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came, in 1010, and established a school; Benedic- evening paper, came into being and has acquired tine Mothers, a girls' academy; Sisters of the Divine a wide circulation, under the direction of "The Word, Holy Ghost College; the Belgian Canon* Association of the Catholic Press." nesses Mission, the Tondo Orphanage, St. Teresa's By 1021 statistics there are in the archdiocese Hall, and the Immaculate Conception Sisters, 142 secular priests, 150 priests representing re- Chinese Hospital. In 1021 Sisters of the Good ligious orders, 187 parishes (144 of which have resi- Shepherd established their first house in the Philip- dent priests), 70 lay brothers, 300 members of pines in the District of Sta Ana, Manila, and the religious communities of women, 1 general seminanr same year the historic academy of the Jesuits, the ancTS preparatory, 1 university, 43 colleges, acad- alma mater of the most famous Filipinos, recogniz- emies, and schools, with a total attendance of about ing the needs of the hour, in the course of 1021 13,500, and 3 charitable institutions with approxi- declared English the official language of the Ateneo mately 200 inmates.

de Manila, and the staff is now mainly composed iLr-w4.«i^ rw-rv^o. *^» ^Kyr^^T^.r^^oro. «*

of AmeriSin Fathere. ^ *^**^*";,^^^^^*n of (Manizalensis; ,cf.

rr.u J «* J ^^^^^4^ rsf *i.^ ij^i*^ C. E., X — 117a), m Colombia, Central Amenca,

'The unprecedented expenment of the Umted ^^ ' ^^ Medehin. This see Was erected in 1000

States m ^^ertalang to educate ^i^^^^ ^^ '^^ j^^ G Nazianza Hoyos, bom in

language on secular Imes an ..^.l*^"^^^ C^^^^^ y^^ .^ Ig^o wm appointed the firit bishop, 11

population of at leaat «ae milhon children ha« j^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ 260ctober, 1021, and hii suc-

been responded to by the Filipmos with enthi^asm. ^^^ j^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ appomtei. A decree of the

The Government schools, primary, intermediate. Consistory of 11 June, 1020; separated the territory

high, and umversity, are crowded with PupiK for ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ ^i^^^

whom, however, no rehgious education IS provided, ^f Cali. The cathedral is dedicated to Our Lady.

Keenly alive to the urgent necessity of making No statistics are published,

provisions for the teaching of the faith to the '^

youn^ people, the archbishop erected the Catholic Mantua, Diocese of (Mantuanensib; cf. C.

dormitory, St. Rita's Hall, at a cost of $300,000 E., IX— 611b), in Lombardy. northern Italy, suffra-

in 1017 for 350 Catholic students, and in 1018 he gan of Milan. This see is filled by Rt. Rev. Paolo

purchased a suitable building, St. Mary's Hall, as Carlo Francesco Ori^, bom in Milan in 1840, or-

a Catholic dormitory for 1% young women stu- dained in 1863, appomted 18 March, 1805, to succeed

dents. Since 1017 in parishes in this diocese Cath- Bi^op Sarto who was promoted to Venice, and who

olic elementary schools recc>giiized by the Govern- later became Pope Pius X. Bishop Origo was named

ment are educating a majority of the municipal an assistant at the pontifical throne 16 November,

students of school age according to Government 1003. The Catholic population of this diocese num-

standards. The Christian Brothers in 1010 estab- bers 257,500: the 1020 statistics credit it with 153

lished an elementary and secondary school for parishes, 307 secular and 25 regular clercpr, 120

boys; this has increased and now magnificent build- seminarians, 10 Brothers, 270 Sisters and 250 churehes

ings are being erected which will make La Salle or chapels.

College one of the foremost academic establish- __ „ . « « 

mente in the Orient. Another costly building ^Maranon, Prefecture Apostolic of. See San

which was erected in 1013 is St. Escolastica College, Gabriel dell Addolorata de Maranon.

where upwarcte of 400 girl students are in daily Marash, Diocese of (Marascensis; cf. C. E.,

attendance. Besides the royal university of St. ix-636b), a see of the Armenian Rite, in CUicia,

Tomas there are now twenty Catholic scholastic Asiatic TuVkey. The see is filled by Rt. Aev. Nonce-

mstitutions oflfenng academic courses to young men ^vedis Arpiarian, bom in Eghin, Armenia, 1856,

and women, several of which are recognized by appointed Bishop of Karpouth 23 September, 1800,

the Government as qualified to grant the bac^ piSmoted to the titular metropolitan see of Anazarbe

calaur^te and other degrees. There is also eatab- 5 ^pril, 1808, and made auxiliary to the Patriarch of

lished in almost every parish an elementary school q^^^^^ transferred 27 August, 1011, succeeding

of Chn^ian doctnne. The attendance m these bishop Monradian, who died in 1006. During the

schools fluctuates, but may be esUmated at not World War the Abbds Stephen Paramian and Joseph

less than 8000. Regarding Catholic schools recog- Akrabian, both of whom had studied at the Seminary

mzed by the Government, the figures can not be of gt. Francis Xavier at Beirut, were martyred. In

ascertained accurately; the total number in at- all 70,000 Armenians of this region perished, leaving

tendance in November, 1921, was 13,460. now about 30,000, of whom 1600 are Catholics. The

The Knishts of Columbus have grown from one diocese is served by 11 missionary priests, 7 regidars

council to three and are expecting the establishment and 4 churehes or chapels,

of more. The year 1021 records the death of the ,, - „ , *, « 

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Cayetano Biarbeau, EaiMANUEWuLEs-MARiE, Bishop of

Arellano, a Knight of Columbus, an eminent jurist, Mbaux, b. at Pans on 12 November, 1844; d. on 31

and a humble minded Christian gentleman. A May, 1021. He was ordamed at Orldans m 1874.

month or two later the Hon. Norberto Romualdes, When the city of Meaux was deserted by all the au-

then Grand Knight of the Manila Council, was thorities during the World War. Bishop^ Marbeau

appointed by the President of the United States remained at his post and practwally administered the

an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. affairs of the municipality. This made him one of

Shortly after his installation Archbishop &^ifr!fl£^H%hJT^-^

Sr?.°'fj ^^^^^oS^ttl^^ot::^^ H'e:S^c7^L't^Bi&?M^^^^

S^o^lTo?" Itdran'Ameri^^^ two or thr«. days after celebrating his golden JubUe^

Catholic Club has also come into existence to take »* * P ®o •

its part in social, economic, and charitable activities -MstrAin^ a mission in Mesopotamia, Asia Minor,

in Manila and the nearer provinces. erected in 1627, made a prefecture apostolic in 1842,

The old established Dominican daily paper, and again returned to the status of a mission 12

"Libcrtas, withdrew from publication in April, September, 1806. It is entrusted to the Capuchins,

1917. Shortly after "La Defensa," a successful diaily with official residence at Diarbdkir. The present