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stein. The vicariate Apostolic has a Catholic popu- when in 1877 he embraced the Catholic Faith,

lation of 113,945. There are 29 parishes, 39 mission He then studied at the seminary of Charfet, where

stations, 63 secular priests and 7 regulars. In 1921 he was ordained in 1883 by the Patriarch of Antioch.

the following orders and congregations had foimda- He aerved in a number of different missions con-

tions: Jesuits at Hambui^; Sisters of Mercy of verting many Jacobites, was named patriarchal

St. Charles Borromeo at Hamburg; Franciscans administrator of Mardin in 1910, and was appointed

(mother-house in Miinster), at Bremen and Bremer- Bishop of Gesireh, 14 September, 1912. For the

haven; Franciscans (mother-house in Thuine), at S3Tian8 the diocese comprises 1300 Catholics, 7

Beigedorf (2), at Bremen (3), also at Bremerhaven, secular priests, and 7 churches or chapels.

Neustrelitz, Niendorf, and Rostock: Sisters of St. ai.o«ift4« 4n a.«,(..A t>„»,™^ a

EUzabeth (Grey Nuiis) at Eutin, Hamberg (8), ((^};^!^J^ ,t^ °'

Lubeck (2), Sciwerin and Wismar; Ursulines at (G?abdaikn8I8 in Sahara), m the French Sahara.

Hamburg and Eutin. The prefecture Apostolic ?^f^^?f"& S^r.l°!5'p!La^°!r 1??^^^ "

contains 48,752 Catholics, 24 parishes, 32 Mission ?c^1'^tS^^^L^^JL„";«^^^ i^^i^'

stations, 35 secular priests an\l 3 reiulais. The PVa^ u *^® ^2f^- ?^^^^^K ^H }^ **^®-

foUoMdni orders are represented i^anciscans ^^?^'K^J2!^TJ^ ^'^? ^L^ ^"^^.^ ^"^^

(mother-house in Aix-la-Chapelle), at Flensburg ^WO^^J^* changes were made m the prefecture,

and Causlund; Franciscans (mither-house in f^'^i^* ?°!:iJ.°^i ^

Thuine), at Wordstrand, Oldesloe and Ottenser: A^'^S^S^' formerly belongmg to the Dioc^ of

Sisters of St. Elizabeth (Grey Nuns) at Altona, rin'niTK! ^Jt^Q^.^^flk ""^^^

Kiel, Neuraiinster and Reinbeck. l^LFdf^^ ^ fh^^^T. ^^K'^^', ^^J? created at the

In the Vicariate Apostolic and in the prefecture !^«l^,^l°,tfi ^t.?"^'4^ ^^^^ur \ "5^"? ^^

AT^/^-f«I;« *r.^*u^^ *i!L^ ot-o AiA «««a 'fk^ TT««i_ ^^ ^ave thc White Fathers established m these

tioM for first communicants. There is one Catholic r"tl'JJ'j'Z^"t i?'"' "if ^^ ^^^^^eeaea oy tiev. npriodicftl Gustave Joseph-Mane Nouet, bom in the Diocese penooicai. ^^ Nantes, 1878, appointed 8 April. 1919. The Oerona, Diocbsb of (Gebumdbnbis), in Spain, natives of this territory are all Mohammedans suffragan of Tarragona. Rt. Rev. Francisco de and number about 300,()00. Conversions are very Pablo Mas y Oliver, appointed to this see 10 April, difficult and most of the Catholics at the present 1915, to succeed Bishop Pol y Baralt, died 16 time are Europeans, chiefly soldiers. In 1920 tne mis- April, 1920, and the see is now vacant. This ter- sion had 14 priests, 3 churches, 3 stations, 3 schools, ritory which extends over 1916 sq. miles, com- 3 orphanages, 1 hospital, and 12 White Sisters.

vents with 176 religious, and 1764 Sisten,. MS^rs^^'lETcaS'^SXternS l^uK

Oerrard, Thomas John, author, b. at Wigan, church of St. Bavon, whose famous altarpiece, "The

England, in 1871: d. in Southhampton on 14 Adoration of the Lamb" is the work of the Van

December, 1916. He began his studies for the Bar ^79\ brothers. The side panels of this triptych,

but on becoming a Catholic in 1891 he entered ^hich had been m museums of Berlin and Brussels,

Oscott College and was ordained in 1896. He were returned to Ghent in 1920 amid great rejoicing,

served on the missions of Chelsea and Southalt ^^ Rev. Antoine Stillemans, bom at St. Nicholas,

in the Archdiocese of Westminster, and later owing J?. December, 1832, ordained in 1858, was elected

to iD health he acted as assistant chaplain to the gwhop of Ghent 30 December, 1889, assistant at

Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre, at New Hall, *^'* """""' **""" *^ m«,,««.k«. iiv^i ....j *u.

Essex. Father Gerrard collaborated in the Catholic Encyclopedu and also contributed frequently Catholic periodicals, his writings whether spirit philosophical, or literary being of a high stand

Uis principal published works are: "The Way- ;a^;'";;ty' *xr;„ *•****"» x-wa**c»« vrv^upauuu. xu farer's Vision," "The Cult of Mary"; "Marriage and ^.^^^S Stillemans was given an auxiUaiy. Parenthood," "The Church and Eugenics^' and ^ ^^- Eugene Van Rechem, chevalier of the "Bei^on: an Exposition and Criticism.'^ Order of Leopold, b. at Audenarde 8 April, 1858. ii^^i. ^ ,T V ^, , ., named Bishop of Carpasia 26 Mareh, 1914, and a«ztr6li, I^ocsBSB OF (Jazirhnsib), the seat of two consecrated at Ghent 17 May following. The suc- Cathohc residential sees, one Chaldean, the other cessor of Bishop Stillemans is Rt. Rev. ^mile-Jean Synan, in Mesopotamia. The Chaldean diocese has Seghers, licentiate in theology and chevalier of the been vacant since 26 August, 1916, when the bishop. Order of Leopold, bom at Ghent 3 September. 1855. Rt. Rev. Phihp Abraham, together with the Syrian elected twenty-fifth bishop of Ghent 22 March 1917 bishop and ten Chaldean priests, were shot to death and consecrated there 1 May, 1917 ' by the Turks, in the prison of Gerireh. At the The diocese is divided into 28 deaneries, with same time about 5000 of the faithful were massacred 329 paridies and 1,142,347 inhabitants. There is a out of hatred of the Catholic Faith. In 1920 there seminary at Ghent and a preparatory one at St were in this diocese about 6400 Chaldean Catholics ; Nicholas. The episcopal college of Saint-Lievin at 17 pnests, 14 churches or chapels, 1 station, and 7 Ghent and 7 similar schools in the diocese, also 7 schools. ^ .. d . ,.. V T^x [ijstitute? for technical education, take care of the Bmce the massacre of the Syrian bishop, Rt. higher education. There are numerous schools. hoe- Rev. Flavian Michael Malke, this see has also pitals, homes and refuges maintained by the reli- been vacant. Bom near Mardin in 1856, of Jacobite gious of the diocese, several of these orders, such parents, Bishop Malke entered the Jacobite convent as Sisters of the Holy Childhood of Jesus having of Zapharan in 1876, and had become a deacon, been foimded Uiere for the relief of misery