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way Company of St. Paul has a line of steamers work a political issue. A Mothers' Pension was

which sail between Puget Sound and China, Japan, also provided for. In 1914 the International Har-

and the Philippines, tne railway of the company vester Company was declared to be a trust, and its

carrying vast loads of merchandise from St. Paul dissolution ordered by the United States District

to the port of shipment at very low freight rates. Court. The administration of all State institutions

About 44,000,000 tons of iron ore were mined and is now under a Central Board of Control. The

shipped from Minnesota in 1917. Federal Prohibition Act was ratified on 17 January,

EDUCATioN.-The laws governing private and \^l *^« ^^^^^^ ^ufifrage Act on 8 September,

parochial schools are as follows: No public moneys a^,«„ ,„ „„„ mr^^ Ti>r;««*»,.*«»- «r»«f~K„*;*v« ♦« 

or property shall be appropriated or used for the .K^^i^^rJ™ ^^ci^^i'^^^S?^ ^'5^^^

support of schools wherein the distinctive doctrines *^^?^^?t^ • J^^^Y^f ^i}!^^^^!^ ""lif^JZ "^f

of any particular Christian or other religion are ^t the United States Army. The Mmn^ota sol-

promulgated or taught. To satisfy the require- ^f" ^. ^^^ ^*?°??^ ^/l/'^'T* iJ?"^.^ ^^

ments of compulsory attendance a school murt be ^^^ Division at Camp Cody, New Mexico, and

one in which all the common branches are taught ^^^^ ^ the naUonal army part of the 88th Diviaon

in the English language. A foreign language may ^^ ^""^ P'^Sf^- ^^^*; ^^^ summary of casualties

be taught for a period not to exceed one hour in ^""^fj^^ Minnesota members of the Amcnc^

each day. By a decision of the Attorney General ^'^^^'SS^F ^^"^® ?*^ ^ ^?"°^' ^^^ceased, 50

Bible reading is excluded from the public schools. °®*^?JL,208^^ ""S? ' P^ISS?"* ^^ ®^"' ^^ °*^"

State support is from the income on the permanent wounded, 105 officers, 4979 men.

school fund and one half the income from the Minor <3«a Xnv

state swamp land fund, from revenue derived from -«"«or. ssee age.

a one mill tax and from biennial appropriations lyri^ni. ainIam f^t r* v v n>«^>^ \Ti^^^ a^^

by the Legislature. The appropriate funds are , f^*"' ?'1""a^?LS- ^" ^"^kT^'^" A^

distributed from a special State aid and the income ^°'//!' prefects Apoetohc, and abbots or prelates

from tnist fiinH« «nH ih^ .<?f«f^ f«v ^^n^^ir^^ nulUus, even if they have not received episcopal

authorized by law, but only dur-

.^.. ^. pupils enrolled in the public schools J"* 'T*^ '^T "i:J^^ *^^ ^^^*!l^ ^^^^ ^!2^ *^^"

for forty days or more. Local support consists of J^"^' ^ ^°^®^ ^^ ,^T^ "^^ ™»^,f ""^^^u^!"

a tax on the property of the district, including fheir own secular sub jecte and on others exlubit^

a one mill tax required by law to be levied in P^ ^^? requisite dimissonal letters ; a regular abbot

each district. There are six public normal schools, has, the same power m rewrd to those wibject

In 1920 the 9136 public elementary schools of the \? him by profession, provided he is a priest and

State had 16,896 teachers and 439,537 pupils: 240 ^^ legimately received the abbatial blessmg; his

public high schools with 2244 teachers and 64,060 P°^?^' however, is similarly hmited unless he h^s

pupils. The total expenditure on education in the ^ce^^ed episcopal consecration, aU pnvileges to the

same year was 138,358,555. In 1920 the State Uni- contrary bemg now revoked,

versity had 6560 students and 800 professors: 'Ham- ift#4«^^. i-i. /w * ^m t^

line Univereity, 30 instructors an^i 418 students; ^'^^'^'^^.^I^^^lc'^ S^'^"^^^^ ?l' ?\ ^^

St. John's University at Collegeville, 51 instructor^ X--332a),suffraganof Valencia comprises ti^^

and 420 students. Among the most recently estab- of Mmorea,the^condlaijjjMtof t^^^^

lished State institutions are: the WiUmar State I^ilS^^T^iSS^ V^^i^ • T'- "^

Asylum, opened in 1912 as a hospital for inebriates! f 2^ ^^"^^ ^^^' ^^ '^ V""* ^^i oj<^"fi "»

and in 1917 as an asylum for the insane; the State IP' served as a pastor,. professor of Latm at the

Reformatoiy for Women, at Shakopee, open^^ JJmversity of Madnd vice rector. of the Spanish

1920- a npw Homp Snlinnl fnr Pirta V«r4«i!.Kr I* Collegc m Rome and chauccllor of Iviza, made E dcan

pital for Crippled and Deformed Mren n^ w„kV^o ^if'^.^W"'^- ^*? Majesty appointed

St. Paul (1910); Minnesota Sanitarh^m at Leech bishop 9 June, 1902, This diocese extends over an

Lake (1908) ^auivanuui uu uc^i^a area of 273 square mues, makmg it the smallest of the

Spanish dioceses. It embraces a Catholic population

Rbligious.— The United States Religious Census of 40,000, 80 Protestants, 17 parishes, 111 priests,

for 1916, published in 1918, gives the following statis- 38 churches. 8 oratories, and 7 convents with 20

tics: Catholics, 415,664; Lutherans, 264,649; Metho- religious and 77 Sisters, dist Episcopalians, 59,576; Presbyterians, 32,494;

Congregationalists, 22,987; Episcopalians, 22,635; ISfflnsk, Diocesb op (Minscbnsis; cf. C. E.,

German Evangelical Synod, 10,048. See also St. X— 333d). in Western Russia, erected in 1798, was

Paul, Abchdiocbsb of; Duluth, Diocese op; suppressed by the Russian Government in 1869, and

Winona, Diocese op; St. Cloud, Diocese op; only re-established by a Decree of 1917. The diocese

Crookston, Diocese of. is dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel and em-

Lbgismtivb CHANGES.-Minnesota's recent legis- ^^ ? Catholic population of 288,980, 9 cl^enes

lation has been most progressive. In 1911 a primary ?? ^^'^ .panshes and 84 secular pn«.ts. The first

election law for candidates in State public office bishop since the re-esteblishment is Rt. R«v. Sigis-

was passed. In 1913 the United States Supreme T""^ ii "^1% ^^^ *^ 1^® l*""^®^ wu ^^^' ^"^^

Court unanimously upheld the right of the State chanceUor of MahilefiF and prof^ror at theseminary

to regulate railroad fates within its bordere. In ?S9n*?^"'^ ^ November, 1917 In December^

the same year the -congressional and legislative dis- iPP'o^T Russian paoers circulat^ a [alse report

tricts were re-apportioned; a workmen^s compeMa- *t*S?.'^5 i^fl' T^ ^<? *^?^ ^X **"^ Hi tion law was passed: a Minimum Wage Com- 8heviki,.had died.of t3yhusat SmolemiE As a result

mission appointed to regulate the wages of women ?^ l^"" ^V^^'?a • }^.^}^ ^' ^JTTf/' ^^

and children; the Presidential Primaries Bill waS bishop w^ liberated m 1921 ancf

passed and the non-partisan primary was extended ""**•'"'"•

to all members of the legislature, reouiring them Miranda, Diocese op. See Braganca.

to appeal to the electors on their ability to do

The work required of them, instead of making their Mlrepoix, Diocese op. See Paiiieks,