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362 secular priests, 221 regulars, 1 diocesan seminary Maritimes, France. It is suffragan of Aiz. The

with 52 semmarians, 4 seminaries for religious orders, bishop, who also bears the title of Count of Drap, is

161 students. Five diocesan students are at Rome Rt. Kev. Henri-Louis Chapon, b. at St. Brieuc 14

and two at Louvain. The educational institutions March. 1845. appointed 25 June, 1896, oonsecrated

in the diocese are: 6 colleges and academies for boys at Orleans 29 September following to succeed Mgr.

(1195 pupils), 1 college for women, 15 academies Balain, was given the personal privilege of the

for^irb (1900 pupils), 137 parochial schools (70,588 pallium in 1916, and was promoted as assistant to

pupils), 1 industrial school (200 inmates): total young the pontifical throne 6 August, -1921. There are in

people under Catholic care 67,412. Tne following the diocese 172 parishes, of which 33 are curacies and

charitable in stitutions exist in the diocese: 4 homes 139 succursal parishes, 397 secular priests, 1 upper

for the aged, 1 institute for the blind, 1 home for and 1 lower seminary, and 3 ecclesiastical institutions,

incurables, 1 nursery and babies' hospital, 3 homes The total Catholic population is 356,338 of whom

for working girls. 1 for orphans, 1 for boys. Since 142,940 are in Nice. On 11 June, 1913, tiie relics of

1911 the Capucnins have been established in the the ancient bishops Sts. V^ran and Lambert were

diocese. In 1922 the Catholic population numbercKl discovered and canonically recognized. 598,143. The present incumbent is the Rt. Rev. ^-.^ , ^ ^ ,^, • ^ ^ ^^

John J. O'Connor, who has administered the diocese Nlcolet, Diocbsb op (Nioomtana, cf. C. E. XI—

since 1901. 69a) in the Province of Quebec, Canada, suffragan

of ijuebec. The present bishop, Rt. Rev. Joseph

Newport, Diocese of. See Cardiff. Simon Herman Brunault. is the second bishop of

Ngan-Hwei, Vicariate Apostouc of; (cf. C. this diocese and has fil^^^^ Since

E., VIII-634d), in China, erected by pipal brief ^^^^ ^^^ ^'^^ ^»f ^°^*^o ""A '^ ^i'^iP?'°^w

of 8 August, 192i, comprising the province of Ngan- ^^^ }>y /^^ ^a"^^^ °^ ^i^V^^^a'"®' d f\ ^'T'

hwei.heretoforepartof the former Vicariate Apostolic ^^^""^ °^ *^,® diocese, and Mgr. Suzor, PX)., also

of Kiang-nan. The vicariate is under the careof the V;car General, and m addition to these one priest

Jesuits of the provinces of Castile, Leon, and Turin ^l ^«. ^<^^> Captain R. Crochetiere, serving as

and is accordingly divided into three distinct parts, chaplain during the war, was killed m Mtion 2

conforming to the three intendencies which Ngan- AP"1» }^^^ ^^^ huned m the cemetery of BaiUeui-

hwei comprises, each having at its head a regular ^^}* France. . ,. .. , «« . ,

superior m the capacity of vicanut ddegatua. The The present (1921) statistics show 69 parishes

vicar apostolic has not yet been appointed. For the 5?. churches, 1 mission with mission station at

year 1920-21, there were in Ngan-hwei: 464 Christian Odonak, 1 monastery for women, 6 convents for

communities, 73,912 Catholics, 53,531 catechumens, women, 164 secular pnests, 130 brothers, 560 sisters,

The records show 1794 baptisms of adults, 4964 1 .seminary with 30 seminarians, 3 colleges for men

baptisms of children, 1028 confirmations, 39,576 an- w»t^ 130 professors and 900 students, 5 academies

nual confessions, 39,386 annual communions, 187,399 ^^th 35 teachers and 1100 studenU (boys), 1 nor-

confessions of devotions, 338,777 communions of de- mal school with 10 teachers and 98 students, 611

votion, 578 who received extreme unction, 712 mar- elementary schools with 670 teachers and 2400

riages, 115 schools for boys and 3223 Catholic and pupils, 4 hosiptals and 2 orphan asylums. All the

1386 pagan pupils, 65 schools for girls with 2047 public institutions permit the priests of the diocese

Catholic anci 623 pagan pupils, 217 men teachers to minister in them and the Catholic schools are

and 124 women teachers. For further statistics see aided by the Government. The total Catholic

KiANQ-su. population comprises approximately 89,000 Ftench

^ s M^ ^ .,.,«««! t Canadians, 1000 Irish, and 400 Itahans. Niagara Uniyerslty, founded m 1856 by the

Rev. John J. Lynch, CM., afterwards first Arch- KlcopoUs, Diocese of (NicoFOLrrANA, cf.

bishop of Toronto, and directed by the Priests of the C. E., XI — 70d) , in Bulgaria, not the ancient Nioopoli.

Coneregation of tne Mission, has had a steady and which has become a titular Latin see, on the site of

rapid growth since its inauguration. The erection of which stands the« present village of Nicup, near

another building became necessary in 1906. and since Timow, where extensive ruins mark the place of the

then the Convent of the Little Sisters of the Holy cathedral, but a modem city built about 629 by the

Family has been added. The University comprises Emperor Heraclius. Rt. Rev. Henri Doulcet. who

the doUege and the High School departments; the had been bishop since 1895, resigned 13 March,

total registration for 1921 was 3000. In 19!^ the 1913, and was succeeded bv Kt. Rev. Leonard von

University conferred the following degrees: B.A. 6; Baumbach (b. 1856), who had been coadjutor since

Ph.B.ll; M.A. 3; LL.D. 6. 1910. Bishop von Baumbach died at Rome in 1915

-,. -^ r. ^ X * Aiid was succeeded by the present bishop, Damian

Nicaragua. Diocese of. See Granada; L^n; john Theelen, a Passionist, b. at B«»el, HoUand,

Managua. 4 April, 1877, ordained 23 Sept., 1899, appointed

Nicastro, Diocese of (Neocastrensis; cf. to the sro of NicopoUs 21 May, 1916, and oonse-

C. E., XI— 47b), in the province of Catanzaro, crated at Rome on 15 August following. Like his

Southern Italy, is suffragan of Reggio, Rt. Rev. predecessors he resides at Rustchuk. The Catholic

Eugenie Giambro, b. in the Diocese of Caltanisetta, population of the dioorae consists of 14,000Bul-

8ucceed%gr. Regine, promoted to the rank of Apos- ^9™®" ^^** ^^ Sistere. There ma diocewn seminary

tolic Administrator of Nicastro from 16 March, 1920, with9seminaTOns. At prwentthereMe7deme^

to 11 September, 1921. According to 1920 statistics achools with 40 tochers and 1180 pupils. Smw 1911,

there are 53 parishes, 9 vicariates, 130 secular and 5 *^« Benedictine Sistersfrom the Abbey of St. Ottihwi

regular priests, 20 seminarians, 71 churches or chap- "? Bavana have mamtamwl two schools m the

els, and a CathoUc population of 110,100 souls. diocese, one at Endje near Schoumle and the o^r

at Bardau near Belvelatme. A French Congregation

Nice, Diocese of (Niciensis; cf. C. E., of Dominican Sisters has recently opened a school

XI — 48b), comprises the department of Alpes- at Sistova. A day nursery cares for 110 children.