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Martliilq,ne, Diocssb of (Sancti Pffna et Aaas years, devoting himself to the welfare of some Galuclb; cf. C. E., IX-731b), one of the French aged and infirm Brothers, and of the neighboring Leaser Antilles, was suffragan to the Archdiocese of populations. At the special request of the inhabi- Bordeaux from 1850 to 1905, when it was restored tants of Beaucamp (a few miles from Lille) and to the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda, and by of the neighboring townships he accepted the dif- a decree of 4 March, 1912, it was entrusted to the ficult position of Mayor, and thus became the con- Congregation of the Holy Ghost. necting link between the people and the German

Bishop Marie-Charles-Alfred de Cormont, who authorities. His fearlessness carried him through

came to this see in 1899 as successor to Bishop this and other critical situations. Shortly after the

Tanoux, died in 1911, and was succeeded by Rt. signing of the armistice the people whom he had

Rev. Joseph-Francois Malleret (1912-14). Upon protected so effectively claimed for him the Cross

his death, Bishop Malleret was succeeded by the of the Legion of Honor.

present incumbent, Rt. Rev. Paul-Louis-Joseph For over a month the general chapter deliberated

Lequien, C. S. Sp., b. in the diocese of Lille, 1872, questions affecting administration, finance, normal

appointed bishop 15 March, 1915. The town of schools, professional and religious training, and

St. Pierre, which was completely destroyed by the nimierous commissions were appointed to deal with

eruption of Mont Pel6e in 1902, is in process of the whole work of education, the system of teaching

reconstruction and the parish has been re-estab- followed by the Marist Brothers being modified

lished since 1914. A modest chapel has been buDt where necessary to meet the requirements of the

on part of the ruins of the old cathedral and at times. Varied outlooks upon the educational

present (1922) there are about 30(X) inhabitants in question arising out of personal knowledge and

the territory. The population of the whole diocese experience were considered, and the result piwlished

numbers about 190,000, comprising Europeans, in the modified "Educational Guide and School

Oeoles, half-breeds, Blacks, and some four or five Method. A study of the complete statistics of

hundred Indians; with the exception of these last the order evidenced the vitality and power of the

mentioned it is entirely Catholic. The diocese has Marist Institute. Despite persecutions in certain

34 parishes, 36 churches, 1 convent of men and 2 countries, the fact that nearly a thousand of its

of women, 37 secular and 22 regular clergy, 1 sec- members were called to the colors during the World

ondary school for boys with 9 teachers and 75 War, and opposition to the development of its

students, 2 for girls with 18 teachers and 128 pupils, schools in various places it has grown and multi-

1 asylum, 7 hospitals and 1 nUrsery. Six public plied. There are at present (1921) 25 provinces and

institutions permit the priests of the diocese to 7000 members.

minister in them. A Catholic journal and a reli- In 1921 the canonical visitation of the Marist

gious bulletin are published. educational establishments was made by special

Martiiuiberg (or Pannonhalma, cf . C. E., IX- '^^^-^^^'V V^ t^*"^ .S^^^^^^^ TKTSJ"?*^

734c), an archabbey, belonging to the Bened/ctines, ^^«** ^^ ^*^^ ^""^^ institutes m the Umted States in Hungary, about fourteen muc "' - '^ - includes a Catholic populati

ha(f several years of miccessful educational work in

Mary, Littlb Brothers of (cf. C. £., IX-749b).— Canada and the United States. During the course

The Institute of the Little Brothers of Mary, gener- of this visitation the corporation of the Marist

ally known as Marist Brothers of the Schools Brothers secured the site for a juniorate or

(F.M.S.), celebrated the centennial of its founda- junior novitiate in the Diocese of Boston where

tion in 1917, the festal celebrations being auspi- they have several schools. It is known as Tyngsboro

ciously inaugurated at St. Ann's Hermitage, Mansion, a house erected by Captain Tyng (d.

Pouffhkeepsie, N. Y., 2 January, 1917. The progress 1772), an important landmark of the country-side,

of the order in the first century of its existence and admirably adapted for the purpose of the

is a notable achievement in the face of almost Marist institution. The juniorate is a preparatory

insurmountable obstacles. It marks the success of school for boys from thirteen to sixteen years of

the work of the founder, Venerable Joseph Bene- age, who are willing to consecrate their lives to

diet Champagnat (q.v.), a humble curate of a poor the noble cause of Catholic education in the Marist

parish with nothing to sustain him but his trust in Institute. The juniorate is to the regular novitiate

God and a desire to do something to promote His what the preparatory seminary is to the theological

glory by bringing children closer to Him. By a seminary of the diocesan clergy. It brings the aspi-

decree of 11 July, 1920, Pope Benedict XV declared rant simply to the threshold of the novitiate, to

that the Venerable Champagnat had practiced which he is promoted when he has attained the

virtue to a heroic degree. required age and given proof of possessing the

The twelfth general chapter of the order was essential qualifications,

held at Turin, May-June, 1920, and was attended The Marist Brothers have recently purchased also

by Brothers from all parts of the world. The twenty-one acres advantageously situated in one

chapter unanimously elected as superior general of the highest points of the Bronx, N. Y., for the

Veiy Rt. Rev. Brother Diop^ne, assistant general purpose of erecting a boarding and da^ school,

to Brother Superior Stratonique, who declined re- Work on the buildings will be begun within two

election. Eight assistants, together with a procu- or three years, and meanwhile parts of the grounds

rator general, secretary general, etc., were also are used as the athletic field of St. Ann's Academy

elected for the ensuing twelve years. Brother conducted by the Marist Brothers on Lexington

Diog^ne, for many years head of one of the largest Avenue and 76th Street. St. Ann's, established 1892,

normal schools of the institute, had moulded the the chief Marist institution in New York City,

future Marist teachers on broad and thorough lines, is a high school, where graduates of parochial

Later as provincial and then as assistant general schools may find, besides all the advantages of an

he was frequently entrusted with delicate missions, incorporated school, every safeguard for mind,

which w;ere skilfully executed. During the German conscience, and heart. St. Ann's Camp, conducted

occupation of Belgium and Northern France, he by the Marist Brothers on Lake Champlain, N. Y.,

remained in the danger zone for more than three solves the vacation problem for Catholic boys.