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Miridite, ' Abbey of (Miriditarum, cf. C. E. 1914. The chief events of general interest which

X — 352c.) I situated in the diocese of Alessio, at took place in the congregation during Fr. Fiat*s

Oroschi, in the province of Scutari, Albania. It is term of office were the oeatification of «john Gabriel

an abbey nullius, directiy subject to the Holy See. Perboyre and Francis Regis Clet, the former

The present ahh6 is Rt. Rev. Giuseppe Gionalli, mart3rred in China in 1840, the latter in 1820, and

appointed titular Bishop of Callinicus 21 November, the introduction of the cause of Louise de Marillac,

1921. In the territory under his jurisdiction are: co-foundress of the Sisters of Charity, and that of

25,000 Catholics, 25 churches and 8 chapels: 13 the Sisters of Arras put to death during the French

native priests of whom 11 are secular and 2 Friars Revolution. These servants of God were solemnly

Minor. beatified by Benedict XV in 1920. Several other

_-. , _.^ r, • o causes actually before the Court of Rome, notably

Mlsericorde, Congregation op thb Sisters op.— those of Justin de Jacobis, Vicar Apostolic in

At present the congregation numbers : professed Abyssinia, Catherine Labour^, to whom the Miracu-

Sisters, 250; novices, 25; postulants, 18. Branch i^^ Medal was revealed; John le Vacher, and many

hous^ have been established throughout Canada others, were zealously promoted by him. The

and the United States. At the mother-house in General Assembly of 1914 accepted Fr. Fiat's resig-

Montreal there are 81 nuns; with tlus is associated nation, he having reached the age of eighty-two.

an orphan agylum with 7 Sisters and 525 cluldren; Bom in Auvergne 29 August, 1832, he made his

also a hospital giving accommodation to 175 theological studies in the Seminary of St. Flour

patients, with 7 nuns and 30 attendants; patients and his novitiate at Paris, was ordained priest and

treated during the year 2837. At Sault-au-Recollet gent to the grand seminary of Montpellier, where

the nuns conduct an orphan acylum with accomm<>. he labored for ten years, was recalled to Paris and

dations for 150 children, attendants 25, nuns 15. n^med sub-director of novices, and later assistant

The hospital at Ottawa, founded m 1879, was superior of the mother-house, and was elected"

destroyed by fire in 1900. The new building, com- superior general in 1878 in succession to Fr. Bor6,

pleted m 1904, accommodates 100 patients, nuns deceased

i^r pX^t^T^^^P An.?nl ?». J^ii^^^ Verdier. PhiUp Meugniot. and Augustine Veneaani

order. Patients treated during the year of 1920 ^^^^ ^tant sut^iors. Bmile Villette was

2640 nuns 19, nurses » In the |»me year a ^om at Somain in the Dioiese of Cambiti "

hospital was opened at Ecbnontpn, Alta.: nuns 14. jggg ^^ ^ CoMregationr^f the Mission S

nurses 20, patients treated dunns the year 1901. io*vo «^**«'^*^v» w«c v^/wixgn^ftawwu «* w*c ^taiodauu jiu

In 1904 a branch house was foundll at St Norbert. 1873, after ordination was sent as pr^essor to the

Man., for children, and accommodates 200 little H^^. ^^f^F ^ On^ Algiejs m 1886 was.named

onea In the Unit^ States the nuns have a large «"P«n°>- <>/ the semmary o! Solesmes, and m 1898

hospital in New York City: nuns 28, nurses 30, f^""" «^ the grand semmary of Cambrai, and m

parents treated during the year 3896 In Green ^^ ^^ appointed procurator general of the con-

fiay. Wis, a hospital was est4lished in 1900: nuns «;^^'°b .fe^^^PJ^fe ^%Z'^^ ±ot^f ™

22, nurses 30, patients treated during the year 1698. Yu- °^ t 7^- At ^"' S"^ k ^ congregation

At Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, I beautiful ho^ ^LTJtn 1*? »nH^mJf '„. hnth^nUi^pt M

pital was opened in 1905: n^ 20, nurses 25, '^^•l*I' ^XfiJ^l T^,Z» Th^^J?n*„1 ?h^

patients treated during the year 2740 la 1912 a ^J^^ ^^Mf^^tt S^u^nf T^o ^^n, Jk« 

hospital was opened at Pana, 111., in the coal ^^'%^ -^^t^^^ ^^m '^i°I i}^^,^^T%l.

regions: nuns 9; nurses 12, patirats treated during ^^.^ November, 1916. Owing to the war it was

the vear 652 The establishment at Milwaukee Iwi Poetically impossible to summon a general assem-

arLmmnH«finn for « noH»nf.. «L» 1ft ^^Lt^ by at thw t me to elect a successor to Fr. Villette,

accommodation lor <>5 patients; nuns 10, nurses 6. ._ -„-„_j:„_ *„ 4.i,„ „^_^;».,*;-_- *i,„ _„„»„„»_*

In connection with the institution is a misery with ^? according to the constitutions the government

50 babies. In Toronto a hospital waa open^ for f„i*'%eT^,1*°?ZJi^!rX ^SflJIf'i^riJtl'

mothers and babies (1917), accommo<kting 35 t *^* -^t^ed Louwyck, the assistant supenor,

mothers and 50 babies. Per^tual vows are'^now ^J^V'^-I^-,I^Vr^^JS'1h^^n^Z>twt

taken by the religious three years after first vows 2^f„^ t^^ JLlf^h ^^^ ^nH TfS^^^r nf

Z.^^^' *'"^ '"* "^"^ •"""'^ '"^'^ "•'^"^'^ ^uS rthTt^o'th2-hr^!"anrtid'1x^rien1

work on the constitutions and rules of the congre-

Mlsocco and Oalauca, Prefecture Apostolic gation. He died 17 February, 1918, and was suc- op (Mesancinab et Calancae; cf. C. E., X— 354c), ceeded as vicar general by Fr. Francis Verdier, who in the Canton of Grisons, Switzerland, with official l^ad been elected second assistant in 1914. The residence at Cama-Loggia. This territory is admin- possibility of convoking a general assembly re- istered by a vice-prefict apostolic, Rev. Emile de mainin^ indefinite, the Holy See granted to the Seravalle, a member of the Capuchin Order, to whom new vicar general the full powers of a superior the prefecture is entrusted. The population, number- general, so that the congregation should not suffer ing 4250, is almost entirely Catholic. The prefecture '9^ lack of adequate authority. The armistice put- comprises 9 residences, 8 parishes, 10 secular priests, ti°g ^^ end to hostilities, Fr. Verdier summoned a under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Chur, 12 reg- general assembly for 27 September, 1919. The ular clergy, 22 churches or chapek, and 24 schools deputies to the assemblv of nearly 100 chose Fr. with 346 children. Verdier superior general, and Frs. Emile Cazot,

Louis Planson, Patrick McHale, and Augustine

Mission, Congribgation op the (cf. C. E., X-357). Veneziani, assistants. Fr. Verdier was bom 1 March,

General Administration.— During the twenty-six 1856, at Lunel, Diocese of Montpellier, and was

years of the generalship of Fr. Fiat (1878-1914), received into the Congiregation of the Mission in

the number of Lazarists and of Sisters of Charity 1874; after his ordination he taught in the grand

increased almost twofold. In China alone, to give seminary of Nice, received the doctorate of theology

one remarkable instance, the number of Lazarist in Rome in 1887, and was superior of the grand

^'icariate8 increased from four in 1878 to ten in seminary of Montpellier from 1895 to 1903, when