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Oaxaca (or Antequera, cf. C. £., XI — 180d), while that of Saint Charles, Pietermaritzburg, was

Archdiocese of, in the southern part of the Republic lately entrusted to the Marist Brothers. The Oblates

of Mexico, has as suffragan dioceses Chiapas and are no longer (1919) in charge of the Sacred Heart

Tehuantepec. A new province was formed by Leo Basilica in Brussels. They direct Neunkirch, in

XIII in 1906 and the Archdiocese of Yucatan was Alsace, and Maria Engelport, in Germany, and a

established at Merida with the bishoprics of Campeche few otner famous pilgrimage shrines in honor of the

and Tabasco as suffragans, thus taking away three of Blessed Virgin. The new Alsace Lorraine province

the suffragan dioceses of Oaxaca. ^ of the Oblates has charge of the ancient sanctuary of

The present Archbidiop, the Rt. Rev. Eulogio G. Saint Ulrich, while the German province looks after

Gillow, was bom at Puebla in 1841, made his studies the shrines of Saint Nicholas at Kapellen-Neuss and

in England. Belgium and Rome, was ordained in of Saint Rupert at Bingen.

Mexico ana then returned to Rome. He was ap- The following provinces and vice-provinces have

pointed to the see of Oaxaca in 1887, being consecrated lately been created: Alsace-Lorraine (1920) , Alberta-

on 23 May, and 1891 he was raised to the rank of Saskatchewan (1921), Italy (1921) and "Lowell"

archbishop. On account of the Revolution the (1921). The two latter are only vice-provinces

Church in this territory has suffered some changes, which will presumably soon be the case for Poland

but things are gradually becoming readjusted. also. Two special missions for the Esquimaux were

In the city of Oaxaca there is a seminary divided recently established in Northwestern Canada, at

into three sections: ordained students, seminarians Chesterfield Inlet, in the Keewatin Vicariate, and at

and preparatory students; one college for young men; B^ir Lake, in the Mackenzie Vicariate. The former,

3 select academies for young women; 6 free schools for in charse of Fr. Ars^ne Turquetil, was established in

boys and 4 for girls. Among the charitable institu- 1912, wnile the latter, founded in 1911, ah^ady counts

tions under Catholic control are a day nursery, a three martyrs — Frs. John-Baptist Rouvidre and

charity hospital and a home for the poor. William Le Koux, massacred in 1913, and Fr. Joseph

Frapsance drowned by accident in 1920. In Canada

Oblates of Mary Immaculate (cf. C. E., XI — the archepiscopal See of Saint Boniface from 1853

184c), founded 25 January, 1816, approved as a until 1915. and the episcopal Sees of Saint Albert,

congregation under simple vows 17 February, 1826, now (1912) Archdiocese of Edmonton, and of Prince

and received the brief of approbation by Pope Leo Albert, now (1921) Prince Albert and Saskatoon,

XII, 21 March, 1826. All Oblate houses were since their foundation (respectively 1871 and 1907)

directly dependent on the central administration until 1920 have been occupied by Oblates; and so are

until 1850. The congregation has at present seven- still the Vicariates of Athabaska and Mackenzie,

teen luniorates situated at Sainte-Foy-lez-Lyon and The" new Vicariate of Keewatin was entrusted to the

Strasbourp; (France), Santa-Marie-a-Vico (Italy), Oblates in 1910^ and the Vicariate of Yukon and

Saint-Helier (Jersey), Saint-Charles par Fauquement Prince Rupert is also (1917) administered by an

(Holland), Burlo-bei-Borken (Germany), Krotoszyn Oblate bishop, with the help of Oblate missionaries.

(Poland), Umieta (Spain), Raheny (Ireland), Waere- The following Oblates have recently been appointed

§hem (Belgium), in Europe* Buffalo (New York), and bishops: Charles Cox, Vicar Apostolic of Transvaal

an Antonio (Texas), in the United States; Ottawa (1914) and Administrator- Apostolic of Kimberley in

(Ontario), Saint Boniface (Manitoba), Strathcona South Africa (1914); Emile Bunoz, Vicar Apostolic

(Alberta), in Canada, Colombo and Jaffna, in the of Yukon and Prince Rupert (1917); Jules Brault,

Island of Ceylon. The novitiates are twelve in Bishop of jAffna (1920). Recently deceased Oblate

number and are situated at: San Giorno Canvese and bishops: Matthew Gaughren (1843-1914). Vicar

Roviano (Italy), Umieta (Spain), Thy-le-ChAteau Apostolic of the Orange lUver Colony (Kimberley),

and Nieuwenhove (Belgium), Maria-Engelport (Ger- Adelard-Langevin (1855-1915), Archbishop of Saint

many). Markowice (Poland), Ardagh (Ireland); Boniface (Manitoba), Henry Joulain (1852-1919),

Tewksbury (Mass.); Mission (Texas). Ville-la-Salle Bishop of Jaffna (Ceylon); Emile Legal (1849-19^),

(Canada); and Colombo (Ceylon). The nine estab- first Archbishop of Edmonton (^berta); Albert

lishments at present occupied as scholasticates are Pascal (1848-1920), first Bishop of Prince Albert

situated at: Rome, Liege, Hiinf eld, Stillorgan, Wash- (Saskatchewan). Fr. Albert Lacombe, the "Black-

ington, Castroville, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Co- robe voyageur/' died in 1916. The cause of Fr.

lombo. Besides the University of Ottawa, among Dominic Albini, the Apostle of Corsica, who died at

higher institutions of learning directed by the Oblates Vico in 1839, has lately been introduced in Rome,

of Mary Immaculate are St. Joseph's College at The present General Superior of the order is Mgr.

Colombo (1100 pupils) and St. Patrick's College at Augustine DontenwUl (b. 1857), elected 1908, also

Jaffna (700 pupils), both in Ceylon. As the Oblate Arcnbishop of Ptolemais.

scholastics at Ottawa ^duate in philosophy and The periodicals on the work of the congregation

working at the formation of a native clerK)^ who blatter der Oblaten der Unbefleckten Jungfrau Maria" already number about 50. The classical col

Saint Louis, New Westminster, has been given


r^ wno blatter aer Ublaten der unbenecKten jungirau Mana ollege of (Hunfeld); "Messager de Marie Immacul^," and iven up, "Maria Bode" (Brussels); "Missionary Record of the