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Rt. Rev. Charles Kaspar, b. 1870, elected titular Generals Deehon and Searle, and was himself chosen Bishop of Bethsaida 8 March, 1920, and transferred general twice, in 1909 and 1914 During his gen- to the Diocese of Hradec Kralove 13 June, 1921, eralate new houses of the community were founded succeeding Bishop Doubrava, who died 22 February, in Toronto, Canada; in New York, Portland, Ore- 1921. In 1918 the diocese comprised 475 parishes, gon, and Minneapolis; and St. Paul's novitiate at 32 deaneries, 869 secular priests, 90 regular priests, Washington, D. C., established. He founded the and 495 Sisters. There are in the diocese 147,546 'Taulist Monthly Calendar," which is now a feature Catholics, 59,128 Protestants and other sectarians, of so many parishes in the United States. He was 57 Schismatics, 10,062 Jews, and 2101 without any a man of keen perception and of a fine personality, creed. uniting strength and simplicity, that attracted men

__-^ j*x-r^ ^TT ^^ ^^ ^^^ kept them at his side, bound by ties

HuaJuApam de Ii6on, J^oowb op (Huajua- of admiration and affection. Such accounts for his PATAMBNSis; cf. C. E^ VII-«)5c), suffragan of succeas as director of the Spalding Literary Union Puebla, Mexico. The first and present bishop is and as vice-president of the Catholic Converts Rt. Rev. Raphael Amador, consecrated 1903. There League of New York, of which he was one of the are in the diocese 30 parishes, 220 churches and founders, chapels, 60 priests, and 1 seminary.

« » Hummelauer, Franz von, exegete, b. in Vienna

Hnamanga, DiocassB op. See Atacucho. on 14 August, 1842; d. at Heerenberg, Holland, on

HuAnuco, DiooBBB op (Huanucbnbib; cf. C. E., 12 April, 1914. He entered the Society of Jesus VII-506a), suffragan of Lima, Peru. Rt. Rev. wid on completing his studies devoted himself Pedro Pablo Drinot y Pierola, appointed to this see entirely to Scriptural, particularly Old Testament, 8 June, 1904, retired and was transferred to the Exegesis. He collaborated with Comely and his titular see of Basilinopolis 21 October, 1920, and gwociate on the great Jesuit "Cursus ScnpturaB his successor has not yet been appointed. The facrse, Tot which he Tn^ote commentaries on population of the diocese is 600,000, of whom the ?f °J"f ^ J1897), Judges and Ruth (1888), Genesis majority are Catholics. There are in the diocese: (1^5), Exodus and Leviticus (1897), Josue (1903). 8 deaneries comprising 58 parishes, 82 secular and I Parahpomenon (1905). In a second edition priests, 21 regulars, of whom 17 are Franciscans and ^^ T^u!r ^T of/**^ views he expre»ed eariier 4 Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception, o^.the historicity of certam narratives m Genesis 3 Marist Brothers, over 500 churches and chapels, and Exodus, which were considered too advanced. 2 preparatory seminaries at Hulinuco and Jauja, 9 X°° Hummelauer was a member of the Pontifical seminarians at Lima, and 1 at the Latin-American Commiaions for Biblical. Studies, from its estab- Collese at Rome. lishment m 1902 until his death. In addition to

the work mentioned above, he is the author of:

Haaras, Diocesb op (Huaracbnsib; cf. C. E., "Der biblische Schopfungsbericht," "Das vor-

VII-506c), suffragan of Lima, Peru. The present mosaische Priestertum in Israel" (1899), and

bishop is Rt. Rev. Dominic Vorgas, O.P., b. 1869, "Exegetisches zur Inspirations frags mit bsd. Riick-

professed 1887, lecturer in theology, master of sicht auf das alte Testament" (1904).

novices at Lima and at Arequipa, elected bishop — ,^ ^ ._ _. .

26 August, 1920, succeeding Bishop Fanfan, ap- Hu-naa, Noicthbbn, Vicariate Apostouc op, pointed 5 March, 1907, transferred to Cuzco, 19 ^u-nanenms Sbptentrionaus), was erected. 19 April, 1918. There are in the diocese: 1 rectorate September, IM^, by a division of the onginal

and 16 deaneries comprising 52 parishes; over 1000 ^^^""IS^f, ^^ 5""°?^ ^°*.° • two vicariates. It is churches and chapels; 5 private oratories; 50secular entrusted tq^ the Au^tmian Monks, its present priests; 14 regulars (Franciscans); 2 preparatory seminaries at Huaraz and Carhuaz; 9 seminarians

priests; 14 regulars (Franciscans); 2 preparatory \i<»J ^^'""fji^' ^^-i^^' ?® ^\^.89 ^ So«^* H" ^minanes at Huaraz and Carhuaz; 9 Seminarians f Naya, 1867, entered the AugustimaBs 1885, went at Lima. Franciscan tertiaries with simple vows, to China 1894, appointed titular Bishop of Caloe founded at Huaraz in 1886, direct a college there, and V,car Apostohc of Northern Hu-nan 13 March, numbering about 80 young giris as students. Four ^^^7; up to the present time he has refused epis- Franciscan tertiaries are at the hospital at Huaraz. £opa^ ^°??®^™*V?,°- ^^^.^^cent years the vi^nate The Sistere of Providence of Vitteaux have 9 ^f 'o^t tl^ee able missionan^ through the deaths members in Huaraz, where they direct a college, ®^^T^^V- ?i*° Gonzalez, Augustin de la Paz, numbering about 180 pupUs. The total number J^^ ^K^atu) Magaz. By latest statistics this tem- of Sisters in the diocese is 24. toiy counts 12376 Christians. 19,051 catchumens,

23 churches. 111 chapels, 31 European and 2 native Hnesca, Diocese op (Oscensis; cf. C. E., priests, 67 elementary schools with 71 teachers VII-n513b), suffragan of Saragossa, Spain. The and 1766 pupils, and 3 asylums. During the past present bishop is Rt. Rev. Zacharius Martinez y year (1921) 1070 adults, 498 children of Christian Nunez, O. S. A., bom in Banos de Valdearados, parents and 1419 children of pagans were baptized. Spain, in 1864, provincial of the Province of the A Catholic periodical is published. Sacred Heart, and professor at the College of ••« ^.^ o tt * .-w^

Alphonso XII at Escurial, elected 1918 to succeed ^^•'»«»' Southern, Vicariate Apostouc op (Hu- Bishop Supervia y Lostale, deceased. The area nanbnms Meridionaub), was erected 19 Septem- of the diocese is 1940 square miles and it has a ber 1879, by a division of the Vicanate Apostolic

ordera of men and 356 Sisters. ?^? ^^ January, 1868, ordained 1890, went to China

-_ _ _ _ ,!.,«,. ^°*^» appointed titular Bishop of Synaos and Vicar

angnes, John J., superior-general of the Paulists, Apostolic of Southern Hu-nan 23 January, 1902,

b. at New York on 6 Deceniber, 1866; d. there on consecrated 20 April of the same year.

6 May, 1919. He was educated at St. Charies Col- The almost continuous civil war which has been

lege, Maryland, and St. Francis Xavier's College, waged in this part of China since 1916 has retarded

New York, graduating in 1878, and was ordained in the progress ot religion. In spite of this, however,

1884. He was assistant superior under Father the number of Catholics in the vicariate has grown