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sie^e of Lille, those who succumbed to their injuries Mgr. Emile Lesne is the present (1921) rector

being buried in its gardens, where some of them of the tmiversity, having succeeded Mgr. Margerin

still repose. in 1919.

The university was about to resume its courees LUly. William Samuel, English author and pub-

m the unoccupied halls when the bombing of the udgt, b. 1840 at Fifehead, England; d. 29 August,

city began. Several of the bmldings were struck 1919, ^t West Kensington, London. He was^u-

and the city found itseK in the hands of its German cated at Cambridge. He was Under-Secretary to

jailers, cut off by a steel wall from the r^t of India, 1869, and was received into the Church

France. Notwithstanding the apparently insuiw ^t that time. Among his works are: "Ancient

moimtable drawbacks of such a situation, the Urn- Religion and Modern Thought," "Chapters in

XtT^^Y ^^^^^^ ^^ contmue its work. Its student^ European History," "A Centmy of Revolution,"

134 at the opemng, were drawn from the cities of "The Great Enigma," "Christianity and Modern

Lile, Roubaix and Tourcomg, imtil 1917, when Civilization," "Many Mansions," and "New France."

^^u^^^u ^'o^P?®*^*^ isolated. Thw situation was He was Secretary of the Catholic Union of Great

met by the sectioning of the work of the university, Britain for nearly fifty years. Mr. Lilly was es-

certam schools being maintained in .each city, gentially a controversialist with a wide range of

Many lasting benefits resulted from the labor of reading. He wrote with grace and fluency, but

these troubled times; a school of apphed chemistry in controversy could be trenchant. His Citings

was added to the school of advanced mdustnal exercised considerable influence in the religious

studies; women preparing for liberal careers were and historical controversies of his time, admitted to the various faculties and schools of the

university; lectures on current history were given Lima, Archdiocese of (Limanensib; cf. C. E.,

to large audiences, wherein the lecturers were able IX-255a), in the Republic of Peru, South America,

to second the efforts of the dergpr in preaching This see was filled oy Most Rev. Pedro Manuel

the invincible confidence that sustained the people Garcia-Naranjo from 16 December, 1907, until his

throughout the days of the occupation. A Latin death, 17 September, 1917. He was succeeded by

grammar was published as well as several numbers the present mcumbent. Most Rev. Emilio Lisson,

of "La voix de T^lise." C. M., born in Arequipa 1872, entered the Conpre-

At the same time the hospital work continued, Ration of the Misaon m 1892, was appointed Bishop

40,602 consultations being held at the dispensary ^P^if^j^.P5'e^ i^ *^f^*^ ^^' ^""^ ^"^ J^ll

of St. Raphael from 1915-19. The Sisters of Mater- R"blished m the Consistory and was promoted 25

nal Charity and the Franciscan Sisters opened their t'^^'^^T?' 1918. He is assisted by an au^liary, Rt

doors to the sick women and children expeUed by?^^/. ^^^"i* t^"^? ^^^^S""' \'ool" ^'^}'7*u^

the enemy from the municipal hospital. Arabissus. A Brief of 23 May, 1921, erected the

_,, ^ •#■#,,.» , ,. ^ , church of St. John the Evangelist into a minor

The mort wonderful^of all ^^^ basilica. The population, numbering 450,000, is

of a The

— - *. • k# « V.WW w. ww.^ ^mm-^ ^..w^'V-wwv .w.« w •«•» class

sustained public confidence. Inevitably discovered and 1 succursaf "parishes^, 498^churches and chapels,

and imprisoned he died from the results of the and 18 seminarians, hardships of his captivity, the victim of his heroism.

The university was not less distinguished on the ,^^^"8^! ^^ocese of (I^mburgensis; cf. C. E.,

battlefield; 242 of her sons were killed; 70 received IX-260a), m Germany, suffragan of Freiburg. Jn

the cross of the legion of honor; 26 the military 1^13 occurred the death of Rt. Rev. Domimcius

medal; 460 the war cross, and 15 the medal of WilU, former abbot of the Cistercian monastery at

epidemics Manenstatt, who was elected Bishop of Limburs

In 1921 the School of Advanced Commercial on 3 Sei)tember, 1898. During the fifteen years ol

Studies was separated from that of Advanced Indus- ^'.^f^T/'^tf hLp^ ""^M^fv' n'«^^'^«n7n^,^^

trial Studies and joined to the faculty of law. The ^^^^*^® °^ *^® diocese. Many parishes and mis-

number of students in the schools in tLt year were: ^'^ZJ^Z rSf, fit ^^/i^^ir^rnn^h^^^^^^

faculty of theolocr and philosophy, 35; faculty of?f "f ^r^ ^ ' tI r^rllfnt «^^^^

1d» 19ft. «.k««i ^o^«;ai ««^ «^i;/i««i «o;««««« or. tions were made. The present administrator of

total, 519. To this number should be added 2000 Y^^^ "' its foundation. A collection taken up of b^th sexes who foUow the public courses or- for the support of seminarians amounted to 600,000

ganised by the faculty of letters and the school of ^f}^\ ^^^F^^'}^Vh^ ^***'*"' S"*'^ '"^

S;>cial and political sciences. ^^f ^ "* Frankfurt, the first one since the outbreak

rrn. • -x Lf »• . . j .t .... of the War. Under the patronage of the Apostolic

The umvermty publications include the followinB Nuncio a large number of Church dignitaries, and

Ki a brilliant the younger

Memoira and works of original scientific research 5rir'fieM'hMpitai8."*The religioiuT congregations,

are published by the professors of the Catholic as also the laity, cared for the sick and wounded

laculties. soldiers. Many Catholic organizations were actively

The number of consultations held at the chil- engaged in distributing religious books and articles

dren's horoital of St. Anthony of Padua (1919-20), at the front and in the hospitals, was: medical department, 3957; surgical depart- At the present time (1921) the Catholics number

ment, 402. Americans made. a generous response 469,000. The diocese contains 215 parishes and

to the appeal by Canon Dimmet for aid in this mission statiort^, and 376 secular priests. The fol-

work, notably Mrs. Lucius Swift and others from lowing monast^aies for men exist in the diocese:

the city of Indianapdis. the Cistercian whfeey at Marienstatt, 27 priests, 9