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Oblates of Mary Immaculate" (Dublin); "La Ban- nidre de Marie Immacul^e" (Ottawa); "L'Ami du Foyer" (Saint-Boniface); "Mary Immaculate" (San Antonio). Among the principal reviews or maga- zines of general importance published by the Oblates are: "Regnabit, Revue universelle du Sacre CJoeur" (Paris); "La Bonne Nouvelle" (Paris); "Les Annales du Cap" (Cap-de-la-Madeleine); "The Monthly Bul- letin" (Vancouver); "Blue and White" (Colombo); and a large number of parochial bulletins, such as those of Lowell, Buffalo, and McCook (United- States), of Montreal, Quebec, and Hull (Canada). The present number of Oblate foundations is as follows: Europe: eeneral administration, 5 (including 2 houses in Poland); Italian vice-province, 4j French southern province, 13: French northern provmce, 16; Alsace-Lorraine, 3: Uerman province, 17; Belgian province, 6; Anglo-Irish province, 15. America: Canadian province, 15; United Stat^ northern prov- ince, 9; "Lowell" vice-province, 6; United States southern province, 18; province of Manitoba, 25:

Province of Alberta-Saskatchewan, 11; vicariate of British Columbia, 10; vicariate of Athabaska, 17; vicariate of Mackenzie, 14; vicariate of Yukon, 6: vicariate of Keewatin, 11. Asia: Archdiocese of Colombo, 55; Diocese of Jaffna, 26 houses or missions. Africa: vicariate of Natal, 21; vicariate of South Africa, 14 (7 in Kimberley and 7 in Transvaal); vicar- iate of Basutoland, 14 residences (divided into 3 dis- tricts) . A comparison of the number of members of the congregation in 1907, 1910, and 1921 is given in the following table:


Bishope and priests


Lay Brothers

Total number of Oblates


















1372 300 341

2073 134 873

Oblates of Saint Francis de Sales (cf. C. E., XI — 187b), a congregation of priests the establish- ment of which was originally desired by St. fVancis de Sales, and carried out by Ravmond Bonal du Rouerque with the assistance of Bt. Jane Frances de Chantal. This congregation died out at the begin- ning of the eighteenth century, but was revived two hundred years later by Ven. Mother Marie de Sales Chappuis and Canon Louis Alexander Alphonse Brisson, formerly professor in the seminarv and chap- lain of the visitation convent at Troyes. In 1869 Ft. Brisson began St. Bernard's dJollege near Troyes, with Pr. Gilbert (d. 1909) and Fr. Kollin. On 14 October, 1873, Bishop Ravinet of Trojres received them and three companions into the novitiate. The laudatory Brief of the new institute was granted by Pius IX, 21 December, 1875. The first decennial approbation was dated 7 December, 1887, and the dennitive approbation of the Institute and its con- stitution was given 8 December, 1897. Fr. Brisson was the first superior general. He was succeeded in 1908 by Fr. Jean Deshairs, who died 16 June, 1921, upon his return from a canonical visitation ot Greece, Uruguav, and Brazil. A general chapter was held at Albano, 23 October, 1921, when Fr. Joseph Lebeau was elected superior general. He was bom at Saron (Mame) 22 September, I860, was the first provincial superior, the founder ot the Austro-German province, and chaplain of the Visita- tion convent of Soleure. He chose Fr. Rollin as his assistant general.

The congresxttion has three provinces: Latin, German, and English. The novitiate for the Latin province is in Giove (Umbria) . The German province

has its novitiate at Schmieding (Upper Austria). A preparatory school of about forty students has been recently established at Dachsberg (Upper Austria), and a preparatory school of more than sixty students has been established at Overbach. The Oblates are guardians of the tombs of Archduke Francis Ferd- mand and his family. Before the revolution of 1897 the Oblates were stationed in, Ecuador.

Oceania, Central, Vicariate Apostolic op (OcEANiAB Centraliae). — The total population of this vicariate apostolic (1922) is 30,000 of whom 8800 are Catholics. In 1920 the establishment of quasi- parishes desired by Canon Law was accomplished in Wallis. The first vicar apostolic Mgr. Bataillou was succeeded in 1877 by M^. EUoy; in 1879 Mgr. Lamaze became vicar, and at his death (1906) Mgr. Olier, his coadjutor, succeeded him. In 1912 the present in- cumbent, Mgr. Blanc, was appointed, Mgr. Olier having died in 1911. Born in Toulon in 1872, Mgr. Blanc was ordained in 1895 by special dispensation on account of his age. He left for the missions in Oceania six vears later, and was consecrated titular bishop of Dibou 29 June, 1912. He is the author of "Les lies Wallis" (Pans, 1913) and "L'Heritage d'un Ev6que d' Oceanic" (Toulon, 1921).

According to statistics for 1921 the vicariate has 3 parishes, 3 missions, 10 stations, 38 churches, 2 secular and 16 re^ar priests, 53 Sisters, 1 seminary with 18 seminairians, 3 colleges for boys with 10 teachers and 140 pupils, 11 secondary schools for girls with 30 teachers and 185 pupils, 64 elementary schools with 64 teachers and 2540 pupils. Priests are permitted to visit the public hospitals and the prisons. The Association for the Propagation of the Faith is established in the vicariate, and there are many publications in the native languages made by* the mission.

(Economns (cf. C. E., XI-214b).— If a cathe- dral chapter fails to appoint an oeconomus or bursar within eight days after oeing notified of an episcopal vacancy, the nght devolves on the archbishop, or, if it be an archiepiscopal vacancy, on the senior suf- fragan bishop. The chapter elects the ceconomus by a majority vote and may select the vicar capitular to hold both offices; once elected his removal is re- served to the Holy See, but he can resign validlv when he pleases 2 independently of the wish of the cnapter. Religious institutes are directed to appoint oeconomi to look after the property and revenues of local houses, of provinces^ and of the order in general respectively; a superior may not be named a local ceconomus, except in case of necessity. If the con- stitutions are silent about the procedure, the oeconomi are to be appointed by one of the higher superiors with the consent of his council. In a like manner, it is prescribed that each seminary should have its ceconomus, who must not be rector at the same time, to take charge of household matters.

Ogdensburg, Diocese of (Ogdenbburoensis cf. C. E., XI— 222c), comprises 12,036 square miles in the State of New York. The second bishop of this see, Rt. Rev. Henry Gabriels, consecrated 5 May, 1892, died 23 April, 1921, and his auxiliary, Rt. Rev. Joseph Henry Conroy, was appointed to succeed him. JBom in this diocese in 1858, Bishop (Donroy was ordained in 1881 and later became rector of the cathedral and vicar ^neral of the diocese, which position he filled until his appointment as titiuar Bishop of Arindela, and aimliary, 11 March, 1912. The religious orders now established in this diocese include: men, Franciscans (Friars Minor), Augustinians, Oblate Fathers, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and Brothers of the Christian