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Bismarck and Newark . The present statistics for the bers. Houses have recently been founded at London,

coagregation are: Italy, 3 provinces, 15 houses, the Ont. (1913), and Sain t-Bonif ace , Man. (1918).

principal ones being at Ilome (Santa Maria in Among distinguished religious recently deceased are:

Trivio), Albano, Naples, Bari, Ancona, Rimini, Mother £. de St. Joseph, co-foundress of the institute

Cesena; Spain, 2 houses; Bavaria, 1 house CBaum- and foundress of the monastery at Toronto (1913);

gaerth); North America, 1 province with a semi- M. Marie-dea-Cinq Plaies, co-foundress and superior

narv at Carthagena, Ohio, seat of the provincial of the monastery at Nicolet (1916); M. Mane du

with 43 students, a college at Collegeviile, Ind., Saint-E2sprit, foundress and first superior of the

with 300 students, novitiate at Burkettsville, Ohio, monastery at Montreal (1917); M. Catherine de

with 90 students. The houses at Shellenberg (Liech- Ricci, co-foundress of the monastery at Brooklyn

tenstein), Feldkirch, Kuf stein (Austria), belong to (1917); M. Marie Sainte-Ursule, foundress of the

the American province. There are in the American monastery of Sherbrooke (1920); M. Tb^r&se de

province 140 priests, 50 lay brothers, and over 50 J6sus, co-foundress and superior of the monastery at

missions and stations. Prominent members of the Havana (1921). On 14 Sept., 1911, the Sisters

society include Cardinal Alexius Ascalesi, Arch- celebrated the golden jubilee of the foundation of the

bishop of Benevento and Bishop Aloysius Fantozzl institute.

of Veroli. There are seven deceased bishops. Pub- IV. Sisters Adorbrs of the Pbecious Blood>

lications of the congregation are: Bolletino dei (Alton, 111.; cf. C. E., XII — 375a). — The Nazareth

Missionari del Prez. Sangue," a monthly ^Rome); Home, Alton conununity, was incorporated (1918)'

De Botschaftez" and 'The Messenger," monthlies, under the laws of the State of Illinois with the rigLb'

(Collegfiville, Ind.). of succession under the le^ title of Nazareth Home,

NeilCenuwiodsUaContrewione Alton, 111. The institution is under the direction

SSi^ cSllbf^Sio^c^p^ ^'^'^"^^ of Mother Pauline Schneeber^r, vicaress, general.

II. Daughters of the Precious Blood (cf. C. ^^. February, 1920, at the time of the influenza E., XII— 374b) .—This congregation, founded by epidemic, seven sisters died withm a week. Mother Maria Seraphina Spickermans in 1857, was approved Josepha, first assistant, died in the same year (16 by decree of Leo XIII, 24 Sept., 1890, the constitu- Oct.). lliere have b^ sevei^ chanKCs made m ^e tions being definitely approved 3 June, 1901. The original buildmra of the Nazareth Home. St. main object of the congregation is the education of Xavier s House, the first novitiate, was repaired as mi girls, from elementary and mfant schools to boarding orphMiage for boys and wrls. In September, 1920, and training schools, and the care of the sick. The a high school was opened for girls, especiaUy tiioee first generalsuperior was Mother Seraphina Spicker- ™o aspu^ to be teachers as bistera Adorers of the mans (b. 1 May, 1819; d. 17 Aug., 1876). She was Precious Blood. A new edifice, St. Pauls HaD, succeeded by Mother Josephine Frank (b. 29 May, was constructed. At present the institution numbm 1841; d. 4 Aug., 1886), Mother Ludgera Schweers 55 Sisters, 7 novices, 1 candidate, 12 aspirants. T^e (b. 10 July, 1847; d. 12 Aug., 1920), and the present Sisters conduct schoob m the Archdiocese of St. superior. Mother Kostka Ressing (b. 17 March, ^^ ^i^ m the Dioc^ of Alton, m., Harnsburg, 1868). At present (1921) there are 200 members fa., Altoona, Pa., Pittsburg, Pa., Fort Wayne, of the congregation and 6 foundations. All the I^?; There are about 1400 pupils.

