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and no hope of recovering its expropriated churches and 12 lay brothers with the troops. Sicily had col-

and colleges. le^^es at Messiha, Catania and Malta but as 17 of its

The wholesale withdrawal of the educational staffs pnests and 11 of its scholastics were in camp the

will explain the collegiate wrecks in France, Italy and colleges were in a moribund state. Finall^r, Naples

Belgium. Even the buildings which had been con- had to furnish the army with 59 Jesuits, leaving in the

verted into hospitals were uninhabitable for some scholasticate only 7 tneologians and no philosophers,

time after the cessation of hostilities. 'In the mis- while its novitiate counted only 6 scholastics and 5

sions the effects of the upheaval were also felt severely, lay brothers. The entire membership of its province

Thus the French Jesuits had to leave their posts amounted to only 340.

in Alexandria. Aleppo, Damascus, and elsewnere. Prior to the war the German Assistancv was f6r the Turks were on the German side in composed of the Provinces of Austria, Belgium, the fight. Even the great university of Be3rrut Galicia, Germany and Holland. The enormous closed its doors and in the Bombay district of India size of both Germany and Belgium, as well as the the English Government objected to the presence appearance of new nations, compelled another ar- of the German Jesuits who had labored there for rangement. so that the German Assistancy is now vears. An attempt was made by their American maae up ot the Provinces of Austria, Belgium, Czecho- brethren to fill their places, but the necessary per- Slovakia, South Germanv, North Germany, Hungary, mission was so long delayed by the Government, Holland^ Jugoslavia and Poland, that the Americans went to the Philippines instead. Austna has 3 colleges, a scholasticate. a novitiate, while the already overworked Belgian Jesuite ol a professed house, and 6 residences with a member- Calcutta did their best to fill the gaps in Bombay. ship of 359. Belgium has 13 colleges, 8 residences, 2

During the war the colleges of Budapest and novitiates, a scholasticate. an apostolic school, 2

Kalocsa in Hungary suffered from the alternate vie- houses for retreats, ana 1291 members. The

tories and defeate of the Austrians and Russians, but bilingual difiSculty which is at present an acute

their lot was still worse when after the war the Bol- political issue prevente the division of Belgium into

sheviki invaded and wrecked the houses, sent their two or three provinces. The Province of Germany,

inmates adrift or to jail, after ordering them to write however, has been cut in two: Lower and Upper

down a declaration of their withdrawal from the Germany; the former with 2 collets, a house of

Society. Poland also had a hard experience during retreats, a house of writers, a novitiate, a scholas-

the Russian and Ruthenian conflict. ticate, and 12 residences; the latter with a college, a

At the beginning of hostilities it was thought pru- house of writers, a novitiate and 2 residences. The

dent for the Father General and his Assistants, on partition of the personnel is 649 for the lower and

account of their complex nationality, to witharaw 634 for the upper section. As the German Jesuite are

from Rome for the time being. The General sought now allowed oack in their coimtry. from which thev

the seclusion of Ziziers in Switzerland, but as the had been exiled ever since the time of the Kulturkampf,

Jesuite are not alllowed in this little country permis- new changes must necessarily* occur. Hungary, which

sion was granted only on condition of their living in was formerly part of Austna, has a novitiate, 2 resi-

strict privacy, and even that concession could not dences, 1 colle^ and 2 which are as yet incohate.

have been obteined had not the President of the Re- The membership of the new province is 196. The

public happened to be a Catholic. At the close of vice-province of Czechoslovaxia (M>unte only 164

the war tney returned to Rome. members, but has 4 colleges, a novitiate and 4 resi-

The emergence of new nationalities in Europe as a dences. Tlie vice-province of Jugoslavia coimts only

result of the struggle^ necessarily called for a read- 117 on ite register. It has a novitiate, a seminary,

justment of the racial and national unite in the 2 colleges and 2 residences. Holland comprise 4

Society, independently of other reasons, such as the colleges, a scholasticate, a house of retreate, a novitiate

size of some of the provinces. These new provinces and 8 residences. The membership is 587. Finally

Italian is numerically the weakest. In 1921 it had 04 had robbed the Society of all ite property in France

only 1415 members as against 4229 in the Spanish we find a continual recurrence in all the catalogues of

and 4359 in the German Assistancy. Not oiuy did the words collegia dispersa, residentia dispersa^ which

it gain nothing by this new arrangement, but it lost means that some of the members of the extmct es-

149 who were transferred to the American division. teblishment are living here and there in rented houses,

but both were badly crippled during the war. Ite their country have nowhere to go except to these

novitiate also at Castel Gondolfo had only a very restricted quarters, for they find that much of the

limited number of novices and juniors; there was no old anti-clerical spirit is still in France and there is

tertianship, and ite theological studente had dwindled little if any hope of recovering the expropriated col-

to nineteen theologians. No philosophers appeared leges and churches. Three of the French provincials

on the liste. The explanation of this wreck is eiven are still living outeide of France. The Province of

by the constantly recurring phi^se in the cateTogue France numbers 732 against 700 in Champagne.

milUiam agjit, he is in 9ie army." Even of the It has a college at Canterbury, which is likewise a

nineteen theologians nine are so labelled. All of the juniorate. Its scholasticate is on the Isle of Jersey,

philosophers had been drafted. On the whole the Lyons also finds shelter for ite scholastics at Hasting,

Roman Province furnished 18 prieste, 41 scholastics England, but it has continued to have a tertianship

and 14 lay brothers to the combatante. Similar at Paray-le-Monial and an Apostolic School at

conditions prevailed in the Venetian section. Scho- Hionon. Like the other two provinces Lyons is

lastics and novices were housed in the same buUd- wrecked. Counting those at home and on the mis-

ing as well they might be, for 18 philosophers, 10 sions ite members run up to 681. juniors, 2 novices and 6 lay brothers were under the Until recently the Spanish Assistancy consisted of

colors. Turin had only 2 tneologians, 7 philosophers, the Provinces of Aragon^ Castile, Toledo, the dis-

6 juniors and 12 novices, all of whom lived m one persed Province of Mexico and Portugal. A new

house at Chieri. There were 12 prieste, 30 scholastics province has now been added in the mother country.