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Luba, which is used by the missionaries for teach- The government supports the schools and missions,

ing and preaching, except in the region of Batetela, There is a primary school for European boys and

where the idiom of the country is in usage. The one for girls, and 1 professional school conducted

approximate number of natives is 1,200,000. The by 14 Salesians. A monumental church is being

vicariate comprises four civil districts, and the four erected at Elizabethville, the funds for which were

principal towns are Luebo, Lusambo, Kabinda, and donated by the pope, the king, the Belgian govem-

Sandoa; the last, of recent foundation, is in the ment, and by a national subscription in Belgium.

hT'^f^°^^r!i(;^Liny^V^h^'u^.°L»^^ Katanga, Nokthbrn, Pbbfbcturb Apostouc of

nas a Catnolic mission, are m tne liuoa country, f^t p, -c, yt7t^«o**\ ;« r)^i»:»« r««««^ Ar-;«-

The character of the people evangelized is gen- j^v^- i^-'ioi7KLLKo,fc «f T»' p 7f?'

erally peaceful, and the grktest progress in evan- !5,!?^?„^i^i^^^Tn^^?^«r? V L «^f,f£^;

gelizktion is among the Luba. According to the J"'*thP*^Ffthi« L ^^^ H^rrv. J T^ *T^^

itatistica of 1 July, 1921, the number of native ^°A^^^?'^jULfl/^^°^\ "^ ^'^^ '"f

CathoUcs wan 111,277, with a total of 8843 Catholic ?."f, P^^^^^^q « * tE°^°Hk r ^*- w^" ^°"'^

families. The vicarikte has 18 principal stations. ?,"i^^^1J*i <t-,?£P- ^e Ca^ohc p^^^^^^^^

Mayi, Munene, Kalende, St. Trudon, Lusambo, ^^ •- „ *n «i«^««+«,,; »«u^^i„ ^•♦u „u«„*. rha Merode Salvator.^ Tielen' St. Jacques, Kabinda, ^r* JK?^,t'Tr^„^,f;l°**iS.K'^iL^l*n.^ Tshumbe Ste. Mane, Katako Lubefu, Kanzeuze. There is ali

Si^'Xc&L"^^^^ iTer&r'e^^^' ti^^^^ ' A^'o^iaS^^^^

of Scheutveld and 4 Franciscan Fathers of the .^f InjJv .- tf.. Pn^^^^^ ^K^^hX^

Belgian province, who are established at Kanzeuze. J^^i^liJ'Ji^ J^p PnnfrSt^ nf Iht Wnl v pS^tl v

The Missionaries of Scheutveld are aided by 23 \^^ "tf^^ ^^^ Confraternity of the Holy Family

coadjutor brothers of their congregation and 3000

native catechists and assistant catechists. Each Kearney, Diocese op. See Grand Island.

mission station has an elementary school, the total

daily regular attendance being 2857 boys and 1101 Keewatin, Vicariate Apostouc of (Eoevatinbn-

5 iris. Tnere is a normal school at Luluabourg St. sis; cf. C. E., XVI-49b), suffragan of the Arch- oseph with 130 pupils; the course of studies is four diocese of Saint Boniface, was erected 8 August, years. Another normal school at Tshumbe has at 1910. It includes the northern half of the two present 60 pupils and a two-year course of studies, provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and is Since 1917 a preparatory seminary has been estab- bounded on the north by the North Pole, on the lished at Luluabourg St. Joseph for the formation south by the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface and of a native clergy: tnere are at present 11 students, Winnipeg, on the east by the Diocese of Sault Ste. all graduates of tne normal school. The Sisters of Marie and -the Vicariate Apostolic of Northern Charity of Ghent, numbering 21 religious, are estab- Ontario, and on the west by the Archdiocese of lished at Luluabourg St. Joseph, Hemptinne St. Edmonton and Vicariates Apostolic of Athabaska B^noit, and St. Trudon, where they instruct and and Mackenzie.

educate young girls. The Brothers of Charity, in The country, which is sparsely inhabited by the service of the government of the colony, direct Indians, half-breeds, and a few whites, is chiefly at Lusambo and Kabinda an official professional forest land of a swampy or very rocky nature and school where they teach various European trades improper for cultivation, but it possesses some to younff men. The religious instruction given by valuable mineral resources. It was first visited by the Brothers is imder ecclesiastical authority. The pioneer missionaries in the nineteenth century, vicariate publishes in the native language a small when Mgr. Provencher, Bishop of St. Boniface, monthly called "Nkuruse" ("The Cross"). The sent Abb6 Thibaut to Ile-la-Crosse and Abb6 vicar apostolic resides at Luluabourg St. Joseph. Lafleche, later Bidiop of Trois Rivieres, to explore The present vicar is Rt. Rev. Auguste De Clercq, the Cumberland district (1845). In 1846 Father bom in 1870, ordained 15 July, 1893, missionary at Tach6 (later Archbishop of St. Boniface) was sent Luluabourg St. Joseph from 1894 to 1897, provincial to join them, and they visited Lake (jaribou (1847). superior of the missionaries from 1897 to 1906, re- These and surrounding missions were subsequently turned to Belgium where he filled various posts served bv Oblate Fathers of the Alberta^askatche- and was named Vicar Apostolic of Upper iCassai wan ana Manitoba Provinces. Prominent among and titular Bishop of Thignica in 1918, consecrated these, since 1887, was Father Ovide Charlebois, 12 January, 1919, and arrived in the vicariate in whose successful work during sixteen years ministry September of that year. at Fort Cumberiand led, in 1900, to his nomination

as visitor of the Cumberland District Indian mis- Katanga, Prefecture Apostolic op (cf. C. E., sions, and in 1903 to his appointment as director XVI-68c), in Belgian Congo, Africa. This prefec- of Duck Lake Industrial School. In 1910. upon ture, formerly in charge of the Brazilian Congre- the erection of the Vicariate of Keewatin, he was gation of the Benedictines of the Abbey of St. appointed titular Bishop of Bemice and vicar apos- Andre, is now cared for by the Belgian Congrega- tolic of the new vicariate with residence at Le Pas. tion of Benedictines, who founded a house at The vicariate comprises a population of 13,000 Katanga in 1919. The present and first prefect Indians, Montagnais, Crees, and Esquimaux, of apostouc is Dom Jean cle Hemptinne, appointed whom 6000 are Catholic and 7000 non-Catholic, in August, 1910. The Catholics number 3000, of some being pagan, chiefly Esquimaux. The mis- whom 500 are Europeans and 2500 are natives, sionary work is carried on by 18 Oblate Fathers of The prefecture apostolic contains 8 missions, 2 sec- Mary Immaculate, 9 Brothers of Mary Immaculate, ular priests, 12 regulars, 5 lay brothers, 18 Sisters 3 secular priests, 14 Grey Nuns (of Montreal), 10 of Charity, 1 hospital for white and colored patients. Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of Mary