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1916)): From October, 1914, till June, 1915, he the troops, and at home both clergy and laity remained at Arras within the first French lines united in all patriotic endeavors, exposed at times to violent bombardment, devoting The reUgious communities now established in the himself to his ministry without counting the cost, diocese are: Men: Basilians, Franciscans, and Re- visiting our soldiers, burying the dead, aiding the demptorists. Women: Sisters of St. Joseph, of the an^ulance department, giving everyone an inspir- Precious Blood, Ursuline Sisters, Sisters of the Holy ing example of calm, coolness, energy and duty well Names of Jesus and Mary, Loretto Nuns and Hos- done in imminent danger from the enemy. pital Sisters of St. Joseph.

T./VH n,..^a» ^« /T ATT«».i«aTa. «^ o T? TY 099-^ "^^^ present (1921) statistics of the diocese show

. ^'I^9C«8«o/<I:f^^«85c^-^.^ a CathoUc population of approximately 77,000.

m the province of Milan No^^ There are 63*^plirishe8, 26 miilons with Ichurches,

SL^?l^^uZ^?.^iSrJ5u5?i.„^r, ^L.^1- Sf '!°o 88 churches, 1 Sionasteiy f or women, 3 convents f^

transferred 6 July, 1913> to succeed Rt. Rev. ;^erStie& Sandwich College fOTmerandBres^^

Giovanni-Battista Rota, died 24 Febniaiy, 1913. HaU fw wome^ which

Durin(5 the World War 142 priests and clerics of UmVeStrSon T^^

this diocese served in the army, 15 as officers, 5 as ^ students in the^e coUeges and m addition to

chaplains; of this nmnber 8 were kiUed and 5 re- ^hese are 5 academies wiOi 40 teachers and 600

ceived decorations. Those at home joined tae citi- i^j students and 80 elementaiy schools with 260

sens m sealously asBistine m all patriotic works, fgachers and 12,000 students. The charitable in-

serymg m the hospitals >ome8 for refugees and gtitutions of the diocese comprise 1 orphanage with

other charitable orgamzations. . By latest statistics ^^ children, 3 hospitals, 1 home for the ^ed and

the dioce^ comprises 1«? parishes, 7 convents of indigent; aU the public institutions adSiit the

men and 61 of women, 268. secular and 27 regular riests to minister in them.

pnests, 19 Brothere, 1 seminary, 100 seminanans, ^he Priests' Eucharistic League and Total Ab-

4 secondary schools for boys, 7 for eirls^ 7 high gtinence Association are organized among the clergy

schools, and 2 normal schools. The charitable m- ^ ^^^ ^ the Knights of Columbus, Holy Name

stitutions include a missionary union of the clergy, g^^^ ^^.^ various parish societii among the

9 hom^, 6 orphanages, asylums in all t-t parish^ j^ity. The "Catholic Record" is published in

7 hospitals, and 2 day nurseries. Most of the public i^£don

institutions permit the clergy to minister in them, ^ ^ J ^ ^ ..^ i.._^ . • .

and all the public schools, but no religious schools, _, "ngnaye, Gbobges, literary historian, b. at

are assisted by the government. A mutual aid Rouen, 8 September, 1839; d. at Pans, 17 January,

society is formed among the clergy, and a number J?2p. Having studied at Brugelette and Vaugirard,

of Catholic periodicals are published. Pans, and won his baccalaureate with distinction,

he entered the Society of Jesus atlssenheim, Alsaoe.

Lodz, DiocESB OF (LoDZENSia), in Poland, suf- As a scholastic he began to write his college dramas,

fragan of Warsaw. This diocese was erected by a like "Campion" and "Bouvines," which are of high

consistorial Decree of 10 December, 1920, which merit in their genre, and cultivated the l3nric muse,

took the western part of the archdiocese of Warsaw, His active life after ordination was^ owing to the

comprising three deaneries, and formed it into the anti-Catholic laws of France, mostly paased in Great

new diocese. The church of St. Stanislas Kostka Britain, as professor of Classics and hterature to the

was made the cathedral and granted a chapter. The yoimg Jesuits. To this we owe his *Th6orie des

former pastor of this church, Rt. Rev. Vincent belles-lettres" (1885), a philosophy of rhetoric, a

Tymieniecki, bom in 1872 and ordained in 1895, work of permanent value; "La pr^ication: grands

private chamberlain and prelate of the Holy See, maitres et grandes lois" (1888), which we foUowed

was appointed the first bishop 11 April. 1921. Statis- by his more ambitious "Histoire de la litterature

tics are not yet published. frangaise au dix-septi^me sifecle" (4 vols., 1895-96),

Loja, DiocBSB OP (Lojanensis; cf. C. E., IX- crowned by the French A<»demy, and "EKx-

332b),suflfraganofQuito in Ecuador, South America, l^r^'^^'^^iH^o, ^T*k1[ ^'*Jk""I^-^*i ^2S^*^f

includes the greater part of the provinces of Loja ^^ T^^^i^^^-^V -^ ^ ntvf^'^^T\-di

and El Oro. Rt. Rev. Carlos Maria Xavier de La ^^^^^K thoroughly with the Catholic wnters hke

Torre, appointed to this see 30 December, 1911, was Veuillot, Ozanam, and de Maistre.

transferred to the diocese of Riobamba 21 August, Iioreto, Diocesb op. See Recanah and Losbto.

1919. He was succeeded by Rt. Rev. William Harris, « ai-«h-^ Qt».»»<. <*« a« «»» t?««« «« «»» f\^^^

who was bom in this diocese, «rved as chancellor J^' S!^)'^^tSf tSTasTte^eSfS

c.'tflS/8S^Trsnd?'c.^t irSi^' koo^i^d«ist^^Srto^^s."4:

with 80,630 Catholics, 61 secular and 20 regular f^^^ 1^4 *^® Sisters are now located in the

clen^y. & parish^, a^d 84 churches or cha^ ^^TtK^^ ^i^S'l^^S^t

London, Diocesb op (Londinbnbib; cf. C. E., ford, Belleville, Columbus, Cleveland, Mobile, Kan-

IX-353c), in Canada, has as its present bidiop sas City, St. Joseph, Wichita, Lincoln, Oklahoma^

Rt. Rev. Michael Francis Fallon, who was ap- Denver, El Paso, and Tucson. Recognizing the need

pointed fifth Bishop of London in December, 1909. of higher education for women, the Society has also

In 1920 a society called "The Catholic Unity Lea^e opened two colleges. The first of these, Loretto

of Canada/' was established by the bishop, having College, Webster Groves (a suburb of St. Louis)»

as its object the propagation of Catholic truth was erected in 1915-16, opening its doors to stu-

and the refutation of errors and slanders against dents in the fall of the latter year. Two years

the Church. The work is carried on by the dis- later, Loretto Heights College, Loretto, Colorado,

tribution of pamphlets prei)ared or procured by opened with a good enrollment. Both institutions

the society as the need arises. were early placed upon the list of standard col-

During the World War seven of the priests of leges by the Catholic Educational Association. On

this diocese acted as chaplains, going overseas with the teaching staff of each are the Vincentian Fath-