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school for nurses. In conformity with the revised Sisters undertook the nursing of wounded soldiers code of Canon Law the general superior is elected in hospitals at Meran, Munich, Vienna, in Himgaiy for a term of six years, which may be extended to and Jugoslavia. Mother Liboria HaniBknecht, for- ' another term only by the consent of the Holy See. mer provincial-vicaress at Milwaukee, Wis., was

Since 1909 the nimiber of members in the Amer- elected superior general of the Congregation 27 ican Province has increased to 300. The provincial July, 1921, succeedmg Mother Ambrosia Vetter, who house is at Pitteburgh, Pa. Several new branch had been at the head of the community since the houses have been opened. in the last decade. The death of the first superior general. Mother Maria activity of the commimity consists mainly in the de Willenweber, in 1907. The founder of the con- education of youth. The number of Sisters actively gregation, Fr. Francis Jordan, died 8 September, engaged in educational work is about 200, and the 1918, and was succeeded by Fr. P. Pfeiffer. The entire enrollment of pupils is about 8,000. In addi- community lives according to the rule given them tion to the parish schools the Sisters conduct a by their founder. Since 1909 new foundations have boarding and day school for voung ladies. The been made in Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Aus- course of instruction embraces tnree distinct depart- tria. In the United States the Sisters have houses ments: academic, commercial, and industrial. In at: Milwaukee (provincial house), St. Nazianz, 1916 Toner Institute, commonly known as the Wausau, Columbus, and Portage, and conduct "Seraphic Home for Destitute Boys, was taken schools at Almena, Bloomer, Cross Plains, Dickey- over. In recent vears the activity of the Sisters ville, Edson, Sheboygan, Schoolhill, and Cadott. has been extended to the care of the sick; and at The congregation has a total membership of 400» present St. John's General Hospital, Northside, with 34 foundations. The Sisters are in chaige of Pittsburgh, Pa., Gadsden General Hospital, Gads- schools, kindergartens, orphan a^liuns, homes for den, Ala., and St. Elizabeth Hospital, Granite City, the a^ed, and hospitals, and also nurse the sick HI., are the property of the community. Since the in theu: homes, introduction of this Sisterhood into the United

States it has been successively governed by Mothers Divine Savior, Soobty op thb (SodBTAS Divini Xavier, Frances, Theresia, and Aloysia. Salvatobis; Salvatorians; cf. C. E., V-53c), founded

V. Sisters of Divinb PROvmsNCB (San Antonio, at Rome 8 December, 1881, by Rev. John Baptist Texas; cf. C. E., V-n53b).— The first foundation was Jordan (b. 1848 at Gurtweil, Baden, Germany; d. 8 made at Austin, Texas, U. S. A., in 1866, but in September, 1918, at Tavel, Ct. Fribourg, Switzer- 1868 was removed to Castroville, Texas. In 1896 land), who took in religion the name Francis Mary the mother-house was transferred to San Antonio, of the Cross, and was superior general of the Texas. The Constitutions received final papal ap- Society until his death. The Society's original

Probation from Pope Pius X, 12 Decemoer, 1912. name, Die Katholische Lehrgesellachaft," i. e., 'he Sisters, now numbering 500, have charse of Society of Catholic Instruction, was, upon the one college---Our Lady of the Lake — and 79 schools advice of the Sacred Congregation for Religious, and academies in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and changed by the founder, in 1894, to its present name, New Mexico, attended by 12,000 pupils. The con- the S. D. S. Fr. Jordan had in his youth been gregation has erected a house of studies known as apprenticed to decorative painting; he began to Providence House of Studies on the Sisters' college take up his studies for the priesthood when about grounds at Washington, D. C. twenty years old. Having been ordained in Frei-

burg (Baden) in 1878, he continued to pursue his Divine Savior, Daughters op the (cf. C. E., studies in Rome, particularly those of Oriental lan- V--54a). — ^The congregation follows the Rule of St. guages, in which he distinguished himself. He was Augustine, and is under the direction of a superior, more or less acquainted with eleven ancient and Canon Franz Kamprath, the superior general, twenty-seven modern tongues. Before delinitelv Mother Cecily Wehner, and six councillors general, turning to the founding of his work he went, with The mother-house is at Vienna and has 75 depen- the blessing of Pope Leo XIII, on a pilgrimage to dencies, of which the following are property of the the Holy Land, and having returned thence, with congregation: a house of convalescence, 4 houses the same pope's blessing, he applied himself to the for Sisters who attend the sick in their own homes, difficult task which he recognized as his vocation 4 educational establishments (a seminary for female and God's holy will. "The saintly man's life was teachers, primary and Burger-school, kindergarten, one of prayer, struggle, and suffering for his life- school for housekeeping), 3 kindergartens in connec- work, which he saw crowned by the Church with tion with a needle-work school and private care of the seal of approval. The steadfast companion, the sick. The Sisters are also active in the follow- firm support, and prudent adviser of Fr. Jordan ing institutions: 15 hospitals (5 of which are in from the first beginnings of the Society was the Vienna), 9 houses for Sisters who attend the sick learned and saintly I^V. Bernard Luethen, in religion in their dwellings, 7 poorhouses, 15 kindergartens Fr. Bonaventure, who therefore may rightly be in connection with a needle-work school and private called the co-founder of the Society with Fr. Jordan, care of the sick, 10 homes for children, 8 other He was born at Paderbom, Westphalia (Germany), various charitable institutions. The congregation in 1846, and ordained there in 1872. Having left numbers 1,234 members who work in the Arch- his home diocese on account of circumstances pre- diocese of Vienna, the Dioceses of St. Polten and vailing in those troublous times of the Kultur- Linz (Austria), Brun (Moravia), Parenzo-Pola kampf, he became chaplain of the Cassianeum of (Italy), Trier (Germany), Hertogenbosch (Hoi- Ludwig Auer, at Donauwoerth, Bavaria, and was land). at the same time for several years the able and

forceful editor of "Ambrosius," an influential Cath-

Dlvine Savior, Sisters op the (cf. C. E., V-63d). olic review for the clergy, which was published

— On 18 August, 1911, the community received the there. For the remainder of his life, his thirty

first papal approbation, the "Decretum laudis." In years in religion (d. 1911), he was the intimate asso-

1912 a new novitiate was opened at Obermais- ciate of FY. Jordan.

Meran, Tyrol; in 1918 another at Budapest, Hun- The Society of the Divine Savior is a religiouB gary; in 1919 one at Berlin, (Germany; and in 1921 congregation with the ordinary three simple vows one at Boerwang, Bavaria. From 1914 to 1919 the of poverty, chastity, and obedience, which for the