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the mission can only count some few thousands. In mother-house was cut off from the rest of the in- Christiania there are 2 churches and 2 chapels, in stitute. The Belgian province suffered much. Large Trondhjem 2 churches, in the following places only and prosperious establishments with classes for one: TVoms6, Harstad, Hammerfest, Bergen, Stav- boarders, day-boarders, and poor children were de- anger, Christianssand, Arendal, Porogrunn, Dram- stroyed when Vis^ and Dmant were burned in men, Fredriksstad and Fredickshald. £ach station August, 1914. The Sisters were expelled from seven with the exception of Harstad has its own hospital other convents. The poor children's classes were and Catholic school, its religious sodalities for married maintained everywhere, but few houses were able men and women, and for young men and young girls, to accept boarders, because of the difficulty of A weekly Catholic paper and a monthly one for the obtaining provision, and because of the number of young make the missionaries work in spreading the soldiers inhabiting the various convents. A bomb Faith much easier. During the last twenty years the falling upon a corner of a building at the Namur Catholic Church has made great progress on account convent killed a novice and a postulant. Sisters of the sympathy Catholics meet with, both from the who had been employed as teachers in the board- authorities and the people, so that the soil for its jng school, having no pupils, used their time in futiu^ growth is well Prepared. In 1921, Mgr. increasing the literature of the institute. A well Dieppen, Bishop of Bois-le-Duc, was appointed documented "Life of the Venerable M^re St. Apostolic Visitor to the Scandinavian countries by Joseph" has been published, as well as a study of Benedict XV. the "Blessed Mere Julie as a Teacher," both in

•Kr^4.«*4^ / e r^ T:^ vt too x T^•^« u Frcuch, but uow being translated into English.

Notaries, (cf. C. E.,XI-122c). --Diocesan chan- ^he "Life of Sister Mary of St. Philip" and the ceUora are notaries m the eccl^iastical judicial sys- "popular Lives of the Saints," published by the tern by virtue of their offices. Bishops may appomt English Sisters, have attracted attention; among additional notaries, who may be lavmen of clerics; the latter that of Blessed Oliver Plunkett has been only a clerical notaiy may be employed in a cleri- favorably received. The English province has cal criminal suit. These additional notaries may be ^^ "^^ novitiate at Ashdown Park, Sussex, in con- removed at will by the bishop; they cannot, how- formity with the requirements of the new Code of ever be suspended or removed at will by a vicar ^anon Law. The provincial superior is Sister ^pitular without the consent of the chapter, j^^^^ ^^g g^j^^ ^ eg ^lev. Mother Marie Superiors of exempt religious may appoint one of ^i ^^e eighth superior general of the institute, their subjects as a notary but on^y for matters jj^^ gS February, 1912, and Rev. Mother Marie affectmg their order. It may be noted that before juHenne was elected to replace her 28 March, 1912. taking up suit m the ecclesiastical courts the judge q^ 27 November. 1921. the constitutions of the must appoint a notary, as the proceedings would be congregation were definitively approved, invalid unless the papers and records were drawn jj^ ^^ Eastern Province of the United States, up or authenticated by a notary; even the judg- ^^e provincial superior is Sister Frances of the ment must be signed by him In view of the con- g^^^ed Heart, who succeeded Sister Agnes Mary fidential nature of their work notan^ are bound (^j jg ^ 1920), successor of Sister Mary Borgia by oath to discharge their office faithfully, and ^^ ^7 ^ ^1, 1910). The community of Berkeley they are bound to observe the strictest secrecy not g^^eet, Boston, Mass., has been transferred to the merely in all criminal suits but in contentious hti- penway, where a college with State charter, has pation where the interest of a htigant might be ^yeen opened for young girls. The 104 students are impaired by a lack of secrecy. day-scholars, not boarders, as at Trinity. In the

Koto, D10CE8B OP (Netensis; cf. C. E., California Province the provincial superior is Sis- XI— 126b), in the province of Syracuse, Sicily, is ^er Berchmans Joseph, who succeeded prescribed suffragan of Syracuse, had (1920) a Catholic popula- i^e ^ew Code. The preceding provincial, Sister tion of209,500, with 20 parishes, 277 secular and 74 Maiy Bemardme, died m January, 1913. regular clergy, 60 seminarians, 32 Brcrthers, 200 ^ At present there are 41 houses m Belgium 20 in Sisters, 102 ctiurches or chapels. The bishop, Rt. Rev. England, and Scotland, 47 m Amenca, and 7 m Giuseppe Vizzini, b. at VUlalba, in the Diocese of Afnca, making a total of 116 hou»M. There are Caltanwetta, 10 November, 1874, professor of theo- 3579 professed Sisters, of whom 1106 are m Bel- logy at the Roman Seminary, officer of the Congre- ^lum, 805 m England, and Scotland, 1618 m Amer- gaTionoftheConsistoryin 1911, appointed 19 August, »ca, and 51 m Afnca. The rule of the mstitute 1913, consecrated at Rome. 14 September following has been sent to Rome for any modifications which to succeed Mgr. Giovanni Blandmi(b. 7 March, 1832; may be necessary to conform with the new Code elected 6 July, 1876). of Canon Law.

III. School Sistebs of Notre Dame (cf. C. E.,

Kotre Dame, Concjregations of. I. Congrega* XI-130c).— During the past ten years there has

HON OF NoTRB Dame db Montreal, (cf. C. E., XI— been a steady growth in the number of schools

127a). The Sisters are in charge of colleges, nor- under the care of the Sisters. The work of the

mal schools, boarding schools, academies, parochial Baltimore province has been extended to Porto

or separate schools, commercial schools and domes- Rico; the first school under the Sisters was opened

tic science schools. Since the opening of Notre in Puerto de Tierra, near San Juan, in 1915, and

Dame Ladies' College, in 1908, 65 students have re- the second was opened in Caguas in 1916. More

ceived the degree B.A. Seven convents and 13 than thirty Sisters are now in charge of about 1300

branch establishments have been founded since children at the two schools. In 1912 a new prov-

1908. At present (1921) there is a total of 151 ince was formed from the western part of the

foundations, 1921 professed Sisters, and 198 novices. Milwaukee province. At that time it comprised

The present general superior is Mother St. Eu- Minnesota and northern Iowa but its growth has

phroysyne, elected in 1917 to succeed Mother St. been quite rapid and at present it has houses in

Marie-Josephine, who in 1913 succeeded Mother North and South Dakota and Washington. The

St. Anaclet, elected superior in 1903, died Novem- mother-house is on CJood Counsel EUU, Mankato,

ber, 1912. Minn.; in connection with the mother-house there

II. Instftutb op Notre-Dame de Namur (cf. is a flourishing academy for boarders and day-

C.E. XI- 128b). During the war, Namur, the pupils. Mother Marianne, the commissary general