convente have infant, elementary and needlework ^ V. Sisters of the Precious Blood (O Fallon^

schools. In addition there are: 1 training school Mo., cf. C. E., XII--375b).— In 1910 thenileof the

for teachers, 2 boarding schools, 3 higher schools for institute was revised. The community .received the

girls, and 3 schools for housekeeping. In three 1^^^^ If^^^ Jj^^J^^. ^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^f' ^

places the congregation has district care of the sick. J^y» 1920, Mother M. Wilhelmina waaelected sup^

The total number of persons cared for is about 4000. ™r general. The institutenumbers 229 Sisters, 18

III. Sisters Adorers op the Precious Blood novices, 12 candidates. There are 24 parochial (Saint-Hyacinthe; cf. C. E., XII— 374c), a congre- schools and 1 academy, St. Elizabeth Institute.

fation of nuns maintaining daily adoration of the ^^- Sisters op the Precious Blood (Ruma,.

^recious Blood really present in the Blessed Sacra- ^^vp.^; ^- ^'\ XII--375b) .— The Sisters conduct

ment. They care for a few ladies in retreat and as establishments m the Archdiocese of St. Louis and

boarders in a house separate from the monastery. J? the dioceses of Alton, BeUevUle, Concordia^I

The Sisters also direct under the chaplain or another Paso, Oklahoma, St. Joseph and Wichita. The

appointed priest, the Confraternity and Guard of community numbers 346 Sisters, 17 noyic^. 25

Honor of the Precious Blood. At the request of the candidates. They have under their care 60 schooU,

Bishop of St. Hyacinthe the Holy See haa granted the 2 academic. 3 hospitals, and 1 orphange with 261

institute (1919) the privilege of celebrating as of orphMis. There are 6300 pupUs.

old the Lenten feast of the Most Precious Blood. ^ • ^'^i^'^^^r ^X '^^ ^^^n^L^^^ (Mana,

The congregation is not under a generalship, each ©tern, Ohio; cf. C. E., XII--375b).---'nie Sisters

house being independent, even from the first house of ^^ave 49 foundations m the Archdiocese of Cmwnnati,

the institute, and governed by a local superior ^^ the dioceses of Cleveland, Fort Wayne, Kansas

elected every five years by the chapter of each house. ^*^> Monterey and Los Angeles. St. Joseph, Toledo,

The institute subsists on doweries provided by the and Tucson. They have 40 schools, 1 sanitonum,

choir Sisters, on alms charitably offered by very many 1 orphanage, 3 boarding schools, 1 home for the

persons petitioning prayers and in thanksgiving for apd,andthecareof domestic work for 6 institutions,

favors received; and on the work of some of the Under their care are 7800 pupUs, 210 boarders.

Sisters who make everything requisite for the altar 150 orphans, 100 to 150 patiente m the sanitanum.

and other pious articles. Choir and lay sisters, after The community numbers 680 professed religious, 32

three years of temporary vows, make their perpetual novices, 2 postulante. The present superior general

vows, according to the new regulations in conformity "? Mother M . Emma Nunlist . elected 1899, succeeded

with the Ck)de of Canon Law. The tourikres (out 1^05 by Mother M. Josephme Boetsch (d. 1917),

sisters) pronounce their vows for a year only, being re-elected 1911.

allowed to renew them on the date of the first emission. Prefect Apostolic (C. E. XII 386). Pre-

The rules and constitutions of the institute have fecte apostolic and vicars apostolic are governed by

been sent to Rome for any necessary revision. There the same laws except that the prefects have not to

are 15 foundations of the institute, with 490 mem- make the canonical visit ad limina: the prefects take