), 18 elementary schools (3,000 students of of Catholics under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of both sexes), 9 workshops (619 children), 91 cate- Mylapore. Ht. Rev. PVancis Frederick Linnebom, chists. Instruction was given to 362 children in the C.S.C., D.D., died 21 July, 1915, and was sue- mission; there were 1,160 baptisms in a year, 51,758 ceeded by Rt. Rev. Joseph Legrand, C.S.C., D.D., confessions, 137,190 communions, and 62 marriages. bom at Laigle, France, 1853, elected 16 August, The following important events have taken place 1916, consecrated 5 November, 1916. There are in in the vicariate since 1918: the Cathedral of the the diocese 18 priests and 13 Brothers of the Con- Immaculate Conception was consecrated in 1909; gregation of the Holy Ooss, 2 secular priests, and a seminary for the training of a native priesthood 40 Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission of Lyons, was opened in 1914; a normal school in 1918; a The educational institutions under the care of the Congregation of native Sisters was founded in 1912. rehgious orders established in the diocese are St. Since 1920 there has been a widespread move- Gregory's School, a higher elementary boarding ment in favor of Catholicism, and dav school for European boys, and St. Francis Soon after the declaration of the World War Xavier 8 convent, a higher elementary boarding the majority of the missionaries offered themselves and day school lor girls. The charitable institu- for ambulance service and by their tact, self-sacrifice tions consist of 2 orphanages for boys and girls, and earnestness rendered invaluable services to their Dispensaries and day nurseries are under the care country. Those who remained at home took up of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission; there the work of the absent priests and continued the also are hostels for Catholic boys and girls, and institutions which had previously been established St. John the Baptist's Training School for Cate- and which signally helped to maintain order echists. ^ throughout the country. It is noteworthy that

The statistics of the diocese (1921) fovea 13 head throughout the war not a single tribe revolted in

stations, 30 churches and chapels, and the Cathedral any place where there was a residential priest. Dur-

of the Holy Cross in Dacca. The stations between ing tnese years of misery and distress, tne Catholics

Dacca ana Bahadurabad and Jagannathgunj, and were among the first who generously and willingly

jute stations on the Brahmaputra are attended from gave their services to their country. The teachers

Dacca. The Holy Cross Bengali Booklet Series and and catechists spontaneously gave a part of their

the Dharma Joyoti," a Bengali monthly, are pub- monthly salary to the bishop to compensate for

lished in this diocese. the decrease in his revenues, while a great number

of Catholics voluntarily joined the army. When

Daliomey, Vigarutb Apostouc of (Dahombksis; the Government issued the first war loan, the

cf C. E., IV-603d), a French colony in West Africa, natives, prominent among whom were the Cath-

The Faith was first preached here by the fYanciscans olics, clearly tmderstood their duty and were among

in 1660, but with little success. Subsequently the the first to subscribe.

attempts made by the Dominicans and the Angus* The present Vicar Apostolic is Rt. Rev. Francis

tinians also met vnV\ failure. It was not until 1861, Steinmetz, of the Lyons Society of African Mis-

when Fathers Borghero and Fernandez of the newly sions, b. at Morschwiller in the diocese of Stras-

foimded Society of African Missions of I^ons burg, 10 January, 1868, ordained 13 July, 1890, and

arrived, that the mission began to flourish. Forto named missionary to Dahomey, elected bishop 20

Novo, the principal mission station, is now an June, 1906, and consecrated at Lyons 21 October

active and prosperous parish with a flourishing following, school for boys and girls with 1400 students. More

than 40,000 communions were given here in 1920. Dall Elreann. See Ireland.

Wydah is the second most important mission and ., ^^ v «, »t « 

the seat of the Vicar Apostolic. It contains 12,000 Dallas, Diocbsb of (Dallasrnbib), Texas, U^.

inhabitants. Formerly a notorious center of Fetish- A., suffragan of New Orieans, created 16 July, 1890,

ism, it has now become a thriving mission. The subdivided through the erection of the diocese El

negro chieftains have been won over by the Cath- Paso, January, 1915, comprises North Texas, em-

oUcs and frequent the church and even the idola- bracing an area of approximately 96,000 sq. miles,

trous priests are becoming reconciled to the Catholic In 1915 Bishop Lynch, the present (1922) incum-

religion. The station at Agm6 is less important bent, petitioned the Holy See to be relieved of

than formerly, as two new posts have been estab- the western portion of the diocese, a request which

lished in the vicinity, those of Grand-Popo and resulted in the formation of the Diocese of El

Koutonou, the latter of which is particularly pros- Paso, composed of parts of the dioceses of Dallas,

perous and will soon rival Wydah. San Antonio, and Tucson.

llie poptdation numbers more than a million The city of Dallas has a population of 159,960 (of

inhabitants, of whom 15,000 are Catholics and whom 40,000 are Catholics), and is surrounded

belong to the Fons, the Gorubas and Minas tribes, within a radius of fifty miles by two-fifths of the

There are 11 principal stations with resident pas- population of Texas. In forming the new diocese,

tors, 32 missionary stations, 32 churches and chapels, Dallas contributed thirty-six churches and a Catho-

25 priests, 2 lay brothers, 5 communities of Euro- lie population of 42,000. It is an important dis-

pean nuns, 1 community of native Sisters with 11 tributing center, rich in mineral resources, products

members. The religious orders represented are the of the soil, and has recently become an oil centor.

Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (19), Sisters Rt Rev. Joseph P. Lynch, the present (1922) and