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ond in 1921. During the World War the diocese Apoetolic of Saxony, was reestablished, amidst great

contributed two military chaplains, Can. Dr. rejoicing 24 June, 1921. The religious ceremonies

Giovanni Battista Quinci in the navy and Can. were presided over by the papal nuncio, M^.Paoelli,

Dr. Benedetto Vivona in the army. Two priests, and on 26 June, the seven-hundredth anniversary of

officers in the army, were decorated, 73 were non- the foundation of the Cathedral of Bautzen^ the

commissioned officers or soldiers. residential city, was celebrated. Rt. Rev. Christian

v^..«.i. T^ /»» X • XI- Schreiber, bom in 1872, studied in Rome and was

Meath, Diocese op (Midensis); m the province ordained in 1899 and later professor and rector of the

of Lemster, Ireland, suffragan of Armagh, with Seminary of Fulda, was appointed first bishop of the

episcopal residence at Mullmgar. Rt. Rev. Lawrence ^ewly established see, 12 August, 1921, he is the

Gaughran was appomted to this see 16 April, 1906. forty-second bishop since the foundation of the see.

Bom m Lobmstown, this diocese, in 1842 he studi^ The new diocese covers an area of 6741 square nules,

at Navan and Maynooth, was ordamed in 1868, ^nd embraces the old Vicariate Apostolic of Saxony

served as a professor at Navan, was made atomis- ^nd the Prefecture Apostolic of Lusactia. It includes

trator of MuJUngar m 1877, pastor of Kells and vicar the ancient Kingdom^ Saxony and the Principality

forane m 1886, vicar ^nera] m 1894, and immed a ^f Saxe-Altenburg. About forty-five per cent, or

prelate of the Holy See 24 January, 1896 The 236,000, of the entire population are Catholic and

yanoue religious orders «|tablished in the diocese these are served by 100 prints. Only about a quarter

include men: Franciscans Carmelites, Jesuits, Chris- ^f ^he population belong properly to Saxony, aS)Out a

tian Brothers and De la SaUe Brothers; women: ^er are Germans, and ffie rest foreig^irs, with

Sisters of Loretto, Presentation Nuns and Sisters of ^ ^^ge majority of Aistrians. Mercy. By the 1911 census the total population of

the diocese is computed at 137,595, of whom 127,729 Melbourne Archdiocese of (Melburnenbis;

are Catholics. The 1922 statistics credit it with cf. C. E., X — 155a), in Australia, is at present under

66 parishes, 153 secular and 21 regular clergy, 144 the incumbency of Rt. Rev. Daniel Mannix, b. 4

churehep, 13 convents of nuns with 124 members in March, 1864, in the Diocese of Cloyne, studied at St.

the cominunitie?, and 3 monastic houses with 17 Solman Fermoy and Maynooth, where he was by

members in the communities. turns professor, vice-president, and president from

vr^^^w -Tk '/Ti/r * V. "P 1903 to 1912, titular chancellor in 1904- senator of

viSS^ '^^^^^^A o^^ (Meij>ensi8; cf. C E., the University of Ireland, prelate of the Holy See, 20

X— 98b), m the department of Sein^t-Mame, j^^rch, 1906, appointed Archbishop of Pharaalus 3

France^ suffragan of l>aris. RJ. Rev. Emmanuel- j^ jgig, and coadjutor of the A^hbishop of Md-

Jules-MMje Mkrbeau. appointed to this see 3 Feb- ^0^^,,^, pr;)claimed 2 December following, succeeded

S""^' 12,^^A Y^'°*?SoJl chevalier of the Legion of g ^ay , 1917, Mgr. Thomas Carr, b. 7 Jan W, 1840,

^""""^l ^.u ^I'k i^^i' ^Soi* a^istant at the ^ q^^ 1917, the outetandiAg feature of whose

pontifical throne 19 April 1921, on the occasion of episcopate being the building up of the Catholic

the golden jubdee of his ordmation. He died 31 May, primary school system. The sta&tics for 1921 are:

1921, and was succeeded by Rt. Rev. Louis Gaillard. ^3 distncte, 198 churches, 168 secular and 48 regular

born m Beauvais, 1872, studied at St. Sulpice and ^., 100 'Brothers, 1091 nuns, 2 coUeges withm the

was ordained m 1902, m^e an.honorary canon and Univereity of Melbourne with i35 stucfents, 2 train-

du^ctor of chanties m 1907, vicar general m 1908. ^ ^^Hg^ ^j^j, 65 students, 10 superior schools for

named a private chamberlam the same year, and ^o 27 for girls, with 5262 pupib, 126 parochial

again in 1915, served M a hospitaU^ pnmkry schoSs with 31,145 students, fhe total

^,I?3ut^^.t?i^'i^^'!^°P^ numbe? receiving education in CathoUc CoUeges and

By 1920 stetistics the diocese counte a Ca home incSnnection with the foundling hospital. Thi

population of 363,561, 39 parishes, 402 succursal Catholic population is estimated at 193:924 souls,

parishes and 8 vicariates formerly supported by the gince 1910t&e archdiocese lost two clergyiien of note

^^^- in the persons of the Archbishop of Melbourne and

Mechlin, Diocese of. See M alines. theRev.S. A. Robinson (died 6 July, 1921), who had

erected a beautiful church at Camberwell as a national

Medellin, Archdiocese of (Medbllensis; cf . tribute to Our Lady of Victories. Events of import-

C. E., X — 116c), in Colombia. South America. This ance were the opening of Newman College for men

see is filled by Most Rev. Manuel Jos6 Cayzedo y and St. Mary's Ilall, college for women within the

Cuero, bom in Bogota 1850, made his studies in the University of Melbourne in 1918. Twenty-five new

South American College in Rome, ordained in 1883, parishes were instituted, and twenty new Catholic

served as prefect of studies and vice rector of the primary schools opened. During the War eleven

Seminary of Bogota, appointed Bishop of Pasto 11 chaplains from the arehdiocese served overseas with

February, 1892, transferred to Popayan 2 December, the troops of whom one received the military cross

1895, made archbishop 14 December, 1901 and and another the crotx de guerre.

transferred 14 December, 1905. He was made an ^^ ,^

assistant at the pontifical throne 15 February, 1917. Melll and BapoUa, Diocese of (Melfiensis

The statistics of 1920 credit the archdiocese with AcRAPOLLEN8is;cf.,C.E.,X— 165a)^intheprovmce

363,710 Catholics, 110 secular and 15 regular clergy, of Potenza, Southern Italy, is unmediately subject to

55 parishes, 75 churches or chapels and 141 Catholic the Holy See. Rt. Rev. Alberto Costa, b. at Borgo

schools with 16,035 pupils. San Donnino, 15 March^ 1873, vicar general, professor

at the seminary and private chamberlain 24 Novem-

Meissen, Diocese of (Mi8NENSi8;cf. C. E.,X — ber, 1908, appointee! 4 January, 1912, consecrated

148d), in Saxony, directly subject to the Holy See. 28 April following, Bishop of Melfi and Rapolla.

This ancient see, founded in 968 and suppressed after succo<'ding M^r. Giuseppe Camassa retired ana

the Reformation and changed to the Vicariate appointecT Patnach of Jerusalem.