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at Lucera 11 January, 1873, chancellor, appointed 1011, consecrated 18 June following. He resides at

at the Consistory of 15 December, 1919, succeeded Bembeke. The vicariate has (1922 statistics) 6

Mgr. Luigi Pamini transferred to the Diocese of stations with 28 White Fathers, 9 White Sisters, 218

Ck>ncordia, 10 March, 1919. According to 1920 catechists, 10,000 catechumens. 11,557 Catholics; in

statistics there are: 19 parishes, 107 secular and 1 828 schools there were 6665 boys and 5409 girls,

regular priests, 15 seminarians, 2 Brothers. 34 17,886 patients cared for in 18 hospitals, 9 churches,

Sisters, 118 churches or chapels,, and a Catholic 25 chapels and 4 orphanages.

population of 40,304.

Kygata, Prbpecturb Apostolic of (db Nygata),

Kyasaland, Vicariate Apobtouc of. See SniRi. Japan, erected 13 August, 1912, and confided to the

Fathers of the Divine Wora, comprises all the western

Kyassa, Vicariate Apobtouc of (NYAsaa; cf. coa«t of the island of Nippon. The first prefect C. E., XI — 172b), in Central Africa, is entrusted to apostolic, appointed in November, 1912, is Mgr. the White Fathers. In 1914 a portion of the vicariate Joseph Reiners, S. V. D., b. at Neuwerk, Holland, was formed into the Vicariate Apostolic of Bang- 1874, ordained 1898, sent to the Japanese mission in uelo, thus confining the territory to the Lake of 1909. There are 480 Catholics out of a population of Nyassa, with the dividing line between the Zambezi 6,000,000. There are 13 churches and chapels, 10 and the Congo Rivers as its boundary. The vicar stations, 19 regular priests, 1 seminary with 8 semi- Apostolic is Rt. Rev. Mathurin GuiUem6,. W. F., narians, 1 coUege for girls with 9 teachers and 157 titular Bishop of Matera, b. at Ste. Matie de Redon pupils, 1 hospitfU, 1 orphanage, 1 house of charitable in the Diocese of Rennes, France, 3 July, 1869, ap- work and 2 nomes. There is a school for catechiste pointed Vicar Apostolic of Nyassa, 24 February, with 2 students.