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stniction for children and adults, and sewing classes demptorist Fathers for German-speakins Catholics* from which the girls are allowed to take home the On 17 April, 1853, he enrolled as a student at the garments they have made. In 1921 over 84,000 Jesuit College of Saint Francis Xavier in West general instructions were given to these sewing Fifteenth Street, New York City. On the com- classes in New York. Here a modern settlement pletion of the classical course in July, 1858, he was house was erected in 1914 on the site of the three awarded the degree of A.B., not by St. Francis old dwelling houses formerly used for the work in Xavier College which, founded only in November, East 85th Street. There is a consequent enlarge- 1850, had not yet received its charter, but by St. ment of activities. The Marian Club for girls was John's College, Fordham. From 1858 to 1869 he organized in 1919 and now (1922) numbers 500 was a member of the teaching staff of his Alma members. In 1917 .the new convent and chapel Mater. His duties were first with the commercial in East 86th Street were erected. In San Fran- department, in which instruction in arithmetic, Cisco they have a new convent, on Haight Street, bookkeeping, English, French, secondary mathe- In the past ten years new foundations nave been matics, and physics was given. Later he also taught made at Glasgow in Scotland, Bergamo in Ital^, the Classics. He had a splendid baritone voice I^ons, Valence, and Rennes in France, Cheli m which, together with a considerable love for music, China. caused him to become a member of the choir of A novitiate for England has been established the Church of Saint Francis Xavier and at times at Mamhull, Dorset, and for Belgium at Overysche, to take part in the public recitals of the Men- near Brussels. An Italian novitiate has also been delssohn Union, a notable organization composed opened at San Remo, and the year 1922 will prob- chiefly of amateur musicians. He studied and re- ably witness the beginnings of an American ceived the degree of A.M. from St. John's in 1860 novitiate in the Diocese of New York. The Helpers and that of Pn.D. from St. Francis Xavier in 1865. do not engage in institutional work of any kind. In later years he often spoke of his association although throughout the World War they operated with the distinguished members of the college ambulances in France and Belgium, and, as m 1870, faculty. Fathers de Luynes, Durthaller, Loyzance, ministered untiringly to the wounded as long as Daubresse, Monroe, and Thebaud. necessity required. At the general congregation of On 20 October, 1869, Dr. Herbermann, then 1921 Rev. Mother Mary of St. Magdalen of Pazzi barely twenty-nine years of age, was appointed was re-elected superior general of the Society for Professor of the Latin Language and Literature at a term of twelve years. The revised Code of Canon the College of the City of New York. The presi- Law required few changes except a lengthened dent of the college at that time^ was General Alex^ probation for postulants, six months being now the ander S. Webb, who had distinguished himself term instead of three as formerly. At present (1922) on the field of Gettysburg. On 1 November, 1869, the Helpers have 43 houses in various parts of the Professor Herbermann began his duties which were world, with about 1000 members composing their to last for forty-five years and to bring honor both communities. to himself and to the college. As a teacher in the

Hemptmne, Hildbbbandb db, first Abbot Primate ^!!f^?^ *f„ .IS "Ir^'liwtl^fu^ k" £«P"*™ent,

of the Benedictines, b. at Ghent on 10 June. 1849; ?,^**.?f J? JuiT^f^J" *H^^^i*^•K^^'I5L^T^

d. at Beuron on 13 August, 1913. After serving i^ J^liTt^v, tJ,^,^«Si,i Ll !?f he added to his

the papal army as a iiluteiiant of the Zouav«^ he "'ntL^'^h i'^rpT-S'^i^iwu^ hi w«.T w u ^w

joined the som of St, Benedict and was professed "2 ^1.' * JT* ™ ^'"«'» K^^ ^^^^ ^^ h^

m the Abbev of Beuron on 16 August? 1870. He ^^f^^^n^ ftwn^n TJ?in^Hl**^^'^f "'?"*'{

was ordained in June, 1872. and eighteen yeara later ""P^ "^ '"'\T ^^ ^°a •^'^tmction m professional

was elected Abbot 'of MaredsoSs. receiving the Z^^^.^t^Z'^.n^^lf fL^T^TF^T^^ abbatial blessing at Monte Cassino on 6 October, ?5T** ,o^ *♦** k"u*k*^® ?°tf • . ^.o »«» 1890. Six yeal later he was appointed by Leo ll^ZTiJill' ni!Lo i^' ^rK*'* "* *"^ '"^ XIII primate of his order with tte title of Abbot ?i!!fJi*^*^ *^ ^^L"^^^ V^S^^^^n^lf '^ 7'^.J' of San Anaelmo de Urbe, with his residence in the y^f/J *1^L,- iJ^TiL ^ w^ °* ^^^^ "^ a'H new Benedictine international house on the Aven- 5*^1 4"^ ^^'^^\ °^- 71^ Hl° ^^}$^^ tine, Home. He was named consultor of several %L^l,3tuZ ». i TJ Association, the Cathoho of the Sacred Congregations, procurator of the S'"'*'/^^l'=i>V^!.PrL*° establish, and of the Ger- Greek CoUege de Urbe ind r^rwentative at Rome ^!iP?i^^ ??i^.'.^T*^J;* ^t^T"H' ^"Z of the Greek Melchite patriarch of Antioch. {r^Thr* Summe?'lta,'^CM ^^^^^

Herbermaiin, Charles Georgb, teacher, author, York, in 1896, and again on the Kulturkampf in and editor, b. at Saerbeck, Westphalia, Germany, 1910. The United States Catholic Historical Society, 8 December, 1840; d. in New York 24 August, 1916. projected by prelates and laymen attending the His father was George Herbermann of Glandorf, Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, had, after the Hanover, the proprietor of the general coimtry death of John Gilmary Shea, siispended activity, store at Saerbeck, and his mother was Elizabeth In 1898 a ^oup of zealous Catholics undertook Stipp, bom at Osnabriick, Hanover. At the age of the restoration of the Society. Dr. Herbermann nine Charles had completed the course at the local became president and also editor of the series of school, taught by a young priest. Vicar Hermes, monographs and of the "Historical Records and and had commenced the study of Latin. To better Studies." Both of these positions he occupied the economic condition of the family, his father until his death. Under his presidency the Society decided to become a citizen of the United States, grew and imder his editorship it made important and accordingly he emigrated with his family from contributions to the field of Americana, such as Bremerhafen on 1 November, 1850, taking passage the "Unpublished Letters of Charles Carroll of on the ship "Agnes." The family landedf in New Carrollton," and to the Church History of America. York on 21 January, 1851. During the unusually In January, 1905, Dr. Herbermann was called to severe and protracted voyage the two youngest the editorship-in-chief of The Cathouc Enctclo- children had died. Charles was sent to the pedia, to be "an international work of reference on

Sarochial school of St. Alphonsus in Thompson the constitution, doctrine, discipline, and histoiy treet, which had been established by the Re- of the Catholic Church" in fifteen volumes with 24