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LAOS 44S lArmtA

tary schools with 6 teachers and 75 pupils, 1 home students. The various charitable institutions include

for the blind, and 2 orphanages. 1 home, 2 asylums, 1 hospital, settlement houses

L«... V^ouua™ Apo8«.uc op (L««^ais: ef. C. th^ ^i^^^^^l^Uy.'^^'^ '-°'*

E., Vn-773c), m the provmce of Nakhon-Phanom, ^ ^^*«w^» »"^ * amwus tuc i»*ujr.

Siam, with episcopal residence at Nong-eeng. It is Iia Bocbdle, Diocesb of (Rupellbnsis; cf. C. E.,

entrusted to the Foreign Mission of Paris. The IX-6a), comprises the entire department of

last vicar apostolic was Rt. Rev. Constant- Charente-Inf^rieure, in France. It carries the

Jean-Baptiste Prodhomme of this congregation, united title of Saintes (Santonensis) and is suffra-

bom in Garron, lYance, 1849, appointed titular gan of the Archdiocese of Bordeaux. The see is

Bishop of Gerrha, 2 June, 1913, died 19 August, filled by Rt. Rev. Jean-Auguste-Frangois Eyssautier,

1920. His successor has not yet been appointed, bom in Entrevaux 1844, studied at Digne and

The territory includes a population of 2,500,000, of La Rochelle, was ordained in 1868, served as a pro-

whom Z2J85S are Catholics, and 1172 catechumens, fessor at the College of Pons, made an honorary

The 1920 statistics credit the vicariate with 52 canon in 1878, vicar general in 1893, superior of

European missionaries, 19 native priests, 8 semi- the College of Pons in 1894, appointed 27 Novem-

narians, 54 churches and chapels, 33 catechists, 22 ber, 1906, and made an assistant at the pontifical

orphanages with 304 children, 15 native religious, throne 11 April, 1918, on the occasion of his

and 35 schools with 797 pupils. sacerdotal jubilee. In 19^^ in accordance with in-

La Paz, DiocBSB of (Pacenbis; cf. C. E., ^^uctions from the minister of agriculture. Bishop

VIII.795b), in Bolivia. South Americi, suffragan of ^^^^'^ rSf .SS^Tn^Sp^i^/' Th^l^r^T'l^^:

La Plata. Rt. Rev. Manuel-Jose Pena, appointed ^',^1 HJ^i^^"!^^^^^ riilnl?. T J^^5

to this see 24 October, 1911, died in 1915, and was social ^^^^^^jo^^^^^f the Catholic Union of

succeeded by Rt. Rev. Dionisio Avila, appointed ^^^^ ?°d Samtonge was held at La Rochelle, 6

27 Januaiy,^1916, d. 3 July, 1919. The present ^l^i^J„^^y;,rp>

incumbent Rt. Rev. Celestini Loza, was then ap- ^TrS^J^'i^ .^J^^d^i^^^^

pointed 20 June, 1920. This diocese, which has a ,^t°r J^Jin^^

1 1-*: t cnAnAA ;« ^^^Au^A K« *u^ looft o^ofio. lower Seminary was re-established some years be-

1 71 students. Ho^

the others in France

ing from a scarcity

particularly serious in view of the depleted ranks

La Plata (or Charcas). Arcrdiocbsb of (db of the clergy caused by the World War. Dining

Platbnbis; cf. C. E., VIII-798d), in Bolivia, South the war 254 of the clergy were mobilized and of

America, with episcopal residence at Sucre. Most this number 34 gave up their lives, 3 were deco-

Rev. Sebastiano Pifferi, who was appointed to this rated with the ISgion d!honnew, 3 with the tnidaiUe

see 30 April, 1906, died 4 February, 1912, and militaire, and 48 with the croix de guerre. In

was succeeded by the present incumbent Most Rev. all 83 priests of this diocese died during the war.

Victor Arrieu, bom in Sucre 1867, served as vicar In 1921 there were 121 priests less than in 1891,

capitular of the diocese and was appointed 13 Jan- and 226 parishes were without resident priests. The

uary, 1914. The 1920 statistics credit the diocese diocese counts 450,871 Catholics, of whom 36,371 are

with 366,560 Catholics; 134 parishes, 200 priests, in La Rochelle proper; according to 1920 statistics

and 515 churches or chapels. it has 46 first class parishes, 326 succursal parishes.

La Plata, Diocese of (db Platensis; cf. C. E., ^^ 49 vicariates, formerly supported by the state.

VIII-798b), in the states of Buenos Aires and La Salette, Missionaries of (cf. C. E., IX-9a). —

Pampa, in the Argentine Republic, S. A., suffragan The provincial house for America is at Hartford,

of Buenos Aires. This see was filled by Rt. Rev. Conn., where 46 Fathers have charge of 6 parishes

Juan Nepomucene Terrero y Escalada, from 7 and an apostolic school where boys from twelve

December, 1900. until his death 10 January, 1921. to eighteen years are received. There is a similar

He was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Francisco Alberti, school at Toumai in Belgium,

bom in Buenos Aires 1865, appointed titular Bishop T^atnriLTi flAnnna o^ riAi^/%«fc t>»^^« *» ^ «,«»

of Siunia and auxiliary in this diocese 21 February. rZ^^ ^^^' ^ ^^^"^^^ Regumr of the 1899, then named auxiliary at Buenos Aires, and

transferred to the See of La Plata, 13 July, 1921. lAtter Day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ op.

The diocese extends over an area of 174,141 sq. See Mormons.

niiS,^i'lnH'?re,^^^^^^^ ^^^ ^*^»' ^ ^^P"blic along the southern part of

paxi^es and 128 churches or chapels. ^^e Baltic littoVal, consistkig of the former Rus-

Larino, Diocesb of (Larinum; cf. C. E., IX-4a), sian Province of Courland (10,435 so. miles), four

in the province of Campobasso, Southern Italy, southern districts (Riga, Wenden, Wolmar, Walk)

shows a slight increase in Catholic population, the of the former Russian province of Livonia (8715

number of Catholics in the diocese now (1921) being sq. miles), and three western districts (Dvinsk,

80,000 as against 79,000 in 1910. The present bishop, Reshitza, Lutsin) of the former Russian province

Rt. Rev. Antonio Lippolis wa:; bom at Alberobello, of Vitebsk (5292 sq. miles), a total of about 24,440

Diocese of Bari on 19 January, 1865, and was elected sq. miles or including inland lakes, about 25,000

to the See of Larino, January, 1915, to succeed Rt. sq. miles. The chief towns are Rimi. the capital.

Rev. Bishop Trenta, who was transferred in 1914 to with a population of 569,100 (1914), Libau (90,744),

the See of Viterbo. Mitau (46,860), Windau, Wenden, Wolmar. The

The present statistics of the diocese show 21 par- first three are important ports on the Gulf of

ishes, 57 churches, 2 monasteries for men and 1 Riga. The census taken on 15 June. 1920, showed

for women, 64 secular and 6 regular clergy, 4 lay a population of 1,503,193 in Latvia. Of these,

brothers, 9 religious houses for men and 3 for 1,416,090 are Latvian citizens and 87,103 foreigners,

women, 1 seminary with 8 seminarians, 1 coUece Of the Latvian citizens, 80.41% were Letts, 856%

for men with 6 instructors and 50 students, 3 tech- Russians, 4J29% Jews, 323% Germans, 2.19% Poles,

nical schools with 8 instructors and 200 students, 10 .52% Lithuanians, 25% Esthonians, and J25% other

elementarv schools with 10 instmctors and 300 nationalities.