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The bishop supported in the Szany orphanage the diocese 48 Lutheran churches, 27 Caivinists

twelve orphans, whose fathers died for the countn^. churches, 35 Jewish synagogues, and 1 Greek Ortho-

Durin|; the Communistic dictatorship the press dox church. The religious orders of men include:

of the diocese, although not strictly Catholic, bound 1 congregation of Premonstratentians, 2 monasteries

the various Christians together in defense against of Benedictines, 2 houses of the Order of Pious

the common foe and the leading papers, especially Schools, 1 convent of Dominicans, 2 convents of

the "Dunantuli Hirlap" of Gyor and the "Soproni Franciscans (O.F.M.), 1 convent of Capuchins, 1

Hirlap" presented a united Christian opinion against convent of Discalced Carmelites, 1 convent of

the oangers of Communism. Servants of Mary, 1 convent of Hospitallers of

Rt. Rev. Nicholas Szech^nyi, bom at Sopron, 6 St. John of God. The religious orders of women

Januaiy, 1868, elected Bishop cf Gyor, 16 Decem- have: 2 monasteries of Ursulines, 1 convent of

ber, 1901, was transferred to thj diocese of Nagy- Discalced Carmelites, 10 houses of Daughters of

Var^, 20 April, 1911, and on 18 June, 1911, Rt. St. Vincent de Paul, 1 house of Franciscan Sisters,

Rev. Leopold Arpad Varady, bonx in Temeswan 1 house of Sisters of the Holy Cross, 26 congre^-

Diocese of Csanad, 18 Jime, 1865, was consecrated tions of Daughters of the Divine Redeemer, with

bishop, of Gyor in the cathedral, which post he a mother-house in Sopron and 1 house of Sisters

held imtil 25 March, 1914, when he was promoted of the Divine Savior. There are 82 regular and

to be Archbishop of Kalocsa. After a few months 390 secular priests, 20 lay brothers, 147 nuns, and

Rt. Rev. Anthony Fetser, bom at Nagy Karolydior, 307 Sisters. The number of Catholics is 495,000,

in the Diocese of Szathmar, 14 January, 1862, of whom the greater part are Hungarians, although

elected titular Bishop of Paleopolis and auxiliary about 150,000 speak German, 50,000 Croatian and

at Nagy-Var&d was transferred 20 April, 1911, to 4000 Slbvakian.

the diocese of Gyor. Under Bishops Sz^h^n3d and There are in the diocese 2 seminaries with 72

Varady (1907-1913) the greater part of the cathe- seminarians, 379 normal or elementary schools with

dral at Gyor was restored. A new seminary for 511 laymen, 147 la3rwomen, and 96 religious in-

the clergy of the diocese was erected in 1910. structing 67,900 pupils. There are sorcalled public

On 21 October, 1913, Rt. Rev. Ernest Kutoratz, schools for girls with 25 teachers and 660 pupils;

titular Bishop of Martiana and auxiliary of Gyor, 5 preparatory schools in which teachers are trained

bom at Siglo in the diocese and elevated to the for work in elementary and public schools and

bishopric 19 April, 1897, died. Nicholas Prince taking care of children with 41 ecclesiastical in-

Esperhdzy, patron of 81 parishes in the diocese structors and 380 scholars; 5 gymnasia, two for

and leader of the noblemen of Hungary, who boys under the Benedictines, two for boys under

had always labored for the Church and had been a the Order of Pious Schools, and one for girb under

good example to all Christians, died in Sopron in the Ursulines with 48 religious as instructors and

1920. His wife, bom Countess Margarita Czuraky, 1470 scholars. There are 27 day nurseries in charge

who died in 1910. a real mother of the poor and of the Sisters, who also conduct 10 hospitals and

patron of the Church, is still remembered with orphanages.

benediction. In 1914 occurred the death of Anthony The elementary, public, and preparatory schools

Ruschek, titular abbot and canon of the cathedral supported by the Government come under the rule

of Gydr» and in 1916 that of Anthony Mobl, bishop- of a local board, whose members are nearly alwa3^

elect of Serbia; both were the authors of many pastors or other priests, so that in this way the

books and translations. During the days of the clergy have influence in the schools. Moreover in

Communist strife in Himgary two priests perished, the gymnasia, normal and business schools, sustained

Anthony Szemelliser, pastor of Fiiles, was shot 9 by the Government, the pupils are instructed by

April, 1919, and Francis Wohlmuth, pastor of catechists named by the bishop, who are either en-

Csaszar, was hung 5 June, 1919, martsrrs to the tirely supported or receive some salary from the

Catholic relij?ion and to their country. Government. Two ecclesiastical papers, "Evan-

The diocese includes 241 parishes with 379 pelium." a theological paper, and "Eucharistikus

churches and 296 chapels. There are, however, in £)rtesito," are published in the diocese