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clergy, all the professors being secular priests. It eral weekly and semi-weekly periodicals are printed

baa likewise a diocesan private gymnasium under in other parts of the diocese. The Association

the direction of the secular clergy, with 256 stu- also publishes Die theologische praktische Quar-

dents, who have the privilege of continuing their talscnrift (The Practical Theological Quarterly),

studies at the preparatory seminary, "Collegium a scholarly journal which has a large circulation

Petrinum/' The bishop also has charge of a train- and is well known in America, ing college for teachers, a boarding place for teach- Llpa, Diocbbb of (Lipanbnsis; cf. C. E., XVI-

ers and students called the "Salesianum." There 36a), in the Philippme Islands, suffragan of Manila,

are 2 Realschtden (scientific high schools; Latm m xhis diocese was first erected by a Bull of 17

curriculum), 2 Realgymnasia (9 to 6 years' curricu- September, 19(J2, but the Bull was not put into

lum, lAtin, science, and modem languages), 3 execution and so Pius X erected the diocese anew

gymnasia (9 years' classical course), which are all 10 April, 1910. It comprises territory which was

under the care of the Government but m which formerly a portion of the Archdiocese of Manila,

religious instruction is given; 600 state elementary an^j the province of Fayabas, formerly part of

schools, in which the resident pn^t instructs the the Diocese of Nueva Caceres. Rt. Rev. Giuseppe

students m Christian Doctrine. In larger towns Petrelli was appointed the first bishop 12 April,

there are also secondary schools, vanous indus- 1910. Bom in Montegiorgio, Italy, II February,

trial and agricultural schools for boys and prls 1373, he made his studies in the seminary of

(2 winter agricultural schools), 1 art school, 1 Permo and the college of Capranica in Rome, was

gymnasium (girls), 1 training school for male and appointed secretary of the apostolic delegation to

female teachers, housekeeping schools. Secular Manila in 1903, and a private chamberlain in 1904.

priests have charge of the foTlowinK institutions: He was promoted to the titular metropolitan see of

1 orphan asylum with which a school is connected, Nisibis 30 May, 1915, and appointed Apostolic

1 asylum and school for the blind, 1 asylum and delegate to the Philippines 10 June following. His

school for the deaf ^nddumb,^l asylum for idiots, successor is Rt. Rev. Alfred Verzosa, bom in Vigan,

'*'"'"" ' " ' - jn IS77, appointed 6 September,

census the diocese has a Catholic

. J ^_^ 650,000 and 10,000 non-Catholics. It

The following associations have been organized \q served by 75 priests and 72 churches, among the clergy: Association of Mission Priests, -. - « ,^ * ^ *^

Association of Perpetual Adoration, and Association ^^^^ Patbiarchatb op (Lisbonbnbis; cf. C. E.,

of Catechists. Besides the several religious soci- IX-281c), the primatial see of Portugal. The

eties such as the League of the Sacred Heart, the patnarch is always nanied a cardinal. At present

Holy Rosary Society, and the Association of Chris- $^e see is fiUed by His Eminence Cardinal Mendes

tian Families, there is the Catholic People's League, Bello, bora mGouvea, Portugal, 1842 appointed

which is the political organ of the Catholics titular archbishop of Mitylene 24 March, 1884.

throughout the country. Connected with the latter transferred to Faro 13 November following, and

are the societies of the various classes, such as pr°™°!iS? *^ t«® Patnarchate of Li*on 19 Decern-

the Association of Farmers, Workingmen's Unions ^^* ^^^' }o succeed Cardinal Netto, retired. He

and Mechanics' Unions, which have branches in the JL^^^*™ u ^^fni?^ *? 1?®"^ ^^ \- consistory of

towns throughout the diocese. The Zentralverein H ?°^®^^?5» ^%^\^^^ X^ nomination made public

(Central Union) is the important organization for ^ May, 1914. In 1917 the cardinal was ordered to

Catholic women. It has branches and many mem- leave the city withm five days, and forbidden to

bers in aU parts of the country. AffUiated with this j*!?.^ *P® ^«*"^* °^ ^^^bon or the neighboring

union are the Associations of CathoHc Working- districts for one year. However, on 10 December

women, Association of Christian Nurses and Asso- [ollowing a new revolution aboliAed his enle and

ciation of Young Girls. These organizations have ^^ was enabled to return to the city. The^ cardinal

planned a course of lectures and have engaged 10 «,^^^ ^^ 1? t"™* v7^?^J^^^^

teachers who travel through the country.Tolding KH'S* J^*"f«'^foi^'fi?f Jl^k^^^^^

meetings and lecturing to tie people. Th/s organi- iT?'*y^^?^^ Ji^^^J^T^l^L^^^^ Vht 5,'^

sation conducts a home with which are connoted the archdiocese of Lisbon to reestabli^he diocese

an industrial school a housekeeoine school a home ^^ ^*"*- ^^^ population comprises 728,739 Cath-

fOT ShS^^ DriSarifv^^^^^ ol'<» ^d about 6000 Protestants and Jews. By

dTeis, i^fa^?"^^^^^^^ ^oSfepli ^^«,r^?*^^rilT,^'d%i^^

school. Its members displnse charity and do aU ?"««*«» ^41 parishes, and 1565 churches or chapels.

in their power to mitigate the existing misery and Lismore, Diocssb of (Lismorbnsis; cf. C. E.,

destitution. Of late many shelters for children IX-283d), in Australia, suffragan of Sydney. This

have been established. Mention should be made see, erected in 1887 under the name of Grafton and

of the Catholic School Association, the Piusverein changed to its present title in 1900, is under the

(for a clean press), various young men's associa- administration of its second bishop, Rt. Rev. John

tions, joumesonen's associations (Oesellenvereine), Carroll. Bom in Brenor, Ireland, m 1865, he served

the Marian Con^egation, with more than 200 as a professor at the English college in Rome, and

branches, the Union of Christian Workers and was appointed bishop 2 December, 1909, to succeed

Accountants, and a Union of Christian Housemaids Rt. Rev. Jeremiah Doyle, died 4 June, 1909. The

and Servants. Besides these denominational soci- religious orders now established in this diocese in-

eties there are associations to improve the economic elude the : Marist Brothers, Presentation Nuns,

conditions of the workingmen, with a central bureau Sisters of St. Joseph, Sisters of Mercy, Sisters of

at Lins and branches in the smaller cities and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Sisters of the Good

towns. All the workingmen's associations have Samaritan, and Ursuline Nuns. By 1922 statistics

formed one central organization which publishes the diocese comprises 69 churches, 20 districts, 32

a weekly journal. ... secular priests, 4 Religious Brothers, 181 nuns, 9

The Catholic Press Association is the official boarding schools for girls and 3 for boys, 3 superior

organ for the Catholic press. It owns several day schools, 31 primary schools, 1 orphan asylum,

presses and has a large book-selling and publishing 3711 children attending parochial schools, and 128

establishment at Linz. A Catholic daily and sev- attending superior schools. According to the 1911