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by missionary donations contributed through the five priests as chaplains and 4,200 men into the

Society of the Atonement. This also is the title service.

tmder which the Mother of God is invoked bv the By present (1921) statistics the total Catholic

numerous members of the Rosary League of Our population of the diocese is approximately 46,500,

Lady of the Atonement. of whom 37,000 are New 2iealander8, 5,000 Lrish, and

. m^ , A oj^-r-ii-r^Mjv A 4,500 Maoris. There are 50 parishes, 22 missions,

Aiidi(ATmTANA; cf. C E- n-:67d) ; Abchmootot g^diurches, 92 miflsion stations, 16 convents to

qp, m _France, is xmder the administration of Most „„„„„. bi cLcUr «nH 22 TPimUr nri«rfj. 2nB m«tj^

made hia stuthes at Rome, became secretoryto the li^i^,^^ ^j jj^g g^^^j ^eart. Sisters of Saint Joseph. bwhoR and afterwards vicar eeneral of the DiocKe ^'j gi^^^^ ^j ^^ Missions: there aiB in aU : 1 col- °J ^°*l*^,^^ appointed Bishop of Angoulgme 18 j j^, ^^ ^^j^ jg teacliers and attendance of

bishop Enard had filled Uie see for only one year, jj^^ ^^. j 1^^,^^^ ^j^ ^j^^ ^^ („j,^gj 4,^^

having come to it j? 1906 as 8ucc|^r to Arch- jj^yg gj^^ ^,f jj^^ p^^^j 2 orphanages, and 1 hoe-

'*'^°P. ,^i A u^u th k u ♦».„ ♦!»!» Pital- Four of the public institutions permit the U^l ire» the Archbishops of Auch bore «ie btle ^^ests of the dioce^ to minister in them. The of Pnmate of Novempopulame and iJie two jaibemian Benefit Society. St. Vincent de Paul Navarres. TTie archdiocese was re^bhshed m gociety, and the CathoUc Federation are established 1832 and mcludra the dbioceses of Condom, Lee- ^^ ^^^ j^^ ^^ ^ CathoUc periodical. "The toure, imd Lpmbes. The ancient Cathedral of Month," is published. Ste-Mane is famous for its fifteenth centunr win- ' *^

dowB and for its gr^t choir with "^ stalls of beau- Auditors (cf . C. E, n-70) are officials f requentiy

trfuUy arved wood, which is a true masterpiece j^p^i^ted by the bidiop or religious su^rior to

ot the Kenaissance. j •„«*.-„„ „f ♦!.„ assist at diocesan and religious tribunals either

The carving was done under the direction of the j^nna^ently or for a particiflar case. If none has

^rfe^«?^ «P^^°°^i^tiL!^» r^^ Jh^?n Deen named, a presiding judge may select one, (151^-1554). ,^^^^i!\^^^^^^\^^A^^°-f who should {)€ cfiosen if possible from among the cese has had 61 bishops jmd ^ archbishops^f ^j .^^ j^ ^ ^^ ^j^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^

whom 6 have been canomaed and 12 have been gGnimon witoesses and to receive their testimony; carainais. • v « he draws ud the judicial record of the case, but

beS'^S^tK^tJr^o^r- '^JL^IS ^ Jff^* S"ofM?Sal"Srin YS S

held i^September 1911 andf m A^ an^^^ rZn^^^e1acSd RTrwe^"callSi u^^nt

ber of the Bame vear a Pto^je went [rom the ^^ ^ prominent place in the ecSesias-

diMese to ^,^^J\f.2Z,^lMJ^^'W7 ti<»l i«di«al system than they had done in recent

^\f^^^l^^2 ^^r^i^i^ ^nnXri^ f^; times If an auditor of the Rota is suspected of

parishes, 16 chapels, 3 Carmelite monaateriM for ^. ^ aggrieved party may lodge an objection

women, 1 convent for men "J^dJS for women 6«) ^ j^ j^ ^olic Signaturef but an objection to

secular and 6 r^M « «^' "> V°*ifi!u^„?i^!S any other auditor is to be l^rought to the notice

2 seminaries, 110 seminanans, 3 coUeges for boys ^'^u i j u j. heftrinff the suit

with 30 teachers and 300 pupils. 120 elementaiy ™ *'>*' J"°8« '"'*» ^ neanng tne suit.

schools with. 250 teachers ^^^ ^^pupils ^wrt- j^^„^ Phujpp^-Pbospeb, Vicar Apostolic of

      • lJ^°*«-**™/-?,:^^t^thfZ?o^iTSS Upper French Congo, b. 16 ^ptember, 1862, in

numbenngS; m '^d»t'o° »« t^^ tj^^^.."*/ ig"* pStieni; d. 3 October 1921, in fans. He stuped for the aged, 2. orphanages. Mid 15 ho^^^ j the priesthood at the lower seminary at S^s

are t^rw oipmrations e^bhshedamong t^^ ^ the direction of Mgr. de S6gur, and Was about

the Apostolic Umon of Secu ar Pn^, tbe Pn^ ^^^ ^j^ ^. ^j^ » ^ ftSnc^vPrussian War Adorers, aiid ' J^. Hort< m airo a committ^^ ^^^ ^ ^ j^^ j^ p . zouaves, then re-

'**'»*?*«^^?^ ro*HKS>^n.^V-»X.??r™L^n constructed as an indepencfent regiment under ^■^ te^^^^^'V'jS^n^^r**' vSr^ Colonel de Charette. The war over fie entered the Umon, Assocmtion of Omrtia^ Men, various con- Congregation of the Holy Ghost, and in 1877 left

fraternities and "««>«»»t'2™« Lri^*^^I^„ Ti^ ™,h for thrmissions on the east co^ of Africa. In

?^J^«L°^'^"prYi^^.'?v^?rHrr^™»'w 1881 he opened the first mission station of St.

hahed : "Semame Religieuse. Cro« du Gers, and j^,,^^^ ^id two years later penetrated to Stanley

La Jeune Ganoque. p^ The foUowing year Jules Ferry, French Min-

AnflrlMi^i DiocBBE of (Attoopolitaka; cf.C. E., ister of Education, gave him a large grant for II-68b), in New Zealand, is under the adminis- schools for the Upper Congo. P^re Augouard as- tiation of Rt. Rev. Henry William Cleary, bom at sisted the French explorers by every means in his Glenranny, Wexford, this diocese, 16 Januaiy, 1869, power, seconding their work by the creation of hos- appointed bishop 9 June, 1910, consecrated 21 pitals and schools, and winning their respect by his Augt»t. He suMeeded Rt. Rev. George Michael initiative and enterprising zeal. Lenihan, D.D., who had filled the see from 1896 Appointed titular Bishop of Sinis in 1890 he be- until his death, 22 February, 1910. came vicar apostolic of Upper French Congo

The principal events in this diocese in recent (Ubanghi), with his residence at Brazzaville and a years have been the opening of the enlarged and wide field for his missionary zeal. In recognition redecorated Cathedral of St. Patrick in Auckland, of his services the French Government in 1896 the introduction of the Religious of the Sacred made him a Chevalier of the . Legion of Honor, Heart of Jesus into the diocese, the appointment and in 1913 an officer, while Beknum bestowed upon of a coadjutor bishop, Rt. Rev. James M. Liston, him the Order of Leopold. On the twenty-nfth consecrated titular Bimop of 01}rmpias. 12 Decem- anniversary of his episcopate, 1915, the Holy Father ber. 1920. During the World War the diocese sent appointed him titular Archbishop of Cassiope.