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made up of 8000 to 10,000 pagans (Indians, Red- edited the works of Mathew Arnold, Mangan, skins, and Negroes), and 4000 to 5000 heretics. Henry Vaughan, and other writers. Her poetry was The mission is served by 21 priests, there being delicate and elevated, and yet virile, and her prose 15 churches with resident priests and 15 without had a rare distinction of thought und diction, priests, 26 stations and 9 schools with 1300 pupils. Galsasola y Menindez, Victoriano, Cardinal, Guinea, French, Vicariatb Apobtouc of Archbishop of Toledo, and Patriarch of th^ East (GuiNEJB Galucae), comprises a French colony of i^^.®^' ^- at Oviedo, Spain, April 21, 1852; d. at the same name in Western Africa. By a Decree Madnd on 2 September, 1920. He was first a of 17 April, 1920, this territory was raised from a lawyer and then a priest, and was appointed secre-

Baudouin, France, 1876, he came to Fraich Guinea J? 1897 he was transferred to Madrid, then to in 1901, was made prefect apostolic in 1911. pro- Valencia, and - finally to the Archbishopric of moted to be first vicar apostolic and consecrated Toledo. He was created cardmal in 1914, receiving titular Bishop of Selga, 22 April, 1920. He re- pe bu-etta at the hands of AlphonsoXIH; the sides at Konakiy, which has developed into one hat was conferred later (8 September). He was of the most important cities of the western Coast the cardinal of the factory-lands and countrj'-folk, of Africa, connected by raUway with Niger and and devoted himself especially to them, founding the Sudan, and ranking among the first commercial a number of guilds for their spiritual and material cities of that country. Mohammedanism was betterment. As he was the national chaplain of brought into this country many centuries ago, but ^^ Spanish army he was buned with military numerous Fetishist tribes remain, among the most honors.

important of which Christianity has been estab- Gnlf of St. Lawrence, Vicariate Apostouc of lished. Bishop Le Rouge has been largely instru- (Sinus SANcri Laurbntii), in Canada, suffragan mental in the religious progress, but he is handi- of Quebec. This territory first erected into a pre- capped by the lack of a church in Konakry in fecture apostolic, in 1882, was entrusted to the keeping with the importance of the city and the Eudists in 1903 and raised to a vicariate apostolic colony, however he hopes to accomplish this 12 September, 1905. The ofiScial residence is at soon. One of the great difficulties that nas to be Seven Islands, Saguenay Coimty, Canada, but as overcome by the missionaries in this coiintry is yet no vicar has been appointed to succeed Rt. the diversity of language, where every tribe and Rev. Patrice-Alexandre Chiasson, who was ap- every village has a different dialect. In spite of pointed titular Bishop of Lydda and vicar apostolic the war the missionaries have founded a new station 10 March, 1919, and transferred to the diocese of at Kurussa in the northeastern part of the vicariate, Chatham, 9 September, 1920. This vicariate covers a position of great importance. The native city an area of 54,000 sq. miles and comprises a total is divided into clans, each under a Mussulman mas- population of 11,000, of whom 9650 are Catholics, ter. Their captives, according to the Koran, are not including 2000 Indians. According to 1920 statia- allowed to practice the religion of Islam, and con- tics it counts 19 regular priests, 12 stations with sequently many thousands of these pagans will be resident priests, 28 stations without priests, 19 given to the Christians if the masters can be com- chapels, 19 oratories, 950 children in Catholic schools, pensated. The remainder of the territory served and 19 religious of the Infant Jesus, a by this new station, the regionbetween B^^^ Ourk, Dioowb op (Gurcensis: cT. C. E.,

Bok6, includes more than 200,000 souls, the tribes vil-^88c), a prince-bishopric of Carmthia, Austria, of Baga, entirely Fetishist and the Fulah Mussul- suffragan of Salzburg, with residence at Klagenfurt.

™"^ J. X ixx-x^-x- xu oAAAA/^ This see is filled by Rt. Rev. Adam Hefter, bom

According to latest statisti^ there are 2,000,000 j^ PHen. Bavaria, 1871, appointed 5 February, 1915, people induded in this vicanate and of t^snumb^^ succeeding Rt. Rev. Balthazar Kaltner, promoted ^J^^ Cathohcs, 4127 cate^umens, 700 heretics, ^^ Salzburg, 25 May, 1914. According to 1921 300,000 mussulman, and 700,000 pagans. The mis- statistics the diocese comprises a Catholic popula- sion compnses 9 principal stations, 6 secondary ^^j^ ^f 375 o51 ; 19,668 Protestants, 244 Jews, and stations, 65 posts of catechists, and 319 Christiamzed 595 ^f ^^her religions; 200 parishes, 380 secular and villages; it is served by 22 pnests, 66 native 128 regular clergy.

catechists, 6 stations, 14 French schools, 1 school n.«K» /n n ntu^ /t^

of catechiste. 12 orphanages, 1 lower seminary. 3 ,r*^^9f,7S^.^^*^^ ^""^ of (JADRmBNsis; agricultural Khools, 3 inliAtiB.1 schools. 7 phkiw *^- ^-^i' Yl^r9^«>--The diocese of Gyor suffragan Sacies, I village of freedmen, 3 Brothere, 9 Euro- *«. ^^^ Archdiocese of Esztergom, hes m the former pean Missiona^ 8iste«. and'4 native Sisters. S^JrO^L^-f ^e'lrat'^t^'S' W^e

Ckdney, Louise Imogen, poet and essayist, b. treaty of St. Germain the Odenburg or Sopron dis- Boston, Mass., 7 January, 1861; d. at Chipping trict was lost by Hungary to Austria, and to-day Campden, England, 2 November, 1920. She was the diocese is divided between the two Govern- the daughter of Gen. Patrick Robert Guiney, a ments, with a cathedral chapter in each country, soldier in the Union Army during the American During the late war twenty-seven priests and Civil War, and was educated at a private school most of the clergy were called to the colors, some in Boston and at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, were chaplains for the troops on the front, others Elmhurst, Providence, R. I., from which she was cared for the wounded in hospitals, and some took graduated in 1880. Her earliest literary work up arms for the defence of the country. Those who appeared in the Boston "Post" and the Boston remained at home worked for those at war, con- "Courier." In 1887 she was a contributor to soled widows and orphans, and nursed the wounded "Harper's," "Scribner's," and "The Atlantic Monthly." and sick. Ladislaus Prince Batthany-Strattmann The last sixteen years of her life were spent at and Prince Elemer Lonyay during the whole time Oxford, England. Among her best 'known writings of the war, and the cathedral chapter of Gyor, for are "Patrins," "The White Sail," "Monsieur Henri," a year and a half, with their own resources sup- "Edmund Campion," and "Robert Emmet." She ported a hospital for woimded and sick soldiers.