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passed upon. Between the years 1908-12 five new of adults and boys sind girls. At present the see

parishes were erected within the diocese. is vacant. The last bishop, Rt. Rev. Anthony

The Catholic population is now (1921) 40,000, Mahnic, bom 1860, died at Zagreb, 14 December, speaking either (Jroatian or Ruthenian. There are 1020, was one of the most representative figures 43 secular priests, 44 churches, 30 of which have in Jugoslavia. As professor in tne theological semi- resident priests, 2 chapels, 1 monastery for men, 2 nary at Goriza, he was the founder of tl:^ Catholic convefnts for women, 1 seminary, and 1 college for movement among the Slovenes. Coming to the see women with 20 students. A Society of Saint Joseph of Krk he did the same work among the Croats, exists for the clergy. The Sisters of the Order of The whole Catholic Organisation in Jugoslavia rec- Saint Basil the Great and the Servants of the oenizes him as its founder. He was the deepest Blessed Virgin Mary have recently been established philosopher of the time in his country, founded within the diocese. and in part directed various ecclesiastical reviews.

Among the recently deceased are the following and was one of the first to struggle, for his people's

clergy and laity of note: Andreas Labos (d. 3 liberty and the union of the South-Slavs. During

January, 1918), parish priest, greatly esteemed by the Italian occupation of his diocese (1918-21) he

the Ruthenian people; Andreas Labos the yoimger strenuously defended religious and national liberty

(d. 1920), parish priest ; Nicolaus Radic (d. 25 Jan- and was therefore interned in Frascati. He was

uary, 1918), parish priest, held in great respect set at liberty in March, 1920, but died some months

among the Croatians; Elias Hranilovic (d. 25 July, later, in his seventy-first year. 1921), parish priest, esteemed throughout the dio- Enhn, Bbla. See Hunoart.

^^y^^r^^^^^^ W- 12 ^^^T"^' W'*®f«f? Enmbakonam, Diocbsb op (Kumbakonbnsis; cf.

of the diocesan consistory, distingmshed for his p « .^-.j 7inJ.\ ;«^7lia Jr ^nf Silv niT Rntiah

^rvices to sacred music in the d^«B«m aemma^; gVritS J^^hS b1^^' to !he A^ddoSL'^S

Tadeus SmiaklaB (d. » J«ne. .W"). an emment pon<jic£eny, thi capital of French India. Kum-

scholar. professor »t the Umvcrs ty « W»>. bakonam w a town of 68,000 inhabitants, while

proimnent as a Catholic and Croatian patriot, the ^j^^ ^^^^ population of tte whole dioceie was

author of histoncal and other works. . counted at 3iB0.000 in 1919, and in 1921 the C3ath-

^^{ ^"^r^^rt-h^n? AWW„"d «nJrf^ o«« populatiSTiWbered 103,118 Tamilians. was elected t't"l«l.b«hop of Abila and «P«»tolic ,^ »^ ,^j^ ^ j^^ '^ ^ 3^^

admmirtrator of &«evacke 6 Dece^r, 1914. m^ ^ g^ ^^^^^[^ ig^ ji^d 21 May. 1913, and

^""^^^^ ^J'i^Xr^iM ^,^ ^ ' ' w« succeeded by the preset incumbent Rt. Rev.

succeedmg Mgr. Drohobetria. resigned. j^, ^ chapuis, consecwted titular Bishop of Cas-

Krk (Vmua). Diocese of (Veolenbis; cf. C. E, *°™ Mid made coadjutor to Bishop Bottero 25

?U^^r^^' "^ii^?^at£^n^£db^J f^Ma'SdomT'lnd J**^«2^?S'a't

Istemk reefs). Separated from the ™"nland by a ^j ^ woundei. 1 awarded the mSdatUe nOitarie, deep though narrow strait, Krk, Kao, ana two . o ♦v^ -•^•- ^1 y.^^^.**^

parishes in Pag form the Diocese of Krk. The •"rd Un^^ll^J^t' «^ J« ♦!,;« »«,r.*^ j.

largest island Ts Krk (Greek KuiykU), which T,The lan«»ge generally used m this temtory is

?Af ^l^^'lZ'n^mVrtoo^'i^'vW SSed fr^'fciSXfduA Se.ZJ'

the first bishop whose name _i8 known is Vitalis. _„ _|™ «_-.|, F.„_iirf,' »„ nr«»nt atXH-Ti.^ ♦!.»«.

o^ „f Tfrv „,.„j„oiPJ1 ^«rt^f ?L^«h-r^m.!^ teachers, there are'3 high school and 65 elementary

^tn^Liif«S5iV^?W^fU?frhP^rSi «l'°o's with 183 teachOT and 3664 pupils, and I

of Ores and Losinj, was probably founded at ;£^'^/f*5i^'?„|™TX"i?«i„n'i^^^

the Synod of Solia (530). Ihe first bishop com- £liv^'ffiS^*AbL\^y"oTti^ «ho4lSf 2did

memorated is Laurentius who was present at the yZ l^°n^„^^^"l,i^ nn^l X^^Tm^ iy*uliur*inr^m

Council of Nicea (787). The last Bishop of Osor, ^LnnL^iTn^^^^ t^T^^^rP^wkh^TT ^1^^

Rakmaric, died in 1815 and the diocese was agaiii hnm^Tr iJSS^ ^th Ii2^fnmll^ 7 ,SfSt!^for

of Rapallo (1920) the islands of Cres,Losinj and children. The Apostolic Union and League of

the minors came under Italy s dominion and are Pnestly Holiness are established among the clergy,

now temporarily administered by the Apostolic onH 5 tpmnpranee sociptiea anions the laitv

Administrator of Rijcka (Fiume). Following *^^ ^ temperance societies among tne laity.

political events, the Diocese of Krk has been sue- Snrth, Godefroid, historian, b. at Arlon, Belgium,

cessively suflFragan of Solin-Split (Spoleto), Zadar n May, 1847; d. at Assche. on 4 January, 1916. He

(Zara), Grado (1155), Venice (1450), again Zadar went to Louvain for his higher studies and there

(1820), then Gorcia (Gorizia) in 1831, and finally laid the foundation of that painstaking and accurate

(since Rapallo) Zagreb. The diocese, as now re- scholarship and fascinating literw^ expression which

duced, contains 28,000 inhabitants, all Catholics, characterize him as a writer. He is credited with

There are: 26 parishes, 3 monasteries of nuns, 5 having introduced into Belgium a new school of

convents of religious orders of men, 1 convent of historical and apologetic exposition. His favorite

Sisters, 1 training school with 3 teachers and 65 theme was the Middle Ages, especially t^ rdle




there are 121 lay confraternities and associations through six editioxis. In fifteen years 10,000 copies