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Oalveston, Diocese op (Galvestoniensis; cf. C. 1011 census the total population of these united E., VI-372b).— This diocese lost its fourth bishop, dioceses is 68,703, of whom 67,271 are Catholic. Rt. Rev. Nicholas Aloysius Gallagher, on 21 Jan- The latest statistics (1022) credit them with 30 uary, 1018. after an incumbency of thirty-six years, parishes, 70 secular and 22 regular priests, 53 Born in Temperanceville, Ohio, 10 February, 1846, churches, 4 houses of regular clergy, 16 convents, he was consecrated titular Bishop of Canopus 30 2 colleges, 3 monasteries, and 2 homes of mis- April, 1882, and succeeded as Bishop of Galves- sionaries. The charitable institutions include 5 ton 16 December, 1802. His successor is Rt. Rev. workhouses, 1 infirmary, 1 hospital, 2 industrial Christopher Edward Byrne (b. in Bymesville, Dio- schools, and 1 asylum.

cese of St. Louis, 21 April, 1867), who was appointed oa^n T\r,^r^^^ ^« /t7.«w*,^^,-,« ^e r^ -n* ttt

to the see 8 July, 1018, and consecrated by Arch- -^R^^'^^^n ^^^^ny^a^'fi "i' ^U^-" 7^7 hmhon OlAnnon in St. Louis. 10 November. 1918. S^*?' suffragan of AlX, includes the department of

08 178 in 1022 St Mary's Seminary at La Porte ^^^^ Dame du Laus. The Catholic population hak been taken over by diocesan prieste (1011) and ^"^^^Z.^J'^^^ ^?Ji?^ ^f}^, "^^ °^^ new buildings, of a modem anid complete sort, ?IS.^.^%^w! ^^J n.f\^^^.^^ l^'Si J°^i?^^ erected (1010). Also a House of the Good Shep^ f^^^nol l -..L^^^^^^ ^vl' herd has been founded at Houston and a d^ !^]^iS^V,LT^H^o^«T^"*^^ nunieiy opened at Austin, while throughout the wt lS^L**h^ an Association for Priestly De- diocese Holy Name societies have been organised, fc' ^t ^^}^^ ^^^ m practically every parish On March 14, 1022, the diocese of GalvestSn cele- ♦uf^ofJ!,?"^,^?^*'^ °^ ^Xr^-^'^'^C "^^^"^'^K brated its diamond jubilee at St. Mary's Cathedral, ,*5^:,^A*Z, ^J^% Blessed V^m, the Confro- Archbishop Shaw of New Orleans, pontificated. Arch- ^^SJ^V ^^^^^^ ?^k7' S^£f?^f\^*^?'?if^- bishop Glennon of St. Louis delivered the sermon, • ^i;^;®- %°^R®^-^^^fe Berthet, bora at H^ej

and many prelates from other dioceses attended "J P'^^^fL?^ i^.?'^ n- F^^^7' Wkji^'^^

the ceremomes ^ •^"^®» ^^^' elected Bishop of Gap 27 May, 1880.

For the duration of the war Rev. Marius S. ^'f^iJ^'?^^ J'^^u'^^^'^'^H* ^^® ""i'^J^^^^

Chataignon was chaplain and Uaison officer of the AI^^Jk. |S^ ^^"^"^^ ^"«^^ ^^^ ^^ ^A^v. ??

36th Division, U. S. Army. The relijiious com- 9f ^r^Ll^^J' His successor was Rt Rev. Gabriel

munities of men in the diocese are: the Jesuits, t": Pt^^I S""™ ^t Perpignan 10 Januarv, 1872,

regation of tne Holy iJross at Austin; tne raulist JZ-\-1l -T^ir i • "^1 .r"'""*' "^^ *«w^^cw «« uxauc

xJ^athers at Austin; the Oblate Fathers, and the J °Vl^ chaplain at his own request and ms sent

Josephite Fathere. The religious communities of JV u tmQ^*"^:^i?^®" '^}^ "^ ^'l™.*^^

women are: Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate J. November, 1018, awarded crotx de oucrre (2 cita-

Word. Sisters of Charity (Emmitsburg), Sisters of Ji^J^' "ioll <^*^eva>«' ^^ ^P°£r°^ 1°^?^ 4-^^"

St. Dominic, Sisters of the Holy Cross, Sisters of tember 1018, nommated with Mgr. Ruch, Bishop

St. Mary, Sisters of Divine Providence, Ursuline «[ Strwbourg, by decree of consistory of 10 Novem-

Sisters, Sisters of the Holy Family, Sistera of the 7^'. ^^^ V* inspector of chaplains and mobiUsed

Blessed Sacrament clencs. The bishop was dismissed from the army

Statistics for ld22 show the diocese to have 66 *°^. re-entered his own diocese in January, 1010.

parishes, 70 missions, 146 churches, 32 stations, 86 , ^mce the war only I^ croix des Hautes-Alpes"

secular and 35 regular priests, 5 lay brothers, 405 has been pubhshed, brides the rehgioiw bulletin

nuns and Sistere, 1 semmary with 31 seminarians, 1 ^^ twice a month by the bishop. There are

university with professors and 115 students, 3 col- 23 pansh^ m the diocese, with 23 churches, SI

leges for men with 20 teachere and 437 students, SSf^T? ^^ stations, 3 convents for women with

10 academies with 108 teachers and 2607 pupils, 280 religious 105 secular priests, 2 seminanes (upper

6 training schools with 00 teachers and 275 pupils, *^5 preparatory) the upper having 14


organization among the clerey and twenty-seven ^^P,' Embnin, and Briancon a priest with the title among the laity, and one Catholic periodical is °^ chaplain is stationed to give religious instruction, publiuied. * Oaranhnns, Diocbsb op (GARANHtTNSNSis or

^ ^,, ^ ^ Gkranhunbnbis), in the State of Peraambuoo,

Galway and Kllmacdnagh, Diocbsb op (Gal- Brazil. This diocese was erected by a Consistorial VIBN818 BT DuACBNSis), in County Connaught, Ire- decree of 2 August, 1018, which took the southern land, has the perpetual administration of Kilfenora part of the diocese of Olinda for the new diocese, (Fenaborensis). Rt. Rev. Francis MacCormack re- making it sufffaean of Olinda and giving it fifteen tired from this see in 1000, and was succeeded parishes. The church of St. Anthony of Padua at by the present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Thomas O'Dea, Garanhuns was made the cathedral, and the diocese transferred from Clonfert 20 April, of the same was given the privilege of sending two clerics to year. Bom in Clonfert in 1858 he was appointed the tatin-American College in Rome. Rt. Rev. bishop of that diocese 10 June, 1003, and conse- Joao Tavares de Moura, bom in the diocese of crated 30 August following. On 21 May, 1021, Olinda 1863, was appointed the first bishop 3 July, Bishop ODea appointed a diocesan chapter of 1010. No statistics are yet published.

twelve on the authority of the Holy See. The reli- /!««•«• a ^,^r- q^ a o t»

gious orders of men established in this diocese in- ^,2^ Bartholomew,

elude the Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustians, '

Jesuits, Christian Brothers, and Patrician Brothers; Oamler, Charles (cf. C. E., VI-388c).— The of women: Presentation Sisters, Sisters of Charity, cause of his beatification was introduced at Rome, of Mercy, Poor Clares, and Dominicans. By the August, 1016.