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Oalgani, Gemma, Stigmatic, b. at Camigliano are Europeans and 12 natives. The Government in Tuscany on 12 March, 1870; d. 11 April, ld03. assists in the support of all the schools, and various On her mother's side she was descended from the clubs, sodalities, and the Society of St. Vincent de noble family of the Landi. Unfortunately, there Paul are organized in the diocese, was consumption in the whole family and for In 1918 and 1919 the mission lost two zealous that reason, when Gemma was two years old workers by the deaths of Rev. Joseph Cooreman, she was cared for by two pious women named S.J., who joined the Ceylon mission 16 October, Vallini and remained with them till she was six. 1895, and was later made vicar general of the dio- At the age of nine she made her First Com- cese, d. suddenly in Calcutta 1 March, 1918; and mimion and from that time her life was one of Rev. Paul Cooreman, S.J., i>arish priest of Ham- continual suffering. At the age of twenty the bantota, who joined the mission 5 December, 1899, death of her father left her and the rest of the d. stricken by cholera while ministering to the sick children in absolute destitution. She was at this 8 July, 1919.

time at the point of death but was miraculously ^i n* « tx i^ e r^ t^

saved from the grave by the apparition of the ^,^®?J^??^' Diocese op (Gaujpoutana; cf. C E, Blessed Gabriel Possenti (canonized 1920). She Vl-^d), in the provmce of Lecce, Southern Italy, was then taken into the household of a pious i? under the admimstration of Rt. Rev Bishop woman in spite of the menace to its members on duller, b in Naples 1850, and appointed to this account of her tuberculous condition. Her occu- see 29 July, 1898. During the World War all the pations were mostly of a menial character and clergy of this diocese from the bishop down per- entaUed considerable mental m well as physical formed numerous patriotic works, particularly in suffering, all of which contributed to her sanctifi- the hospitals, which were filled with the English cation. She was the recipient of wonderful spiritual and French wounded.

illuminations, ecstacies and visions, and on 8 June, ^ At the present time (1921) the diocese counts 1899, was marked with the stigmata of the Passion 7 -parishes, 24 churches, 1 monastery for men, 1 on the hands, feet, head and heart, not perma- convent for men, 35 secular and 2 regular clergr nently but at various intervals. Thenceforth her 2 colleges for women with 45 students and 2450 sufferings increased in intensity until her death, children in elementary schools. One technical The cause of her beatification was introduced on school with 13 prof e^ors and a student body of 300 20 April 1920. '^ supported by the Government. Amon^ the

charitable institutions are 1 poorhouse, 1 infant

Galla, Vicariate Apostolic op (ArRiCiS inter asylum, 1 home for the aged, 1 hospital and 1 PoPULOS Galla), embraces the territory of the Galla orphan asylum and work-house. Eight societies or Ormo tribes, in Abyssinia, Northern Africa, are established among the laity. The Catholic Founded in 1846, the limits of this vicariate were population numbers approximately 25,000. somewhat changed in 1906, and by a Decree of 28

April, 1914, a portion of its territory was taken Galloway, Diocese op (Gallovidiana; cf. C. E., to form the prefecture apostolic of Jibuti (q.v.). VI-370a), underwent an interesting change in its The vicariate of Galla is entrusted to the Capuchins educational system when, in 1918, a law was placed with the official residence at Harar. The present in the statutes of Great Britain whereby all the vicar is Rt. Rev. Andre-Marie-Elie Jarosseau, born Catholic schools of Scotland were incorporated in in the diocese of LuQon, France, 1858, entered the every respect, financial and otherwise, in the Scot- Congregation of Capuchins in 1876, and appointed tish National system of education. At the same titular Bishop of Savatra 4 April, 1900. This terri- time a guarantee was given to the effect that tory embraces a population of 8,017,608 (1920 Catholics should have separate schools with Cath- statistics), of whom about 17,608 are Catholics, olic teachers and supervised, with regard to reli- 2,000,000 Schismatics and 'Monophysites, and most gious education, by Catholic authorities. of the remainder Mohammedans. The mission is On 19 January, 1914, Rt. Rev. William Turner, served by 20 Capuchin and 8 native priests, 21 who had filled the see from 1899, died, and was churches, 23 chapels, an upper and lower seminary succeeded by the present bishop, Rt. Rev. James with 41 students, 12 schools for boys and 4 for McCarthy, consecrated 9 June, 1914. girls, 4 orphanages, 7 Brothers of St. Gabriel, and The diocesan statistics for 1921 show a Catholic 16 Franciscan Sisters of Calais. On 6 March, 1919, population of 16,469; 40 priests, 39 secular and 1 one of the missionaries. Rev. Julicn-Marie, a mem- regular; 42 churches and chapels; 22 missions and ber of this mission since 1902, was assassinated by 17 stations; 1 college under the Marist Brothers; a band of Abyssinian brigands, at Minne among 2 charitable institutions; 25 congregational schools the Aroussis tribes. w^ith an attendance of 3285.

CkUle, Diocese op (Gallensis; cf. C. E., VI-349d), . \\"°"|^ religious orders of women are represented

« r«^,,i^« v,oo K«^«*v. „!,;«« ^l.^A\,^ZiXJrSr\.ZALl in the diocese
the Benedictines, Poor Sisters of

^,^ hiinn m Slv Lpnhfe T^^^^^ Nazareth. Sisters of Charity, Sisters of St. Joseph,

wl^n^^f^ ^Q fch iǤ^ A^ fvl ^; J.n? Sisters of the Most Holy Cross and Passion, and

tTmeSrthf tiLToSaff^^ ^bUf^fs'S ^ .^f ^h^f ,1^^^^^^^^^^

of whom 12,853 are Catholic. The number of con! ^^^P^^ ^ru;wl^ ^J^l^w^.JaZ^^ Snnip?v"

?n%89T&^UToTndr^^^^^^^^^^^ stTd^^erld'^EI^^^^^^^^^ ^"

14 Catholic schools; there are now some 3039 boys Sacred Heart and Needle-work Guild.

and 1930 girls in 39 schools. St. Aloysius College, GaltelU-Kuoro, Diocese of (Galtbllinensis

under the Jesuit Fathers, now has an attendance of Norbnsis), in Sardinia, Italy^ suffragan of Cagliari.

500, and the Belgian Sisters of Charity of Jesus This see is filled by Rt. Rev. Luca Canepa. born

and Mary have erected a third convent in the dio- in Cagliari 1853, appointed 15 February, 1903. He

cese at Kegalla. Attached to each convent is a resides at Nuoro. The 1920 statistics credit the

room for lace-makine. There are now 10 parishes, diocese with 66,300 Catholics, 25 parishes, 66 secular

27 churches and 32 chapels, 5 secular priests and 22 and 3 regular priests, 16 seminarians, and 213

Jesuit Fathers^ 4 lay brothers, 48 Sisters, 36 of whom churches or chapels.