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first few years are pronoimced as temporal vows, clasBes. To the late Rev. Gregory Gaaser, S.D.S.

and afterwards in perpetuity. The Society's aim (d. 1913), who spent his life in this worthy cause,

is ^'religious enlightenment/' viz., to spread God's is due the orgamzation of the "Katholische Volks-

kingdom on earui by eveo^ possible means, both bund" in Austria. In Berlin six Salvatorian Fathers

in civilized countries and in foreign missions. The are enp;aged in different branches of social work,

distinctive habit of the Salvatorians is a black robe, one of them having been appointed Director of

\he loose folds of which are held in place by a the Charity Association for Greater Berlin." He

firdle of the same color, the ends of the latter also acts as official Berlin correspondent of the anging down at the side. The rosaiy is worn sus- National Catholic Welfare Council News Service pended from the girdle. This costume is completed of the U. S. A. In Westphalia the Salvatorian by the clerical Roman collar. When going out an Fathers and Brothers conduct an institute for home- upper garment consisting of a mantle with cape is less and endangered boys, to whom they impart a usually worn. The Society obtained its final ap- good school education and whom they train in probation from the Holy See in 1911. At present different trades and handicrafts, thus placing them the Society numbers about 500 members, of whom on a sound basis for an honest life in human society, about 200 are priests, the others being scholastics, The institution is cqpsidered a model of its kind, lay brothers, and novices; these are distributed over In all their houses and colleges the Salvatorian 32 Salvatorian houses and colleges in Italy, Ger- Fathers exercise the care of souls, either as their many, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Rumania, main occupation or as secondary, viz., by conduct- Switzerland, Belgium, England, the United States ing parishes or doing parish work at the place of of America, Colombia, and Brazil. The mother- their residence or in the surrounding neighborhood, house of the Salvatorians, where the superior gen- by supporting parish work, by giving missions and eral with his staff resides, is in Rome, near St. spiritual retreats to both religious communities and Peter's. In this, the greatest church of the world, lay people, by supplementary parish work at special the care of the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament occasions, or by taking the place of parish priests was entrusted to the S. D. S. in 1920 by the cathe- during the time of their absence. The first foreign dral chapter with the approval of the late Pope mission placed in charge of the S. D. S. was the Benedict XV, by formally handing over the keys Prefecture Apostolic of Assam (British India), then, of the chapel to the superior general, who appointed in 1889, newly erected. In this promising vineyard one of the Fathers as chaplain for the time being, there labored 13 Salvatorian missionaries, aided by The Society's spacious mother-house serves also for 4 Christian Brothers of Ireland, 6 Loretto Sisters the time being the social needs of both the parish of Ireland, 4 Missionary Sisters, and 46 native of St. Peter's and another neighboring parish, offer- catechists, extending their activity over 9 principal ing accommodations for social gatherings and per- and 56 secondary stations with 23 churcnes and formances. The present superior general, successor chapels, and as many elementanr schools, 1 middle to Fr. Jordan, is Rev. Pancratius Pfeiffer, S. D. S., English school, 1 boarding and day school for girls, a native of southern Bavaria, who made all his 1 college, 4 orphan asylums, 2 homes for old people, studies at the Gregorian University. Previous to 6 dispensaries. Several books and one periodical his present office he had been procurator general in the Khasi tongue had been published oy them, of the Society for a number of years. In the At the beginning of the World War all the Salva- Society's fourth general chapter, which was cele- torian Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters were obliged brated in Rome m 1921, he was re-elected to the to leave the mission on account of their German office of superior general for a second term of six nationality, and were later on deported to Europe. years. Neither were they allowed to return to their loved In England the Society has a mission center with field of labor after the war, despite the entreaties a parish attached to it at Wealdstone, Middlesex, oi their bereft Christians. For this reason the near London. This house belonra to the Anglo- Sacred Congregation of the Propaganda was forced American Province of the S. D. S., the provincial to transfer this mission to another religious congre- of which resides at St. Nazianz, Wis., U. S, A., gation, and its choice fdl on the Salesians of the where the Salvatorian Fathers conduct the Salva- Italian Province. The same Propaganda has in the torian College, a preparatory seminary for both meantime assigned the Salvatorian missionaries a aspirants to the secular priesthood and postulants new mission field in the province of Fokian, in of the 8. D. S. The Fathers there, besides doing Southeast China.

parish work, also publish a monthly for young folks. Divine Word, SoaETT of the (Steyl, Holland; the "Manna," the "Manna Almanac," and the cf. C. E., V-54a).— The founder of the Society, "Apostelkalender," this latter in German. In the Arnold Janssen, died at the age of seventy-three, 15 German-speaking countries of Europe the Society January, 1909. He had lived to see the membership is likewise doing its share in the apostolate of the of the organization number 500 priests and 600 press. Besides several books of individual members brothers. He was succeeded by Nicholas Blum, that have been published on ascetic, biographical, under whose efficient management new missions missionary, belletristic topics, the Society is pub- were founded in South America, the Philippine iishing the "Manna" ("Ulustrierte katholische Islands, the Dutch East Indies, and Japan. He Jugendflchrift"), "Der Missionaer" ("Ulustrierte directed the society through the adversities of the Monatshefte fuers christliche Haus"). the "Apos- war and died 29 October, 1919. The third general telkalender," the "Manna-Kalender," the "Salvator- of the society is William Gier, elected at the 6th Kalender." The two monthlies are goin^ out in general chapter, the most important and far-reach- about 100,000, and the three year-books m about ing assembly of the society. The rule was here 300,000, copies from the German center of the made to harmonize with the new Canon Law, and Society's press endeavors, the Salvator-Verlag, in provisions were made for greater expansion of the Bavana. Another field of activity that the Salva- mission work. New imi)etus is ^ven the woric torians are engaged in is social work. In Vienna among Greek Catholics, in Ukrama, missions are (Austria), besides instructing many thousands of contemplated in different parts of the world, and a children in the public schools in Christian doctrine, new era of prosperity seems to be dawning for the Fathers conduct and foster various associations the society. Recent activities are given in the fol- and institutions for the young and the working lowing paragraphs.