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with it the titles of Primate and Legatus-Natus of Valencia, pro-vicar apostolic and founder of two

Poland and the privilege of wearing cardinalitial orphanages, died, and also Fathers Tomas de Ori-

vestments without the hat. It is now filled by His huela and Salvador de Pinarejo, who had worked

Eminence Edmund Cardinal Dalbor, bom in heroically for the conversion of the Indians of the

Ostrowo, Poland, 1869, ordained 1893, made a pre- Sierra Nevada in Colombia. Four orphanages, in

late of the Holy See 23 November, 1914, served which 2000 children are educated, were founded

as chancellor and vicar general of Poznan, and since 1909. The pacification of natives in a terri-

was appointed Archbishop of Gniezno-Poznan, 30 tory of 3089 square miles has been effected. An

June, 1915, and consecrated 21 September follow- aqueduct had been constructed in Riohacha and a

ing, to succeed Most Rev. Edward likowski, died wagon road for use of autos and auto-trucks 25

20 February, 1915. He was created a cardinal priest miles long has improved commerce a great deal.

15 DecembeFj 1919. In 1916 Cardinal Dalbor pub- Besides the' above improvements a hospital and

lished a stirring pastoral letter, on the occasion of two colleges for both sexes have been constructed

the nine hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the at the expense of the Capuchin mission.

introduction of Christianity into Poland, in which Two periodicals, "Ecos de la Mision" and "Hojita

he spoke of it as the anniversary of the historical Parroouial," are printed, and fifty organizations

and political as well as the religious birth of the have been started among the laity. About 4000

country, and his sentiments met with an immediate Indians have become Catnolics, 2800 since 1909.

and enthusiastic response from the people and the In the vicariate there are 20 parishes, 30 churches,

national press. During the pontificate of Pius IX 12 stations, 4 secular and 14 regular priests, 11 lay

the Canons of the two chapters of Gniezno and brothers, 26 Sisters, 2 colleges for boys with 5

Poznan were accorded the privilege of wearing teachers and 200 students, 2 colleges for girls with

the soutane and violet mantelletta, and Leo XIII 8 teachers and 80 students, 40 elementary schools

gave them the right to the ring. with 40 teachers and 2500 pupils, and 1 hospital.

"neSth"^ A si AdeD:;at?on ^pSknd! '^- He enteiU the French diplomatic service

nreaervpd in thp rathpdral THp cardinal is asl ^^^ ^*^ successively mimster to Persia, Greece,

ffiHbv t4o auxiliaries m rIv Willkm KfoskT ^^«^ ^°^ Sweden. He is the author of "Religious

^^fi«i.%i«hnrf 5^ ?nfn^^ «r.!i ^f p«^' ^t philosophies de I'Asie centrale," "Traite des

ffidasYosTkaluKS^^ m JipU^^^^ des Perses/;

Veneria. The former hves in Gniezno. the latter ^« ?f ^k^Tmi ««T^'.1 J^loi'^w^*^^^^^

in Poznan, where the cardinal abo resides. There S'.^^,^^ rl'^^oi^^ ""i.!?^^! ^J^^T"^^

are two cathedrals, one in each of these cities, two f^"^^ J^J^\ £o^^' , 1^1?) and "I^s Pleiades'

upper seminaries, and three hostels for collegians, fi^„ P*,^'^"J*'2? ♦^^^^r'*^^ "^f ^^V£^ ^"^J""

t£e third being at Ostrowo. By 1920 statisti^ the S^^f^^Vi? ^'^V^.^^^ ^^^ writers like Houston

diocese comprises 43 deaneries, 554 parishes, 200 ^*^r^„„^*Ti^'^*' Y^*?"? "il ^^^ Germanic

vicariates and auxiliary parishes 44 po^ of admin- 5^!rnf ' of?° i^^w^^^^^^ *^^ progress and

istration or teaching, 550 pastors and 200 curates ^!^*y.°^ ^J'^^** ?°^ *° ^^^ **^^°^ °^ the milieu

besides 44 other pnests, making a total of 837 ^°L ^J^L:if J^S ^T/HJ°^^ r'"'* ideals-not

clergy. The Brothers of Christian Charity are es- !7^?vP^^t"'°^^^'^i *« the mingling of particular

tablished here with 60 houses, as well as 6 congre- fl^,!®;,^ V^! ^f ^T^^ ""^ ^^^ ^"^'^^ and par-

gations of religious women. The latest ceMus ^^^^"Jarly Germamc blood means progress, decay

ri914) credits the diocese with 1,392.692 Catholics ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^®"^®°^ « ^'"^^ ^"^^^

and about 750,000 non-Catholics. ORahillt. Race and Super-Race in The Dublin Revicu,

Gtoa, Archdiocese op (Goanbnsis), Patbiabchatb ^^'^^ (iW6), 125-140. OF THE East Indies, the chief see of the Portuguese Gold Coast, Vicabiatb' Apostolic op (Littorib dominions in the East. The archbishop of this aurbi), comprises an English colony on the west see bears the honorary titles of Primate of the coast of Africa. It is entrusted to the African East and Patriarch of the East Indies. The see missionaries of Lyons and has its episcopal resi- is filled by His Excellency Mgr. Mateo de Oliveria dence at Cape Coast. The present vicar is Rt. Xavier, bom in Valle da Urra, Portugal, 1858, ap- Rev. Ignatius Hummel, bom in Sufflenheim, Ger- pointed Bishop of Cochin, 11 October, 1897, and many, 1870, ordained 1896, joined the mission at promoted 26 Febmary, 1909. The territory com- Asaba in the region of the Niger, and was ap- prised in the diocese covers an area of 1449 sq. pointed titular Bishop of Trapezopolis, 6 Marcn, miles and embraces a total population of 2.349,110, 1906, and made vicar apostolic. This territory of whom 330.006 are Catholics. The 1920 statistics counts 2,130.000 inhabitants, of whom 28,500 are credit it with 102 parishes, 23 missions, 131 churches. Catholics and 23.805 catechumens, according to the 364 chapels. 349 confraternities, 322 pious associa- latest statistics (1920). The mission is served by tions. and 3105 children in Catholic schools. In 27 priests, 15 religious of Our Lady of the Apos- 1913 the diocese was divided into 12 districts, and ties, 265 native catechists, 234 churches or chapels, had 629 priests, more than 119 of whom were in 8 principal stations, 316 secondary stations, and 82 Portuguese India, and 58 convents. schools with 4715 pupils.

Ooajlra, Vicariate Apostolic op (cf. C. E., VI- Gkmalves, Diocese of (Gonayvesensis), com-

606b), is a peninsula belonging to Colombia and prises the Island of Gonaives and the government

entrusted to the Capuchins for spiritual care, of Atribonite. It was erected in 1861, suffragan of

Rt. Rev. Atanasio Maria Vincenzo Soler-Royo, the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince, and has never

O. M. Cap., appointed 18 April. 1907, as vicar apos- had a residential bishop of its own, but is adminis-

tolic and titular Bishop of Citharizum, and Rev. tered by the archbishop, at present the Most Rev.

Bienvenido de Chilches as pro-vicar, are in charge Julian Conan. Through the agreement signed on

of twelve Capuchin priests who are working among 4 August. 1914. botwocn the Archbishop of Port-au-

the Indians. In recent years Very Rev. Antonio de Prince and the Haitiap Government, a number of