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the third bishop of the diocese, was appointed as Damaraland (cf. C. E., IV-610d), the middle part

successor of Rt. Rev. Edward Joseph Dunne (b. 23 of the protectorate of Southwest Africa, formerly

April, 1848; d. 6 August, 1910). Bom 16 November, a German colony, now administered by the Union

1872, in the Diocese of Detroit, ordained 9 Jime, of South Africa, under a mandate from the League

1900, appointed vicar general of the diocese by of Nations, dated 17 December, 1920. The country

Bishop Dunne, he was appointed Bisjiop of Dallas was captured from the Germans in July, 1915. Up

by Pope Pius X, and consecrated 12 July, 1911. to 1920 the German law was in force; new legisla-

The latest statistics of the diocese give 60 parishes, tion has been effected by proclamations imder

120 churches, 60 missions with churches, 62 stations, martial law. In January, 1920, Roman Dutch

61 secular and 39 regular priests, 2 convents for was made the common law of the country and a

men, 14 for women, 4^ Sisters in the various com- number of Union Acts have since been applied by

munities, 1 university with 27 professors and 186 proclamations. Civil Courts have been established

student^ 14 seminarians, 1 college for men with 72 and all troops withdrawn, and although martial

boys, 12 academies with an attendance of 4253 in law has not been repealed, the government has

parish schools, 1 industrial school with 8 teachers been conducted on a civil basis for some time. For

and 50 pupils. The charitable institutions number: Catholic statistics see Cimbebasia, PREFEcnrRB Apoa-

1 home for business women, 2 Orphanages, 6 hos- tolic of. pitals, free clinic and care is given to the sick in

5 hospitals, 1 refuge^ Good Shepherd Home, and 1 Damascus, Abchdiocbsb of (Damascenbis; cf. C.

medical mission. All institutions receive no com- E., IV-611d), in S3rria, was founded by the Apostles,

pensation from the government. The diocese comprises three rites, namely, the

Societies organized in the diocese, amons the Greek Melchite (Damascensis Melchitarum), the

clergy: Priests' Eucharistic League ; among the laity : Maronite (Damascensis Maronitarum), and the

Sacred Heart League, Confraternity of Blessed Syrian Rite (Damascensis Syrorum).

Sacrament. Catholic Daughters of America, Holy Damascus is the Patriarchal Diocese of the Greek

Family Sodality, Holy Name Society, Sodality of Melchite Rite, and the episcopal residence of the

the B. V. M., St. Aloysius Sodality, and Knights of Patriarch of Antioch, and has jurisdiction over the

Columbus. Two Catholic periodicals are published sees of Alexandria and Jerusalem, whose titulars

in the diocese, Cathedral Parish Monthly and are still schismatic. As the result of an indult

"St. Mary's Parish Monthly," Fort Worth. it carries the title of these patriarchates and has

During the World War the clergy and laity co- three patriarchal vicars at Damascus, Alexandria,

operated in all war activities, especially at DaHas and Jerusalem. Since 1895 it also has jurisdiction

and Forth Worth. Under the auspices of the clergy, over the C^reek Catholics of Constantinople,

the laity co-operating, considerable sums were ex- The Most Rev. Joseph-Demetri Cadi, b. 18

pended for recreating the soldiers and assisting them January, 1861, studied in Paris, entered the semi-

in the matter of religious helpfulness. Since 1900 nary of Issy in 1883, was ordained priest in 1888,

the diocese lost three zealous workers by the deaths professed, made prefect of the patriarchal College

of Rt. Rev. Ms^r. J. Martini^re, pioneer priest of of Damascus, patriarchal vicar of Jerusalem, rector

the district, ministering in the early days to all the of St. Julien le Pauvre in Paris, 1898, appointed

territory of 96,000 sq. miles, d. 10 April, 1910; Rt. bishop 27 October, 1903, enthroned in Aleppo 22

Rev. Mgr. Louis Granger, d. 12 Jan., 1918, and December of the following year, elected patriarch

Rt. Rev. Mgr. Joseph Blum, d. 1 October, 1918, both and confirmed 3 July, 1919. He resides at Damascus

of whom labored zealously in the missions of Texas, and governs his diocese through the Patriarchal

Vicar, Mp*. Homsi, titular Bishop of Tarsus.

DaJmatia. See Jugoslavia. According to the 1921 census the population num- bers 200,000 Mussulmans, 10,835 Greek Catholics,

Damfto (Daman, Damaun), Diocese op (cf. C. E, 19,000 Greek Orthodox, 11 secular and 15 regular

IV-610a), is suffragan to Goa, in Portuguese India, priests, 14 churches or chapels.

This territory comprises four districts with a Cath- The Maronite Rite with the episcopal residence

olic population of 87,842, of whom 39,966 are in at Re3rfoun, in ancient Lebanon, is administered

the city of Bombay, 26314 in the vicariate forane by Rt. Rev. Richard Scemaly, appointed bishop

of Thana, 19,527 in the vicariate forane of Bassein, 1920, succeeding Rt. Rev. Bi^op Massad (b. 6

926 in Damao, and 609 in Diu. Rt. Rev. Anthony January, 1859; d. March, 1919). This diocese com-

Peter da Costa, the first Bishop of Damao, was sue- prises 85,000 Maronite Catholics, about 15,0(X)

ceeded by Most Rev. Sebastiao Jose Pereira, Schismatics and 200,000 Mussulmans, 52 parishes,

b. 4 October, 1857, appointed titular Bishop of 95 secular and 27 regular clergy, 89 churches or

Epiphania and prelate nullius of Mozambique 7 chapels.

November, 1897, proclaimed 24 March, 1898, trans- Tlie Syrian Rite, administered by Most Rev.

ferred 17 July, 1900. He is the Bishop of Damao Clement Michael Baccasce, bom 6 October, 1865,

and Archbishop ad konorem of Cranganore. There in Aleppo, student of the College of the Propaganda

are 5 European and 89 Indian priests aided by in Rome, appointed bishop 3 June, 1900, conae-

Franciscan Missionary Brothers and the PVancis- crated 24 September following. According to 1921

can nuns. The educational institutions under the statistics the diocese numbers 3,000 Catholics; 9

care of the missionaries consist of primary schools secular priests, 4 churches or chapels, 4 schools

for boys and girls under the management of the with 68 pupils.

parish priests, 2 high schools, 3 schools for boys For the Latin Rite Damascus is a titular see, the

and girls, a Catholic institute, and a diocesan semi- title being held by Mgr. Carlo Sica, former bishop

nary. The charitable institutions of the diocese of Foligno, now resident in Rome, consist of 3 homes for the poor, conducted by the

Society of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, 2 orphanages Ban (or Gian), Cochin-Chinese mart3rr, b. at

with 120 orphans, a widows' home with a school Biuho Cang, eastern Cochin-China, about 1845; d.

for giris, a confraternity of 0. L. of Piety for the at Cho-moi, about 1860. The child of honest

benefit of old and invalid priests of the diocese. Christian parents, she was remarkable for her filial

By 1921 statistics there are 50 churches, 21 chapels, obedience, respect, and love, not less than for her

and 71 head-stations. sweetness and strength of character. When only