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80C0RB0 696 80LIM0E8 ALTO

which is known as Leon, which has 521 members, be- was vicar general and archdeacon of Laon, elected

sides another in Spanish America called the Argentine- 16 June, 1020, took possession of the see 31 July,

Chile Province, alreadv with 396 members. Even consecrated 24 August and published 16 Dec. follow-

Mexico has 327, and has found entrance into ing. During the war three-quarters of the diocese

Chihuahua, Guatemala, Nicaragua and San Salvador, was laid waste by the fierce battles which ra^ed on the

Argentine-uhile has a novitiate besides 3 seminaries, Aisne front and the continuous fighting which lasted

5 colleges with a sixth just beginning, and five from May to November, 1918. More than 200

residences. Since the revolution the Portuguese churches were completely demolished and 300 were

province has ceased to exist in Europe. badly damaged. In many places Mass was cele-

The English Assistancy has undergone no change, brated in the chapels of the barracks. Eighty of the

but in the American, New England has been severed clergy were cited in orders of the day, the present

from the Maryland-New York Province and is in bishop and four priests were decorated with the

process of adjustment. The Provinces of California Legion of Honor and several others received the

and New Orleans have also been established. military medal. Immediately after the armistice

Substantially all the provinces have foreign mis- the priests returned to the devastated regions and cour-

sions, in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. They aaeoualy began the work of restoration. In nearly

are in Alaska, Central and Southern Africa, Ceylon, all the districts the Union SacreS continued; the

China, Japan, India, Egypt, Syria, Turke^r and else- clersy were invited to bless the flagp of tlie former

where, among Moslems and pagans, semi-civilized, conibatants and the monuments which were erected

or utter barbarians and degraded savages. One oi to the dead soldiers. The following persons of note

the most interesting of them all is perhaps that of the have died since 1912: M. Hurier de Ci>^y-sur-Serre,

lepers, four or five thousan^i of whom are beingcared an ardent champion of Catholicism; Mme. Hugues

for by 20 Jesuits in India, Madagascar, the Philip- de St. Quentin, who was made a chevalier of the

pines. Java, Ceylon, Colombia. Ecuador, the Lesser Legion of Honor. With great devotion and zeal she

Antilles, Jamaica and even in Spain. helped to restore the homes of the devastated region

In 1921, the Society had 17,540 members, of whom of St. Quentin. She died in 1921. According to the

8586 are priests, 4957 scholastics, and 3997 lay statistics of 1922 t^e diocese contains 578 parishes,

brothers. It is divided into 31 provinces grouped 869 churches. 8 convents for women, 488 secular

into 6 assistancies. The Superior General is the priests, l^KX) Sisters, 2 seminaries and 95 seminarians.

Very Reverend Father Wladimir Ledochowski. Schools existing in the diocese are: 14 high schools,

Socorro, Diocese of (db Succursu; cf. C. E., i^J^^Hm ^^u^^U^ ^^h 35 elementarv XIV-118C),. in_. Colombia, suffragan 'of Bogota! f^^^/ „^i«^l!^ Ji^ P^^^^^ ^^.f}!!±

of Aktioquia (q.v.). The diocese has 230,000 in- t??,^r?^A;^^^^^'^iw^* ^"°5°^ the deiip:

habitants^ 50 parishes, 2 congregations of lien and ^;i^^«±.l?^fSj' S?^f !^A ,^?%*?? "f^J

3 of women. A diocekan seiiniry was established 12^1«^f %?L j^^X^f ?* "^^ ^^'^^^ a^ ^^ {f. iQiQ Association, 30 societies for young men and women,

^^^' 4000 branches of the Patriotic L^«ue of France.

Sofia and PhiUppopolls, Vicariate Apostouc OF.— a«i*«i4.«M*.« /^ n t? vnr to^jx a The present vicar apostoHc is Rt. Rev. Vincent Pejov, . SoUcltaUon, |cf . C. E., XIV— 134d) .—Any con- O. M. Cap., who succeeded as vicar Robert Menini {f^sor found guilty of the mme of solicitation is to (d. 14 Oct., 1916), titular Archbishop of Gangra, ^ euspended from saying Mass wid h^rmp sacxa- whose administration of the vicariate was one oi mentaTconfessions. and inay even be declared, unable prudence and wisdom and resulted in the founding ^ exercise amin the function of co^eoor be<»U8e cjf of many Catholic works. The Balkan war of 1912- ^ w^vity of his offence; he w to be depnved of aU 13, which involved the vicariate, was foUowed shortly benefices, dignitaes and the right of active or passive bv the World War of 1914-18. in which 3 nrieats served ^oice and to oe declared mcapable of again acquiring

also or cmne iors _ _ ^ r®"

forel^rTYere'are 20^^cula7a^3rre^^ prints ^^ ^. *^« ^^ly See, from which he cann6t be and 18 lay brothers; 13 parishes and 29 churches; 2 absolved m any case unl^ he has formally retracted convents for men and 7 for women; 2 colleges for boys J^ calumny and repaired the wrong he has done as with 30 teachers and 800 students, and 3 for girls ^"" ^ poesible, and has been given a severe long • • ~- • • — . - . o *^»».«^^ False accusation is a sin reserved to the

support of the Catholic institutions P°^i*lP?i"i^ ^l^^^j^^^iSi-^^^- ^^*i}S.^=®SSS•

'^'^ SuLTBB in Bed. Rev., LIX (PhiUdelpliU, IftlS), 45S-63;

Solssons, Diocese op (Suessionensis: cf . C. E., °"^'"^' *^- ^^' ®^-®-

XIV — 130c), in France, suffragan of Reims. In Solimoes Alto, Prbfectubb Apostolic op

1920 occurred the death of the Rt. Rev. Pierre- (Solimobs superiobis; cf. C. E., XIV--135), in

Louis P(5chenard, who had administered the diocese Brazil, is bounded by the Vicariate of Llanos de San

since 1907. He reorganized the diocese after the Martin, and the prefectures of Rio Negro, Tcff6.

law of Separation had become effective and was Ucayali, and Sfto Ixin des Amazones. It is oonfidM

active in restoring the churches which had been de- to the Capuchins of the Seraphic Province (Italy),

stroyed during the war. His successor is the Rt. and is divided into 4 large parishes, Sfto Paolo de

Rev. Henri-Joseph Binet, b. at Juvigny 8 April. Olivonca, Remate de Males, Tonantins, and Urutuba,

1869, ordained at Soissons 22 Oct., 1893. He jomea which arc intersected by numerous rivers and are

the army and was decorated with the Legion of Honor, j)eopled by a civilized and an uncivilized populace.