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ical and economic conditionB, rather than of povertv. diocese was erected 3 October, 1861 , but has never

Crime is never so common nor so heinous among the had a bishop and Mgr. Kersusan, Bishop of Cap

poor as among the rich. The very evils which birth Haltien, is the Administrator Apostolic of the diocese,

control encourages lead necessarily to moral disorder which he has entrusted to the care of 12 Fathers of the

and decadence, which bring on the scarcity, the vice, Company of Mary (Blessed Louis de Montfort).

and the misery which birth control is designed to There are 100,000 Catholics; 5 lay brothers aBsisting

prevent. the 12 priests above mentioned; 5 parishes; 7 churches;

The small family is not the most happy one for the 12 missions; 5 convents for men, and 4 for women, parents or for the one or twa children to whom it is _ _^ _. . ,^

limited, even shcAild such children live. Third, „ Port-au-Prince, Archdiocesb of (Pobtot

fourth and fifth children are often more favored in I^bincipis, cf., C. E., XII— 284c), comprises the

their heredity than their predecessors and thev sup- ^"^estem part of the Republic of Haiti and has a Cath-

plement one another's defects. Selfishness is' often 9"^ population of 736,920. The present (1921)

characteristic of the only or of the few children than incumbent, the Most Rev. Julian Conan, has filled

of the houseful. As a rule the healthier and more ^°^ see since 1903, and is also Apostolic Adminis-

attractive married woman is the mother of several ^^^ 9^ *■¥ ^^^^^^ of Gonaives. He was born at

children. The evil moral and economic conse- Guern in the diocMe of Vannes on 16 June, 1860,

quences of this movement are so plain that govern- preconised 22 October, 1903, and consecrated bishop

ments are taking cognisance of it. . It is unlawful g* Portju-Pnnce on 13 December of the same yesr.

in France to pubBsh books or periodicals recommend- ""^ce 1911 the archdiocese has been making rapid

ing it. In the United States such pubUcations are Erogress. A new cathedral constructed by the

denied the privilege of the mails. Eaituin government was dedicated the 22 December,

SuTHBKLAKD. BirS Contfoi (New York. 1922); Qbrbabo. 1914; on 4 August, 1914, the Government signed an

The Chturdi and Eugeniea; Idem, Marnaqe and Ptvmthood: agreement with the archbishop authorising the

g»«^ ^rSJSLJSrcSS.*: {SS^^iJSi!&K?^°S: ^ tojfo«nd » numW of ruMf primary achooU. to

population de la Prance (Paris. 1911); Piebbit. L'OSuvre maeoni- be Supjiorted by the State and subject tO government

' " ■' ^" inspection. The archbishop established an Apostolic

ira«7n«wFMi au nruw. ««i ». *t , -.w *«. * •»«« *. * ., ^r</«».- Scfiool lu 1920 for thc preparation of young Haitians

tvS!ni^^^vamAvrTKe'Mmaee*of i^mptu'cndUe;' VomimR, who wish to study for the priesthood and in 1921

Marriage and the Sex Problem; Cofpbbs. Moral Prineiplea and there were 9 studentS enrolled. During the World

MedietU Practice, ^ar 31 of the secular dergjr were mobilised and of

Port Augusta, Diocbsb of (Pokpaugustana; *^^. 2 were killed, 16 received the er0ix de guerre

cf.C.E., XII— 283d) is suffragan of the Archdiocese and m all 24 citations were won anaong them. Of

of Adelaide, South Australia. By the census of 1911, J?« reguiar clergy 9 Fathers of the Congreaation of

it had a CathoUc population of 12,653, mostly of *^ Holy Ghost and 3 Brothers entered the anny

Irish origin, with a few Poles. The present bishop, fi^^r?J ^°^ §» ^^? ^'^^ croiz de guerre, and of the

Rt. Rev. John Henry Norton, has fiUed the see since 24 Christian Brothers who also served, 1 was deo-

1906. He has been very active in recent years in orated with the Legion of Honor and 8 with the

building new churches, presbyteries, schools and froii; dc^ucrrc. The total number of secular and regu^

convents in the diocese as well as in reducing the Iw clergy of the diocese has dimmished smce 1911,

debt. In October, 1919, the diocese received a visit o^PB to the general mobilization dunnsc the War,

from the apostolic delegate. Rev. D. B. Cattaneo. which not only took many pnests away, but greatly

TKo Airu^tia^ innliiHM 12 rmn'flhpfl. .% nhiirr.hflA. two lessened the number of students for the pncsthood.

parishes, ^ous men a

numbering y; 14 convents, zi secuiar pnesis, 1 mgn ^ ^- ""-y^". -■-*« * «,v-«*o v. -««« **w.^ "^^ ^"i^tr*

school wifli 2 teachers and attendance of 41, and 13 ? secondary school and the Semmary a)llege of St.

elementary schools with 47 teachers and 1226 pupils. Partial, with 475 pupils, at Port-au-I^nce. There

The Priests' Eucharistic LeMcue is organized as well ""^ ^° Fathers and 6 Brothera among the professors,

as the Australian Catholic Federation. Children of and 2 other Fathers of the Congregation administer

Mary, Sacred Heart Society, and Hibernian Aus- S*®xP*™il ®' P^tion-Vdle. Under the Christian

tralian CathoUc Benefit Society among the laity. |rot?e« there is a secondanr school, the Ins^tute of

The "Southern Cross," a periodical published m g^. Lo^ o^ Gonza^, with 676 pupils at Port-au-

Adelaide, is circulated in this diocese. Prmce. as well as 4 government pmnaiy schools

throughout the diocese. There are silso 3 Fathers of

Port Louis, Diocese op (Portus Ludovici; cf. the Society of Mary, 2 of whom administer the parish

C. E. . XII— 289a) , comprises the Island of Mauritius, of Carrefour. while the third acta as chaplam to the

dependent directly on the Holy Sec. The diocese was Brothers. Among the religious orders of women

coSded to the Holy Ghost Fathers in 1916. The ^^ere are: 95 sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, who cpn-

28 Jan. . 1917 , succeeding BishopBilsborrow promoted Wisdom (lOSin aU) who conduct a secondly school to the Archdiocese of Cardiff . The area of the diocese »* Port-au-Pnnce and 3 hospitals and 4 Goveip-

is 739 square miles and the population is 276,233, of ment schools m other parte of the diocese; the

whom the Catholics number 120,000. There are: Daughters of Mary (10 m all), who cpndu<5t a pro-

27 parish churches, 40 chapels, 63 prieste, of whom f^onal school, normal school and mdustnal school

26 are Holy Ghost Fathers, 7 Jesuite, and 2 Benedic- at Port^u-Pnnoe.

tines. One of the first missionaries to evangelize tw«j« * rr,

Mauritius was Fr. James Laval in 1842. At his __ ^^ »' ?^?f% v??°SS^' . ^Fi f^.^S^

death 40,000 blacks followed his venerated remains HisPANiiB; cf. C. E., XII--^la), m the Antilles,

to the tomb, which has become a place of pUgrimage According to statwUcs f or 1921, the archdiocese has

not only for Catholics but for Mussulmen and pagans, fj parishes, 69 churehes, 10 missions, 66 stations,

-^ 13 secular and 78 regular pnests, 10 lay brothers. 169

Port de Palz, Diocese op (Portus Pacis), nuns in 7 convente, and 1 monastery for men. There

in Haiti, dependent on Port au Prince. — This are 2 colleges for boy^ with 26 teachers and an atten-